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Double Rainbow meaning and Some 101 Interesting Facts About it

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double rainbow meaning: Rainbow, such a colorful beauty of mother nature that draws a broad smile on everybody’s face. No matter how old you are, sighting a rainbow feels like it is pouring multiple colors into our life.

A Rainbow is formed while a droplet of water and sunlight hits together, and the colorful rays are scattered in the sky. This is very well known to all of us.

A single rainbow is familiar, but have you seen a double rainbow? How does it form?

Have you ever come across Double rainbow? Do you know what it means?

Doesn’t it sound so interesting? Today we will explain the meaning of the double rainbow and some interesting facts about it.

Keep reading to find out the various impacts of double rainbows and their meaning.

The double rainbow signifies various deeper meanings, and it brings new hope, peace, and success to your struggle. The significance of the double rainbow differs in various cultures, and different cultures around the world have different spiritual beliefs.

What does the Double Rainbow mean?

The double rainbow is believed to be a transformation. The primary rainbow illustrates our material world, and the secondary rainbow represents the spiritual world.

So, the double rainbow refers to spiritual transformation on onlookers. Witnessing a double rainbow means you will get a good change and start a new beginning in your life, and it is promising and brings good luck to your life.

Different cultures have different beliefs regarding the double rainbow. It refers to internal awakening, growth, new beginnings, success, and multiple positive beliefs.

Two streams (science and mythology) of experts have defined the double rainbow differently. There are scientific and spiritual explanations for the double rainbow. Let us see both of the remarks on this topic below.

Meaning of double rainbow for science

Science says a double rainbow is formed while the sun rays strike two times within a droplet of water. These raindrops perform like a miniature prism that draws the colorful bow over the sky.

Scientists have a simple consensus that a burgeoned (a large surface of flattened water droplets) produces the reflection multiple times to create a colorful rainbow.

Contradictically, when the light bounces once, a single rainbow is produced. And the second bow occurs just 10 degrees away from the primary one, radiated at a 50-53degrees angle.

double rainbow meaning

There is a noticeable difference in its colors. The second rainbow appears blue from the outside and red from inside.

Scientists claim that a larger droplet of water flattened by air makes a double rainbow. Because the ‘burgeroid’ droplet is available in the larger face area, that helps reflect the sun rays multiple times.

The droplets may arrive so big that the ray can bounce three to four times. This way, tertiary and quaternary rainbows are produced.

Significance of double rainbow according to spirituality

A double rainbow means a material transformation, growth, self-discovery, and a new beginning in the spiritual term. It is also assured that you can attain everything you wish in life.

The double rainbow blesses you with its color and says it’s all yours. You must be in your higher self, stay tuned with the world’s energy, and take responsibility for yourself. All good vibes are waiting for you.

The twin rainbow also brings success into life, stability and improves financial status. If you witness the twinned rainbow with your eyes, it denotes you will develop in your business and receive a better salary. Do not ignore the chances of abundance, as it can help you navigate a better world with fewer worries.

If you are going through some struggles in life, the rainbow is believed to bless you with new hope. It reminds you that there lays a light brimming in multiple colors after every darkness. Take a break, and listen to your inner self; you will find the light is already within you.

Various beliefs of a double rainbow

  1. A symbol of hope: If you see these rainbows, it means that the universe is giving you signs not to lose hope because there is new hope for you to acquire.
  2. Good omen: The rainbow bears God’s message; that is why it is considered a good omen. Witnessing a rainbow during a crisis is very lucky as it means the angels are guiding you to take a break from recent paths and have a faith leap. Doing this can be fruitful for you to discover a new direction.
  3. New beginning: Rainbow connects our material world to the spiritual, and it signifies a fresh start and significant change, including positive energy.
  4. Inner awakens: it denotes that spiritual reign will open its doorway for you.
  5. Peace for the departed: During someone’s funeral, if the double rainbow appears, then it means the dead one has reached heaven. Here the iris is like a messenger to other people that their loved one is resting in peace in heaven.

Twin Rainbow in Cultural meaning

There are distinct beliefs in different cultures related to the Double rainbow. Concerning every culture lets us know the variation beliefs below.

Double Rainbow in Hindu Culture means

The twin rainbow is deemed a weapon of the god Indra in Indian mythology. According to the Indian mythology god of thunder and sky, Indra refers.

The twin arc rainbow refers to the bow of god Indra which cast rain on the earth for rejuvenating the earth’s barrenness and fertile soil.

It is considered a double rainbow considered as a sign of empowerment. The universe is guiding you to live your dream life with the help of the skills and inner tools you already have.

Double Iris in the Bible

In the Bible, there is the tale of a great flood. It had rained for 40 days and night, as the great flood happened to the earth. Noah made an Ark save his family; besides, he saved pairs of each animal. And after the flood, when the earth dried up, they all emerged off Ark. at the moment, saw the enchanted rainbow with the plight from God.

The double rainbow symbolizes the promise of God to the people. The promise says God will never deed floods again as he caused in the story of Noah and the Ark from the Bible.

The Christians believe that the twinned rainbow reminds them that all the material things of earth are associated with the god, not with humans.

It means attachment to an object won’t provide long-term fulfillment. This suggests re-joining yourself to nature or its rhythm so that you can dance, play and flow with it.

Significance of double rainbow in Buddhism

According to Buddhism, the body frequency increases whenever a human progresses in the spiritual journey. In the end, the person with spiritual advancement attends the state where his outward body goes beyond into an iris body.

This is only possible in deep spiritual transformation procedures. And it is believed that the individual can transform in their desired shape! Lord Budhha has succeeded in achieving the ascension of the rainbow body.

Remarks on Double Rainbow in Celtic Culture

In Celtic culture, the double rainbow refers to two giant serpents with sparkling eyes. And wherever the rainbow touches the surface of the earth, the serpent drinks the water from there.

They refer to the rainbow as ‘kambonemos,’ meaning ‘curve of the sky.’ The curve of the rainbow symbolizes the crescent of the moon. They also compare the rainbow with feminine energy or lunar energy, fertility, prosperity, magic, and abundance.

Double rainbow meanings in Folktales and across various region

  • In Irish lore, it is believed that a pot full of gold is there at the edge of the iris, which is guarded by the leprechauns. And the pot can only be discovered by the man wearing a birthday suit.
  • Chinese Feng Shui considers the rainbow as favorable, and its appearance symbolizes success and good fortune. It is also believed as a sign that affluence is on the way. And the prosperity will reflect on your professional and personal life.
  • The Burmese people assume the rainbows as a terrible omen that directs their companions to the deathbeds.
  • Thetribes of South America assume the rainbow is terrible if it lands on land but take the event cheerful if it lands on water.
  • According to Romanian folklore, there is a river at the edge of the rainbow, and it is believed the water of the river is magical. The water attains the supernatural power of changing a person’s gender if consumed.
  • In Japan, ancestors categorized the rainbow as a terrible warning as the rainbow resembles snakes. Therefore in Japan, the appearance of a double rainbow signifies exceedingly undesirable.
  • Polynesian ancestors’ most innocent belief is that heroes may climb up and enter heaven by the rainbow.
  • Norse mythology says Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that connects Midgard that is our earth, to Asgard, the state of Nordic Gods. And the rainbow bridge is a conduit by which the Nordic gods enter the earth.

It is also assumed that the earth warriors will join the Nordic gods past the Apocalypse.

  • Some ancient proverb says if you or even your house is directly under a rainbow, that means a major calamity is likely to happen in your life.

Double Rainbow means in Love.

It symbolizes the reunion of innate flames who share the same arc, but their spirits are divided into two different bodies.

Native Americans suspect that you are going to meet your true love soon. If you aim to find your soulmate, then this is how the universe is giving you signs of confirmation that you are stepping on the correct path, and it leads you to begin a long, passionate and blissful love life.

Besides the various significance of the double rainbow, now I will tell you some interesting facts about the double rainbow.

Some interesting facts of the double rainbow

Seeing a single rainbow makes us delighted, and the double rainbow is lovely. Isn’t it?

The phenomenon is relatively common at sunset, especially  While the sun stands lower in heaven like the late afternoon or early morning sun. The secondary rainbow appears as fainter or more ‘pastel’ than the primary one as more rays escape from the two(violet and red colors) reflection compared to the primary rainbow.

Do you know how the double rainbow appears? In an ordinary rainbow, we see 7 colors that are sequenced as ROYGBIV. But in the secondary rainbow, the colors are reversed into VIBGYOR.

However, the violet color reaches the eyes of an observer that reflects from the higher raindrops and the red color from lower raindrops as the sun rays hit two times within one raindrop.

The second rainbow scattered over a broad space of the heavens nearly twice the primary rainbow.

A dark band separates the two bows, and it is known as Alexander’s band because Alexander described the band in 200AD. The band is formed because between the two bows’ deviation angles, no light is reflected by raindrops to the observers and appears like a dark band among the double rainbow.

Colors senses in a twin rainbow

The rainbow comprises the primary colors found in our body chakra, and its colors also indicate your physical problems. For example, in a rainbow, if you notice that one color is pronounced more than the other colors, it is the area you need to develop to receive mental clarity.

The rainbow colors are associated with every chakra as follows.

Violet- (crown chakra) Sahasrara

Blue-  (throat chakra) Vishuddha

Indigo- (third-eye-chakra) Anja

Green- (heart chakra) Anahata

Yellow- (solar plexus) Manipura

Orange- (sacral area) Swadhisthana

Red- (root chakra) Muladhara

The double rainbow reveals your particular prospect of yourself that is needed to explore or open up. 

Superstition about the twinned rainbow

There are some superstitions about the rainbow. 

  • The bridge between earth and heaven: In Norse mythology, the rainbow is described as a bridge between earth and heaven, and it is a path to enter heaven.
  • Rainbows are full circle: The Africans believe that the rainbow is not a half circle but a full circle situated between heaven and earth like a wall.

Dreaming double rainbow

Dreaming of a double rainbow has a deep meaning. Seeing a double iris in the sky is rare, but dreaming of this. Dreaming of the bow is not suitable for you according to superstition. For example- if you dreamt of it inside your home, it indicates you will experience a breakout in a relationship.

Also, it signifies as the sign of hope, good fortune, peace, harmony, etc., which means your deepest desire may come true very soon. Mainly it refers to stability and financial improvements.

The rainbow is produced through the rain and sunshine; dreaming of a double bow symbolizes fresh hope. This is a message for you that your challenges or struggles have ended. 

What if you dreamt of the rainbow but in different colors?

Dreaming of the double rainbow in different colors, the Universe wants you to change your point of view in some matters of life. To achieve ultimate success in your life, you must look at things differently.

Seeing a double rainbow in sleep means you are quite close to touching your goals but still one step far. And dreaming a different colored double rainbow suggests the exact way to clear the path of success. For that, you need a serious examination to reach your aim. Follow your intuition and attempt to engage and feel the possible aspect truly.

What happens when the double rainbow is seen multiple times?

Coming into view of the double rainbow multiple times may often denote many things. However, its occurrence is infrequent. Spotting it was once considered good fortune, or you must be fortunate to see a double rainbow more than once.

A rainbow is not any sign but works like a confirmation symbol cast through the Universe that now you can fulfill the purpose of your life.

And in case you consider the rainbow lucky, then for sure witnessing a double rainbow may cause you great hope or transformation spiritually, and it may bring prosperity in life.


A twinned rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon of nature and signifies multiple meanings. Various cultures interpret the different meanings of this rainbow. You may not believe the gold pot story of Irish mythology or the bad effects of the rainbow but do not disrespect their mythological beliefs.

But you can deny that the bow makes you feel delighted, bears positivity with it, and showers the good vibes on you. Likewise, the double rainbow brings all the vibes in double quantity.

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