Reality Shifting Methods

 20 effective Reality Shifting Methods

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“Your thoughts become things. The universe will start to rearrange itself to make things happen for you.” – The secret.

Has it ever occurred to you how powerful one’s thoughts are? Psychology suggests that thoughts are conscious cognitive processes that help us better comprehend our environment’s happenings. But do you know that your thoughts send signals to the universe or beyond? Most of the time, you might have noticed that things go the way your thoughts are perceived.

Thoughts are very powerful, but they can surface in a complex situation or a circumstance. Do you often find yourself quarrelling between your thoughts? Do you often wish your reality had been different from what it is currently? If you found yourself nodding affirmatively to all the statements, then the reality shifting procedure is the answer to all your questions.

After the pandemic period took over, people could not move to places and change their real-life situations. That’s when they found solace in the reality-shifting procedures. One might wonder, what is reality-shifting? Reality shifting is a method where you gain control over your mind and transcend yourself to the desired reality by escaping your current one. This is also called manifestation when done for a longer period. It helps you build up your self-esteem as well as helps you heal spontaneous anxiety and fear of being in the same situations.

 It is an exercise one can do at their home by following certain steps of a procedure. Such methods are good exercises for meditation and relaxation.

Here’s a list of reality shifting methods one can use to transcend their thoughts to another desired reality –

 Reality Shifting Methods

reality shifting methods

The Raven Method

The Raven Method of shifting and manifestation is one of the most famous and widely-used methods. This method involves using positive affirmations and laying on the surface in a certain starfish position. One can list affirmations before laying down and practising the method. You can use subliminal as recommended for a better indulgence in the shifting process. It would be a beneficial method when you’re tired both physically and mentally. Positive affirmations and thoughts can help make the current reality escape and attain the desired reality.

How to –

  • Lay down on a surface – any mat or your mattress in a starfish position. Make sure your limbs and hands aren’t touching each other. Make sure there are no distractions in the environment.
  • Keep your eyes closed and start imagining being in your desired reality. 
  • Now count till number 100 while imagining your list of affirmations. Your affirmations can sound like this – I have reached my desired reality, I am content in my desired reality, and I have managed to escape my current reality.
  • You can choose to keep counting after 100, or if you feel that you’re in your desired reality, you can sleep on it too.

Alice in Wonderland Method

Alice in wonderland is the perfect example of shifting reality. In the story, Alice in Wonderland, the protagonist, Alice, also escapes her reality once she falls down a rabbit hole. Alice in the wonderland method requires a full form of meditation and an active imagination. While shifting through this method, you get a space where you can decide if you wish to shift or not.

How to –

  • It is preferable to lay on your back.
  • Close your eyes and imagine yourself lying against a tree
  • Let your imagination decide that you fall into the rabbit hole when running towards someone in your desired reality, or is it that you decide to promenade and stumble into the rabbit hole. The former imagination lets you confirm if you want to shift your reality or not.
  • Feel the current reality fading away while you’re going down the hole. Now imagine yourself in a small room, with a table and a key on it. Grab the key to open the doors to your desired reality. Now you can fall asleep once you have reached your desired reality, and when you wake up, you will be at your destination. 

The Piano Method

The piano method is said to be one of the most powerful methods. It includes all of your five sensory responses to help you escape your current reality. If practised and imagined correctly, you can potentially reach your desired reality the first time exercising this method.

How to –

  • Try relaxing and close your eyes.
  • Imagine yourself in a wonderful /desired dress and walking into a room full of people. You comfort yourself at the piano table and start playing the instrument piano. The song you’re playing can be your favourite song or a song that you associate with your desired reality.
  • You must use all your five senses – sight, smell, touch, hear and taste while imagining yourself in that room.
  • Once you finish playing the song, bow like a celebrity and take a walk down the hall. In your imagination, a person from your desired reality appears and asks you to choose a door of your choice amongst many (say 5). After choosing the door, the person says, ‘Welcome home, and you sense a golden light welcoming you to your desired reality. Keep imagining scenarios from your desired reality, and then you will find yourself dozed off to sleep in your desired reality. If you feel you have reached there, you can open your eyes. ‘Welcome home.

The Pillow Method

The pillow method is a method anyone can get their hands on with. It is suitable for beginners but doesn’t guarantee to shift in the first go. For this method to work, you need to write your script along with affirmations on a paper. This is done to ensure the physical presence of the affirmations. This method is a beginner method and can help you attain your desired reality with just the power of your imagination and positive affirmations. This method also helps in the process of manifestation.

How to-

  • Repeat the written script before going to bed
  • Now put the script under your pillow. You can lay in any wanted position for this method.
  • You can also put on Subliminal – auditory aids to help you get relaxed and comfortable while practising the method.
  • Make your mindset clear that you wish to shift tonight. Start imagining your desired reality and the written affirmations, and when you feel like you’re in the desired reality, you can open your eyes to it.
  • This might take a few tries before you completely shift to your desired reality. However, keep trying chance after chance; you will surely get your hands on it.

Heartbeat Method

The heartbeat method for shifting reality uses most of your sensory responses to help you shift your reality. Subliminal has a mandatory involvement in availing a heartbeat’s vibration and repetitive sound.

How to –

  • Find a video of heartbeats and turn up your volume; you can use the video with affirmations. You can also customise a video with your personalised affirmations. Now put your phone under your pillow.
  • You can choose to lay down in any position whatsoever, but it is recommended that you lay on your stomach and close your eyes while relaxing your body and body muscles.
  • Imagine yourself lying on the chest of a person from your desired reality. Visualise the scene, sense what you are smelling and hearing, and comprehend your feelings. Focus on the person’s heartbeats and the sound of it.
  • Now once the video is over, imagine that person asking you to go to your desired reality with them. Once you choose to say yes, you can imagine them leading you to the doors of your desired reality, and when they are opened, you see a bright yet warm light welcoming you.
  • Practice saying your affirmations. Now you will feel like falling; when that happens, try to fall asleep, and you will be in your desired reality.

Staircase Method

The staircase method makes you feel like walking towards your desired reality step by step, along with heavy use of affirmations. It is a way of escaping your current reality in a step-format way. Using auditory aids helps pace down the process. This method also has a sequel method named as double staircase method, which takes a larger amount of time to shift realities and complete the process. 

How to –

  • Use Subliminal and relax.
  • Now close your eyes and lay in whichever position you wish.
  • Imagine being in a staircase room and the steps on the staircase leading you to a door.
  • After you reach the top of the step in the staircase, you see a surface reflection or mirror where you can observe your current reality self-standing. Now imagine that you turn around, that image starts fading, and you open the door to a room where the staircase is downwards, and at the end of it, there is a ray of golden light.
  • You walk down the stairs and find yourself welcomed into your desired reality. Now open your eyes for once and then try falling asleep in the same position; you will find yourself in your desired reality.

Mirror Method

If you are equipped with visualisation skills, the mirror method is your go-to reality shifting method. If you can visualise strongly, you might be able to achieve your desired reality for the first time with the mirror method.

How to –

  • Relax and lay down in any position that you wish, and close your eyes.
  • Now visualise yourself being in a room where there is a mirror. In the mirror reflection, visualise your desired reality, self-wearing the desired reality clothes and having the desired reality personality. Now raise your hand and place it on the mirror; imagine your desired reality self to do the same. Now that both of your hands are on the mirror comprehend your feelings.
  • Try stepping in the mirror and closer to your desired reality self slowly. Visualise yourself being the desired reality self now as if you walked through the mirror and merged into your desired self.
  • Now that you are on the other side of the mirror, you will see a long hallway that ends at a door opening. Keep walking towards the door along with the enchantment of your affirmations; when you reach the door, push it open.
  • Open the door when you feel the energy, and keep visualising yourself to be your desired reality self. Once you feel shifted, open your eyes and welcome yourself to your desired reality world.

Elevator Method

The elevator method takes you through your current reality to your desired reality with the help of powerful imagination and positive thoughts and affirmations. While exercising this method, one might feel a bit tingling even in their subconscious. It is a vertical process of transitioning or shifting realities. It states that as the elevator goes up, so does a person’s energy level and connection to their desired self.

How to-

  • Close your eyes and lie down in a starfish position. Use Subliminals for a better effect.
  • Imagine yourself being in an elevator, and the elevator starts going up as soon as you enter it.
  • As the elevator goes up, so does your energy level and your connection to your desired reality does.
  • Once you attain the energy, you pause the elevator at a floor, and the elevator door opens. Now you see your desired reality self-body sleeping. Submerge yourself into the body and fall asleep; when you wake up, you will be in your desired reality.
  • While you submerge yourself, you must feel the transitioning happening inside your thoughts and reality. The shift will be evident enough to be felt. Affirmations like ‘now I am turning into my desired self’ can help fasten the procedure.

Train Method

The training method is the same as the elevator method. The difference is now you will have to imagine yourself in a train instead of an elevator. The elevator method initiates a vertical transition, while the training method instigates a horizontal transition into the desired reality. Both the training and elevator methods are different but require an equal amount of imagination and affirmation to pace up the process.

How to-

  • Play Subliminal train sounds and turn up your volume; you can use the video with affirmations. You can also customise a video with your personalised affirmations.
  • Now close your eyes and visualise yourself at a train station waiting to board the train. When you board this train, you know that this train is destined to reach the station of your desired reality.
  • Continue affirming to reach your desired destination, i.e., your desired reality.
  • You will feel the energy when you will affirm yourself, and this will help you to reach your station, i.e., your desired reality.
  • Once you open your eyes, you will see yourself transcended in the desired reality. Opening your eyes doesn’t necessarily mean physically opening one’s eyes but can mean opening eyes in your imagination and thus forming a connection to a different reality.

Estelle Method

Estelle’s shifting method is designed for people who connect themselves and their thoughts with music. Currently, in the Estelle method, you will need to pick a sound that you can dance on, preferably with a character from your desired reality.

How to-

  • Relax your body and close your eyes
  • Now play your chosen music either on a loop, or you can choose a bunch of songs from the same theme and genre.
  • Now imagine yourself dancing with the person from your desired reality. Keep affirming yourself through the time you’re dancing on the grounds of – being your desired self and the relationship of your desired self with the person you are dancing along with. After you feel the energy of transition, visualise the person asking if you’re ready to go home.
  • If you want to continue the shifting, you can say yes and move along with them; if no, you can simply open up your eyes to break the transition.
  • The imagination is then followed by the person taking you to a door. This door opens the other side to your desired reality and welcomes you with a bright yet warm light. Hold on to the feeling and open your eyes; you will find yourself in your desired reality.

Eleven Method

This shifting method is based on an excerpt from stranger things, a Netflix original series, and is named after one of its lead characters, Eleven or El. One is asked to use external force to keep the eyes closed in this technique. This method requires an active imagination power.

How to-

  • Relax your body muscles and wrap either a bandana or eye mask on your eyes. You can lightly tiffany piece of cloth on your eyes.
  • Use Subliminal to listen to sounds of equal frequencies and vibrations. Such noise is also called white noise.
  • Now visualise your desired reality self-facing your current reality self. Now the whole game is of your conscious. Now you need to trick your conscious into believing that your current reality self’s thoughts and identity are slowly fading. Imagine yourself submerging in your desired reality self. 
  • Now that you are transitioning into your desired reality self, you will feel either hot or cold sensations and flashes to confirm the presence of the energy. Once you surface your energy and have completely drifted apart from your old self, you will open your eyes to your desired reality world. This method is about the transition and the response of senses to the energy of transformation.

Cloud Method

The cloud method is basically bifurcated into three steps of action. Those three steps involve relaxation of mind and body. This is followed by visualisation of the desired reality and desired self and affirmations to connect with the transformation energy.

How to –

  • Relax your body and mind, and concentrate on your breathing. You can lie down in any position but lying down on your back is preferable and recommended.
  • Use the Subliminal and close your eyes. Start visualisation of your current reality self-laying on several clouds. You look around and spot your desired reality self-laying right next to you.
  • So, then your desired reality self-interlocks their fingers amongst yours. Now you can feel your current reality self-fading and submerge with your desired reality self. It is a quicker transition than the transitions in the previous methods. As soon as you start feeling to merge with your desired reality self, you will fall. Imagine falling from the clouds, steady but heavy. Now while you are falling, doze off to sleep.
  • Once when you wake up, you will find yourself in your desired reality world. Don’t forget to say affirmations while you are falling after the merge.                

Sunni Method

Sunni method of reality shifting is for people with a stronger ability to visualise. This method also assists in the process of manifestation in the current reality. Such features of the method make it a powerful way to shift reality.

You’re activating your subconscious and turning it into your conscious reality by this method.

How to –

  • Relax your muscles and mind, and close your eyes. Use Subliminal and train your mind to get tricked by your imagination.
  • Start imagining yourself in the desired reality world, as if you are there. Now you will feel the surroundings and let them sink into your skin; try to inhale the air surrounding your desired reality’s environment. Now your senses are heightened, and you feel every little thing happening in your surroundings. Try imagining your daily routine in your desired reality and what you wish to do and be in your desired reality world.
  • Try repeating the imaginations in your mind with your eyes closed and slowly drift off to sleep.
  • You will be in your desired reality world when you are awake, where you feel like you belong. While you imagine your routine, keep affirming yourself like ‘I am wearing my favourite desired reality dress’ or ‘I am loving every part of my life in my desired reality world’.

Rope Method

The rope method is a shifting technique that requires your uttermost concentration. It involves visualisation and constant affirmations. One can attain shifting from current reality to the desired reality by combating the distractions and focusing on the visual aids their subconscious gives them.

How to-

  • Lay down in any position you wish to; laying on your back is recommended. Now relax your body and avoid even the smallest of distractions. For the same, you can use subliminal aids.
  • Start imagining an energy build-up around your aura. Such build-up gets stronger as deeply you imagine and concentrate.
  • Now start visualising yourself in your desired reality, how your routine will turn out, and what all things you wish to do in your desired reality. Your keen concentration on the imagination and visualisation will heighten your sensory system.
  • Now combine your list of affirmations with your sensory feelings. Make sure you are repeating the affirmations and imagining the desired reality constantly. This will help your conscious reality to climb the rope and fade away and will create vibrations that will lead you to your desired reality. 
  • Remember, concentration is the key to attaining the shift in reality. When you feel like you’re climbing the rope to transition, that’s when the portal will open, and a shift, in reality, will be achieved. Now you can visualise your desired reality self-laying on the bed and your conscious escaping through the rope, creating a portal rift to your desired reality. 

Swirly Eye Method

The swirly eye method of reality shifting creates a distortion or a disconnect between the current reality and the desired reality of a person. It is done through physiological changes in your visual aid, i.e., your eyes. This process involves major concentration and aptitude power. It is not advisable for beginners.

How to-

  • Relax your body muscles and forehead muscles. Then close your eyes and use subliminal aids to tune down distractions and outside noises.
  • You can lay in any position you wish; try laying down where you usually sleep. Keep check of your affirmations beforehand.
  • Now count to 100 and start using your imagination to transfer reality and enchant the affirmations in your head or out aloud. Start rubbing your eyes slowly. Rub your eyes very steadily to avoid retinal damage.
  • When we rub our eyes, we see lines on a black surface for a fraction of a second. When you rub your eyes for at least a minute and a half, you will see the lines more prominent. Join these lines to form a portal to your desired reality. For doing so, you will need to track and train your mind, which is why this method is not advisable to the beginner or a novice.
  • While you’re creating this portal, remind yourself of the affirmations constantly. Keep repeating the process until you reach the desired reality. Now when you open your eyes, you will be reaching your desired reality.

TV Method

The TV method is the transportation of reality through an outside object. Changing reality in this method is like changing channels through your TV remote. This requires intensive imaginative stability and minimal or no involvement of distractions. If done correctly, you can attain your desired reality for the very first time.

How to-

  • Relax, close your eyes, and use Subliminal to block out extra noises. Imagine your current reality, self-sitting on a couch and watching TV.
  • Now when your current reality self-changes the channel, you can visualise your desired reality with a visual aid, i.e., your TV channel. You can sense and see what your desired reality is going to look like.
  • Now when you decide to shift the reality, you are supposed to stand up and walk toward your TV. Now you will imagine that you are transcending your current reality self into your desired reality self. You will imagine the feeling of shifting into your desired reality through your TV screen. Now you’re in your desired reality environment. There you see your desired reality self-asleep; now, you will submerge into their body. Then when you wake up, you will find yourself exactly in your desired virtual reality world. 
  • While moving toward the television, don’t forget to remember your affirmations. They will help you reach your desired reality more quickly.

Ballroom Method

For the Ballroom method to work and help you shift your reality, you will need to check off some things prior to the indulgence in the method. Make a list of the affirmations that you want to feel. Make a playlist of songs that you want to imagine in your mind or the songs that you relate to your desired reality.

How to-

  • Tune on the songs in your playlist and lie down in any preferable position. Remember to keep your hands and limbs apart while laying down. Close your eyes.
  • Imagine you are in a room or a place that belongs to your desired reality with a character from your desired life. Now you are dancing with that person, and you must observe their facial expressions, their movements, and even the littlest details of both the place and the person. Now when you can visualise them properly, the song will stop, and the person will lead you to a staircase with exactly 100 steps. Now count to 100 but very slowly, and this time imagine the person climbing the stairs along with you. When you reach up to 50 steps, imagine that person telling you affirmations and you repeating after them.
  • Now that you have reached the 100th step, the person will open a door that leads to your desired reality, followed by a bright and warm light. Now you will be able to grasp the sound from your desired reality. Open your eyes with this feeling; if in case you feel like you haven’t escaped your current reality, just fall asleep without any movement. When you wake up, you will be in your desired reality.

I Am Method

The I am method of shifting is a method that is completely based on the subject, i.e. you. For the transfer of reality through this method, you will need to dig deep into your desired reality to know more about what you wish to be and do in that world.

How to-

  • Subliminal and sound frequencies can help in thinking clear affirmations. You know the drill, relax, close your eyes, imagine and repeat.
  • Initially, you will need to say ‘i am over’ to build a disconnection and abridge from your current reality. When you feel like evading your current reality and walking towards the desired ones, you will shift the affirmations in a more personalised order.
  • While visualising, you can affirm self-defining affirmations. You can either open your eyes when you feel you are in your desired reality. Or you can fall asleep and wake up in the desired world. 

Ceiling Method

This is one of those methods where you won’t need to close your eyes. You will need to stare in the void and rebuild your desired reality from scratch. The ceiling method helps you shift the reality in an absurd but conscious way. We always find ourselves staring into the ceiling when we’re unable to sleep, and it turns out we get drooly when we do so. Similarly to this method, you will make your conscious brain fall asleep and distort reality through an active subconscious.

How to-

  • You might have understood how commonly we use subliminal in every method to tune out the outer world distractions. Lay on your back in any position you wish.
  • Now stare onto the ceiling and brainstorm on how your desired reality s going to turn out. You must heighten all your sensory responses to take stimuli from your desired world. Initially, you will need to focus diligently on the ceiling, but after a while, you can relax your eye muscles while imagining your desired reality life.
  • However, you indeed need to focus on your desired reality but don’t forget to cope with your current reality, think about its components wise and let it go slowly. When you’re letting go of the current reality, you will feel the ceiling is getting farther away from you. At a point, it will strain your eyes, and then you can close them and imagine the desired world. Now you will start feeling the life in your desired world and a movement in your body as if it’s shifting through. Now open your eyes, congrats! You’re there in your dreamland.

Portal Method

This is yet another method of shifting through reality. The shift is felt from the current reality to the desired one through a passage or a portal.

How to-

  • You know the process – close your eyes, relax and imagine. Imagine yourself walking down a street, reminiscing your current reality and letting it go slowly. After you let go of it, you will see a person from your desired reality holding your hand and taking you through the field in your desired land.
  • They ask you questions about your desired world and desired self. While answering all those, you also observe your surroundings in detail. After a long walk through the field, you see a colourful portal (your favourite-coloured portal). You see that person going through the portal and extending a hand for you, too; if you choose to shift reality, you pass that portal. If not, you can open your eyes. Keep the affirmations going on when you are sifting through the colour and walking through the portal.
  • You will see your desired self asleep there when you reach your desired world. As the last step, you are to embody them and fall asleep, so when you wake up, you are in your desired land. You are home, you sense it, and you are euphoric.


Reality shifting became a trend via TikTok, a video-making app, when the users started making reel videos on the infamous dialogue of Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter, a science fiction book series written by J.K. Rowling. Many people shifted themselves to a reality in Hogwarts while equipping themselves with these reality-shifting methods. This did not only increase the fandom of the Harry Potter series but also made reality shifting a trend to follow. Try these methods of Reality shifting but remember that you might not be able to shift your reality directly in the first go.


Question 1 – What is reality shifting?

Reality shifting is a method where you gain control over your mind and transcend yourself to the desired reality by escaping your current one. This is also called manifestation when done for a longer period of time. It helps you build up your self-esteem as well as helps you heal spontaneous anxiety and fear of being in the same situations. Reality shifting became a trend via TikTok when the sound containing an excerpt of dialogue of Draco Malfoy, a character in harry potter, got viral on the app. In that audio, Malfoy was asking his professor if it was all in his head or was happening in reality. To this, his professor answered that it was all happening inside his head. With this answer, it was implied that you could change your reality through your thoughts. 

Question 2- For how much time does a person stays in their desired reality?

You can shift your reality for as long as you wish. Some people suggest it can happen for around a timeline of 20 years and more.

Apart from them, some people think that reality shifting is for mentally challenged or mentally ill people. They think it is part of a lucid dream etc. But the people who shifted their realities have said to prove this method as if it’s their hypothesis.

Question 3 – when should one try out reality-shifting methods?

Anyone can try reality-shifting methods regardless of age and gender. As per the timing is concerned, it is recommended to start imagining your desired reality at night. For many methods, it’s required for the subject to be tired, and almost all the methods ask you to sleep and then wake up to the desired reality.

Question 4- Which part of the brain does reality shifting concern with?

There are three parts of the human brain – conscious brain, subconscious brain, and unconscious brain. We imagine mostly from our subconscious part of the brain, so when it comes to shifting reality subconscious brain equips the workforce.

Question 5- What does wake up mean when it comes to reality shifting? Answer- When it comes to waking up, many people presume that you will have to wake from your sleep in order to attain your desired reality. This is necessarily not always the case when it comes to shifting reality. Wake up can also mean opening your eyes to your visualisation and reaching your desired reality. When it comes to reality shifting, one must not forget to feel the transitions through the power of of imagination and affirmations. 

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