Top 15 Crystals For Self Love

15 best crystals for self love, Are you among those who place the needs of friends and anyone you deem to be in trouble above your personal needs? Are you new to the world of self-love and self-care?

Well, if the first question has a positive answer from you then this article is surely what you need. For beginners, we must welcome you to the world of self-love. Since you place others before yourself, then you may most likely be lacking in the self-love package.

We do not know what you may have heard about self-love, but for a start, we must share with you that self-love focuses on honoring your very essence and establishing a healthy relationship with yourself.

This relationship will be fostered through your words, actions, and even your thoughts. In simpler terms, self-love translates to having and setting boundaries, making ideal choices for yourself, and overall, having a sense of self-worth.

Before we delve into the business of the day which entails outlining the crystals for self-love, it must be noted that the issue of self-love is vital because the simple act of loving yourself is capable of creating a cascade of highly positive advantages.

More so, it can be likened to a magnet that attracts all the good and positive things into that life of yours. When we practice self-love and genuinely love ourselves, our vibrations are lifted and this positions the tone for every other relationship in your life.

Now, if you struggle with self love, it will amaze you to note that crystals can help you get out of that low self-esteem hole that affects your mental health. For those unaware, healing, yourself with crystal is great for your self-love journey.

You may not understand the need for these amazing crystals, but our purpose today is to enlighten you on how they can help your situation.

Best Crystals For Self-Love

If you are confused about the best crystals for self-love, to begin with, you have nothing to worry about. We simply need you to sit back, relax and keep reading as we present you with the ideal crystals for self-love. The best crystals are:

The Iolite Stone

This is among the most amazing stones for people who are currently undergoing therapy sessions or even counseling. Iolite is known to be linked with the throat chakra.

Aside from helping you clear the confusion, you are experiencing between your emotional consciousness and the logical one, Iolite is capable of assisting you in communicating with your therapist in the best way possible.

If you need inner peace and desire a much more positive outlook on life, Iolite is the right way to go.

The Onyx Stone

Are you interested in establishing self-love as it will assist you in building practicality when faced with so many emotions? Then, Onyx is what you may be looking for. The Onyx stone will help in strengthening your willpower and breaking terrible habits.

Did you know that you can couple this stone with other crystals used for self-love? If not, now you know as it will help heighten its effectiveness. With the Onyx, you are sure of fully accepting the amazing qualities about yourself that you have tried to keep hidden.

The Smoky Quartz Crystal

Do you feel unworthy? Are you overcome by so much negative energy? Then Smoky Quartz crystal is the right pick for you. The aim of Smoky Quartz is to clear those negative energy and bring in positivity at all times.

And, when the universe has so much to give to you, this crystal will help in clearing the blockages from the negative energy. Interestingly, Smoky Quartz is linked to the root chakra and this will assist in keeping your emotions balanced.

Need clarity in your mental space? Get a Smoky Quartz crystal.

The Hematite Crystal

The Hematite crustal exists to help transform all of your negative emotions into positive ones in order for you to show love to no one else but yourself. Think it is extreme? Understand that this crystal will help you have a deeper look into your self-worth.

And if there are any exterior influences that threaten to cause harm to your sense of self, the Hematite Crystal will protect you against it. More so, if you engage in meditation, this stone will help you keep a focused and calm mind.

The Carnelian Crystal

This is another crystal for self-love that will provide you with powerful energies filled with abundance. Carnelian crystal is capable of opening your heart chakra as it enables you to feel more love not just for yourself alone but from others who love you.

This crystal has the ability to provide you with a general feeling of well-being in order for you to live the fulfilled and happy life you only dreamt of and thought you were not deserving of.

If you want to unlock your true potential, get a Carnelian crystal. Interested in attracting both love and positivity? Look no further!

The Rose Quartz Crystal

When it comes down to the ideal crystals for self love, the Rose Quartz crystal is majorly used as a highly effective love crystal. It is among the best as it can open up the heart chakra of its user, letting them see their beauty.

Now, the love this Crystal possesses is one that is capable of enhancing your life in the most quaking way you never thought was possible. People say it can assist in attracting a new romantic partner for single folks.

The Red Jasper Stone

This stone is extremely powerful and it functions to gather energies and send them into the user’s life as a means to help them heal. More so, it acts as a protective stone for people that are sensitive as it gives them balance while taking away negativity.

If you need to be grounded both spiritually and emotionally, Red Jasper helps to put your self-esteem problems in check.

The Zentron Clear Quartz Stone

While on its own, the Zentron Clear Quartz is extremely powerful, however when merged with other stones, it 3nds up amplifying the energies of the stones you place around it.

In other news, the Clear Quartz is a highly effective companion crystal for all other crystals you need to boost your self-love. Since it is linked to the crown chakra, it will offer you emotional healing while providing your mind with clarity.

The Amethyst Crystal

This crystal is among the best stones anyone can use for general protection. However, you will feel much of its true powers when you want to manifest things into your life.

It functions to protect you against external influences while simultaneously helping to bring good fortune and abundance into your life. When you are going through difficulties, make use of this crystal since it attracts positive things.

The Pink Tourmaline Stone

This is a beautiful crystal that is linked to the popular heart chakra stone. It works to position positivity and love within your body. With its calming pink crystal, you can use it during meditation.

If you struggle with finding positivity in your life and going through hardship, this is the recommended crystal for you. People refer to it as the stone of love as it will assist you in healing emotionally and recognizing your worth plus self-love.

The Tiger Eye Crystal

This is an amazing crystal that you can utilize at any point in time when manifesting whatever you want in your life. Interestingly, the Tiger Eye is linked to the solar plexus chakra thus assisting in heightening every amount of success you can attain.

If you need a crystal that can provide you with the energies of abundance and good luck without any form of force, then the Tiger Eye is all you need. More so, it is capable of dispelling the feelings of hatred and those emotional pains.

The Pink Opal Crystal

This is an amazing crystal for self-love and it is great for people seeking love in their lives as it is linked to the heart chakra. For those willing to feel some form of unconditional love towards themselves, Pink Opal will help you.

More so, it is linked to the sacral chakra, thus, it assists in boosting your sense of self-love and passion for yourself.

The Moonstone Crystal

The Moonstone crystal is an enchanting and very beautiful crystal that works great with the moon’s energies. This crystal will assist you in linking with your intuition. Do not overlook this as it is helpful when you want to manifest something into your life.

It assists in promoting self-love and can be used in both visualization and meditation exercises.

The Strawberry Quartz Crystal

This is a wonderful crystal that will help you in manifesting love from within yourself. On its own, it is quite powerful, but it can be combined with other crystals to boost their energies and form a much stronger energy force for your self-love journey.

The Green Aventurine Stone

This crystal is capable of helping its user to find self-love and bring love into his or her life. For those who have issues in finding themselves or letting positive thoughts take over their being, the Green Aventurine is recommended.

This crystal will bring you, love, abundance, and luck as it makes use of the power gotten from the heart chakra.

Ways To Cleanse The Crystals For Self-Love?

One fact you should never miss out on is that the negative energies plus vibrations that get released from your immediate environment, as well as your body, get carried into nowhere else but the crystals in your possession.

Moreover, if you want to keep your crystals performing at their maximum levels, you will need to cleanse them regularly. If you are lost on how to do this, some tips you can follow are:

•          Try the natural water cleansing

You can cleanse the energy of your self-love crystal by making use of natural running water. Making use of water from the stream or even rainwater will help in earthing your crystals and neutralizing the energies absorbed.

For those in a position to collect natural water, you are to soak your crystals in the water or simply allow them to sit in the rain. Note that, the energies that get emitted from the sun will assist in clearing the negative energies accumulated in your crystal.

This is one of the easiest methods to follow as all you can do is place the crystals under the sun for some hours or even minutes.

•          Soak the crystals inside a saltwater solution

This method will work great if the water you use is gotten straight from the ocean. However, if it is not it is safe to use a combination of salt and tap water. You just need to drop the crystals for roughly one to two minutes though it is possible to leave it longer.

More so, ensure you rinse out the crystals adequately once the treatment is completed. An important fact to note is that you are not to make use of saltwater if the crystals you own are soft or brittle.

If you use saltwater on soft crystals, it can break them or dissolve them.

•          Place the crystals under the moonlight

An easy way to get your crystal cleansed is by letting it sit outside under the moonlight. This is best done under the full moon as the light will be in its brightest state and the energy gotten from the moon is refreshing.

Tips In Using Crystals For Your Self Love Journey

Since you have an idea of the best crystals for self-love, it is time to get enlightened on how to make use of them. Some of the highly effective ways to make use of your crystals are:

•          Use the crystal when having a relaxing bath

An amazing way to make use of your crystal for self-love is to use it when having a relaxing bath. To do this, simply set a time when you will be home alone and proceed to run a cool bath.

When the bath is set, position roughly one to five pieces of the crystals in your possession in the bathtub. Ensure your crystals are polished and smooth so as not to incur any scratch while bathing.

For those without any allergies or sensitivities to fragrances, you can add some essential oil drops to the bath. Then deep yourself in the tub for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Your bath water will take the role of an energy canal that releases energetic vibrations from your crystals and straight into the water. From the water, they will transmit into your body as you bathe in the water for as long as you wish.

•          Meditate with the crystals

One other beneficial tip to using your crystal is by meditating with it during your self-love journey. Before you make use of your crystals, ensure your meditation is not overwhelming and you are not engaging in it as if it were a chore.

Have it in mind that your meditation doe not have to last for hours as partaking in a five to ten minutes session nightly is adequate. More so, when meditating with crystals, select crystals that are capable of reminding you of nothing less than self-love, self-care, and general wellness.

•          Position crystals around the home

You can place crystals that will help with self-love around your house. The reason for this is that it is capable of boosting the vibrations in the home. However, to get this done, it is vital that you create a sacred place with the selected crystals and other items.

These items should be capable of helping you connect with that heart of yours.

•          Create a crystal elixir

Much like a healing g tonic, the crystal elixir will help with your healing journey. And when used for self-love, it is ideal to make use of Rose Quartz crystal or the Amethyst stone.

We have recommended them because when they are used as an elixir, they successfully awaken an amazing sense of inner peace, self-belief, and overall, self-confidence.

•          You can include a manifestation box

For those ready to manifest self-love into their daily routines and lives, you can try adding the self-love crystals to your manifestation box. It will help in maximizing those intriguing manifestations of yours.

•          Position crystals around chakra  points

Since self-love is carefully connected to your heart chakra, it is vital that you place the crystals on your heart when laying down so that you can feel its energies better. With this, you will be reminded to spend quality time with yourself and not others.

•          Place the crystals for self-love all around your office

With your office or desk surrounded with self-love crystals, you will be reminded of your intentions all through the day. This can help you with all the support you need to get through a tasking day at the office.

•          Wear your crystals as pieces of jewelry

When you wear your self-love crystals as a part of your everyday jewelry, it helps you to easily have a positive attitude as well as confidence wherever you enter.

If you never knew, having a necklace close to your heart or right in the middle of your chest is a good way to open your heart and let the good or positive vibrations flow through.


Are you among those having difficulties with self love? Have it in mind at all times that you are not alone. If you have this article opened right in front of you, understand that this is the ideal time to leave your past behind you and love yourself just as you are.

We have outlined some of the best crystals for self-love that will help you through your journey. Even though you will be faced with hardship, the crystals will be by your side all through.

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