Lapis lazuli meaning and benefits

Lapis lazuli meaning and benefits

Lapis lazuli meaning and benefits. If you looking for the benefits of Lapis Lazuli, as well as spiritual meaning, this guide is for you. We will reveal everything you need to know about Lapis Lazuli and why is such a powerful crystal.

Lapis lazuli meaning and benefits

Lapis lazuli is a magnificent, semi-precious stone that comes in a variety of colors but is most often known for its stunning blue hue. The name of the lapis lazuli gemstone comes from the Latin word for stone, lapis, and the Persian word for blue, lazhward.

The mineral lazurite makes up most of its build, along with calcite, sodalite, and pyrite. Lazurite is responsible for the stunning blue hue that is characteristic of lapis lazuli, while calcite and pyrite are responsible for the stone’s golden flecks and white veins or swirls.

In general, Lapis Lazuli can be found in a wide variety of blue and purple tones. It is recognized for bringing forth the expression of one’s true self and knowledge. In addition, the therapeutic capabilities of the ancient gemstone lapis lazuli have made it quite popular in recent times.

Since ancient times, mystics and royal families alike have held a special place in their hearts for it. Because this stone exudes an aura of serenity linked to its sageness, it bestows a multitude of advantages to the person who wears it. However, it is only possible to experience its effects after wearing it for an extended period of time and when you are mentally prepared to do so. It gives protection against harmful energies and also insulates the person who wears it from the effects of such energy.

Lapis Lazuli embodies everything we appreciate about the magical world of healing crystals; it has a lovely name, a long and illustrious history, and a deep blue color that shimmers so beautifully that makes the eyes open in wonder.

Lapis Lazuli spiritual meaning

Lapis Lazuli spiritual meaning

Lapis lazuli is known for its ability to instill a profound sense of calm. This enchanting blue stone stimulates the activity of the Third Eye chakra. It helps you tune into your innate wisdom and acts as a guide while you pursue spiritual goals. As a harmonic stone, lapis helps bring profound serenity, enlightenment, and heavenly contemplation. It also soothes relationships between friends and family members.

In addition to assisting you in acknowledging and appreciating your time on earth, lapis also serves as a reminder to consult your intuition and pay attention to the voice that resides within you. Besides, the pyrite that is contained in the Lapis stone serves as a shield for you when you are engaged in spiritual activity.

The color blue is associated with reliability. It is reminiscent of the broad, liberating hue of the sky.   In spiritual communities, it is believed that this stone embodies both innocence and significance in equal measure. The crystal’s therapeutic powers are another significant contributor to its widespread appeal. It is also believed that lapis lazuli can help people become more self-aware and increase their honesty and clarity in their daily lives.

When you start incorporating the crystal into your routine, you will immediately notice the favorable effects that have been mentioned above. You will get insight and inner fortitude from it, which may help you become a more effective decision-maker.

Also, it has the potential to bring harmony into your relationships and will clear your mind. This healing stone is wonderful not only for its healing characteristics for the development of your well-being but also for removing negativity from its immediate surroundings.

You are cleansed of lesser energies and aligned with higher energies and vibrations when you wear or carry lapis lazuli. Its powers assist you in developing a deeper understanding of your inner self. When used in domestic or professional settings, its soothing qualities have proven to be advantageous.

It has the potential to free you from the restrictions and issues that you have set upon yourself. It activates many chakras, allowing you to experience love, inner truth, positive magic, and cleansing in your life. It is worn to remove tension and bring about a profound state of tranquility and protect the wearer from psychic assaults. It also helps to boost your inventiveness in your life, as well as your objectivity and clarity. It also assists in the expressing of feelings and emotions, which is another way in which it helps to strengthen relationships.

What is lapis lazuli crystal used for

What is lapis lazuli crystal used for

In addition to its function as an ornamental stone and a healing crystal, lapis lazuli is often used in jewelry. In new age and metaphysical establishments, you may also often see it presented in the form of tumbling stones. The metaphysical and new age communities have long believed that lapis lazuli has a wide variety of therapeutic and spiritual characteristics.

The vibration of lapis lazuli is very high, which contributes to its potency as a stone for both thinking and spirituality. It is believed to promote self-knowledge and awareness of your ideas and may assist you in developing greater faith in your innate intelligence. In addition, lapis lazuli strengthens your telepathic and intuitive powers and creates a link between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

Creativity, self-expression, and communication may all benefit from their use. In addition, this amazing crystal may assist in bringing harmony and balance to the yin and yang parts that exist inside an individual. The following are some other applications for lapis lazuli that you might consider:

Use it on your mediation Area

Because it helps deepen people’s consciousness, self-knowledge, and intuition, lapis lazuli is an excellent stone to include in your meditation space, whether it is a room in the house or an outdoor setting. It also assists in the detection of recurring ideas and in determining how to go with those thoughts, whether they need to be investigated or released.

Useful in your workspace

Your place of business is a reflection of your professional life. When working, it is better to have a space or area exclusively for that purpose. Lapis lazuli may help improve your awareness, creativity, and communication with your work, so if you have a space devoted to it, you may choose to include it there.

If you are an artist of any type and have a room where you practice your trade, lapis lazuli would also be a lovely addition to that section of your home or studio where you work.

Wear Lapis Lazuli as an ornament

Wearing a piece of lapis lazuli on your person is an additional way to benefit from the energy of this stone. This stone has an energy that is quite peaceful, and it also has a high vibration; as a result, it may be a very supporting stone for you to keep with you throughout the day.

Used as a Pigment

Lapis lazuli has been widely used as a mineral dye for many centuries. In this process, pieces of lapis are cleaned of impurities and then crushed into a powder. This powder is then blended with oil or another component to produce a paint suited for its intended use.

In addition, lapis lazuli may be used to generate pigments of a higher quality. The application of a weak acid is required to remove the calcite and dolomite from the powder, which lessens the intensity of the color. After that, the material is subjected to further processing in order to separate the pyrite from the other minerals.

The end product of all of this is a pigment known as “ultramarine blue” which is very costly and was only used by highly skilled painters commissioned to create creative masterpieces for affluent customers.

Lapis lazuli therapeutic properties

The throat, larynx, and vocal cords are just a few of the many bodily regions that benefit from lapis lazuli’s therapeutic properties. It helps with hearing loss and other issues connected to the ears and nose, and it also helps regulate your endocrine and thyroid systems.

This amazing crystal is also associated with improved blood flow and a healthier heartbeat. As a bonus, it also lowers blood pressure and lessens the likelihood of you suffering vertigo. People with Insomnia may also find relief with this gem, allowing them to receive the recommended amount of sleep each night.

Lapis Lazuli for depression

Are you someone who often experiences anxiety and nervousness? Lapis lazuli is meant for you. Your mind would be cleansed of bad ideas, and you would have a greater sense of inner peace as a result. It is a stone of communication since it could break through barriers and make it easier for individuals to express themselves.

Lapis is a stone that may help people overcome sadness and improve feelings of tranquility and acceptance of you. As a bonding stone in love and friendship, it is helpful for objectivity, clarity, depression, stress, self-expression, self-awareness, anxiety, alerting to psychic assault, thinking amplification, honesty, and compassion.

Why is lapis lazuli so powerful

The Lapis Lazuli gem contains all of the standard Gem properties, such as agelessness, fusion, and superhuman strength and durability. This gem has an extraordinary amount of power, particularly near water.

There are historical and mythological associations with lapis lazuli. This stone’s long and illustrious history may be responsible for the widespread belief that its benefits are so significant. Scholars, for instance, have referred to lapis lazuli as an example of a valuable stone that is recorded in the Old Testament in the Bible. In addition, it has connections to royal families and mythology.

Lapis lazuli has been worn as a symbol of bravery and strength from the beginning of time. It is also connected with monarchy, intellectualism, knowledge, and truth. Since ancient times, people have believed that if they wore lapis lazuli, it would protect them from harm. In order to enhance their vision, ancient Egyptians would grind it into a powder and then place it around their eyes.

Who should not wear lapis

Among all of the Libra birthstones, lapis lazuli is the most delicate. If you have a habit of misplacing or breaking your jewelry, it is strongly advised that you do not purchase this crystal for yourself. Some people also believe that those who struggle with their ability to express themselves properly should avoid using this stone.

It is recommended that you do not wear lapis lazuli while taking a shower in order to prevent the possible release of a poisonous chemical (sulfur) that might cause damage to your skin. This release can take place when this gemstone comes into contact with water.

Lapis Lazuli’s negative effects

The use of lapis lazuli is linked with a very low risk of unpleasant side effects. One of the negative effects comes from its exposure to water. It is very risky to use lapis lazuli in either your drinking water or your bath water because the pyrite particles in the lapis lazuli may release sulfur into the water.

Consuming sulfur or having contact with skin may be hazardous. In certain people, using lapis lazuli in the bath water may irritate the skin. The second thing that might go wrong with using lapis lazuli is if you end up with a lower-grade stone. Because of this, you will not be able to experience the same levels of spiritual enlightenment, healing, and mysticism associated with using a genuine and high-quality stone.

How to cleanse Lapis Lazuli

Compared to other types of crystals, lapis lazuli must be handled with a little more caution. It is not good to scrub your stone with soap and water or subject it to strong chemicals since this can harm the stone’s surface. The care and maintenance of your Lapis Lazuli crystal should always begin with thoroughly cleansing the stone.

It is essential to maintain the stone cleaned and charged if you want it to retain its enchanted appearance and be available at all times to deliver its curative abilities to you. This practice helps to eliminate any bad energy or toxins that may have attached themselves to the stone. It also removes any contaminants that may have been present. The following are some simple methods that may be used to clean your lapis lazuli:

Cleansing with sunlight:

Expose your crystal to the sun for a few hours at a location where it will get direct sunlight. It will be cleaned and made purer by the natural energy that the sun provides.

Cleansing lapis lazuli with Sage:

Smudge your crystal with sage or other plants that are known for their purifying properties. Negative energies will be dispelled, and the stone will regain its equilibrium and harmony as a result of this action.

Cleansing with a Geode or Other Stones:

Other crystals (e.g., Hematite, amethyst, carnelian, and clear quartz) have the ability to clear lapis lazuli of any negative energies that have been trapped inside. The only thing you need to do to cleanse the crystal is to position it either on top of or inside other healing crystals and geodes. This needs to be done continuously for 24 to 48 hours.

Cleansing with Visualization:

During this procedure, you will channel your energy into the lapis lazuli so that it may have its power refreshed. However, if you do not have sufficient self-confidence and understanding of the forces inside you, this exercise could prove challenging. Despite this, it is by far the most risk-free method for cleansing any kind of healing crystal. You just need to concentrate on bringing your energy into the center.

Get the stone, and picture a brilliant white light emanating from your palm as it begins to spread. Imagine that this light encircles the stone and washes away any negative energy that may be there. Observe how the stone becomes brighter and more dazzling as the impurities are eliminated.


This article discussed lapis lazuli’s meaning and benefits. The therapeutic powers of the gemstone lapis lazuli have made it quite popular in recent times. Mystics and royal families alike have long had a soft spot in their hearts for it.

The use of lapis lazuli opens up the Third Eye and Throat chakras, both of which are necessary for our understanding of the world and for communicating with other people within the environment. The Third Eye chakra, which controls the flow of energy throughout our bodies, enables us to have a relationship with ourselves.

The use of lapis lazuli has been documented in both spiritual and medicinal contexts. It strengthens the immune system, brings down blood pressure, cleans the blood, and calms any inflammation that may be present in the body. It is also believed to treat symptoms of sadness, sleeplessness, and disorders connected to the thyroid and throat. Both the neurological system and the respiratory system gain from this gemstone.

It soothes irritated throats and enables the immune system to function more effectively. It is beneficial in the treatment of disorders related to the spleen, the heart, autism, depression, pain, epilepsy, and the eye, and aids virility. The use of lapis lazuli has a wide variety of additional advantages. In the realm of jewelry, lapis lazuli may be fashioned into a variety of items, including bracelets, rings, and pendants.


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