444 angel number meaning

444 angel number Meaning for Love, Manifestation 101

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444 angel number meaning, There are many things that you come across daily that you debunk as a mere coincidence. These are some little things that you are too busy to care about. However, sometimes these things are just more than a mere coincidence. They will happen to you regularly. Let’s take, for example, you dream about a similar thing regularly. Some things are meant to be taken as a sign from God or the entity that governs the Universe.

One such signal that might be pointing towards a turning point in your life or a warning towards something is the 444. You might be coming across it in many ways. It can come in front of your eyes in many ways ranging from simply dreaming about it to looking at it in real life. Some real-life examples might include you coming across a bus every day that follows route 444. Or finding yourself staring at the clock when it strikes 4:44 regularly.

It can also be that you might be buying some things that may cost $4.44. The mortal world is littered with such possibilities presenting themselves in front of you. If you are wondering if it is just a mere coincidence happening way too many times or something to care about, then this article is just for you. Let’s first find out why this number is so important.

What Is the Significance Of 444?

The fourth day is considered to be the day God created the Moon and the Sun. The Holy Bible is a great testament to the wonders associated with this special number 4. 4 also represents the directions: North, East, West, and South. Not only that, but the primary elements of the world are also considered to be four: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. There are yet many examples in the Bible itself that have a mention of this numeral.

What Does 444 Symbolize – Good or Bad?

Since 4 has many mentions in the Bible, it certainly comes with a divine meaning to it. While this number manifests so many meanings, it is pretty multi-dimensional. Even though most of the cultures find it divine and lucky, there are certain that believe 444 is a sign of bad luck and needs to be avoided at all costs.

The Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese people believe it to be associated with death. This is the prime reason they avoided even saying it let alone coming across it. There’s an exciting story as to why they believe 444 is associated with death. The number 4 sounds like death in these languages. That’s why it is strictly avoided and is believed to bring bad luck and death.

444- A Symbol of Bad Luck in Asian Cultures

Several Asian cultures where 4 sounds like death avoid coming across 444. As mentioned earlier, these include Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean cultures. The effect of this number is so profound that Asian companies don’t even use this number in any way to avoid scaring off their customers. One such noteworthy example is that Canon didn’t release Powershot G14 because it had the number 4. Instead, they launched G15.

On top of it, many companies avoid having 4s in their calling numbers as well. In the Japanese language, 4 is pronounced as ‘shi’. The very same word is also used to represent death. As a result, hospitals in Japan go as far as not to have any ward number 4.

Many Asian cultures are under the grip of tetraphobia because the number sounds similar to death. Even the South Koreans go as far as to not mention 4 as the floor number or room number in hospitals or public buildings. Talking about the Vietnamese, even their language comes with a striking similarity between 4 and death. This tetra phobic sentiment is gradually spreading across other Asian countries like Singapore and Taiwan. However, there’s not only bad to the 444. Most of the cultures and people find it to be fascinating and great, spiritually and generally. Let’s have a look at what significance their meanings hold.

444 angel number meaning

Before delving deeper into the wonderful world of 444, let’s get to know about the angel number. In the easiest sense, an angel number is something your angel seems to use to communicate with you. It is more like giving signals about important events and turning points in one’s life. It is a rather spiritual way of communication. Catching these signs will make you aware of the impending gifts life has to offer.

444 is yet another angel number that a lot of people come across regularly. However, it is not a full-fledged language. So, it is hard to decipher its meaning. There are certain possible indications to what it might be what it means. So, let’s see what are they based on different studies.


Numerology holds the meaning behind what these numbers mean or might mean. If you are coming across it a little way too often, then it is time to unfurl the dictionary of numerology to decipher the meaning behind it. But, first, let’s have a look at why this 444 is so interesting. We all know what 4 means. Bible sees it in a positive light, while some Asian cultures do the exact opposite.

However, 444 is pretty interesting because it has the best of both worlds. While 4 signifies stability and a change, 3 represents the energy. You might be thinking where that 3 came from. Adding the 4s gives you 12, and again adding 1 and 2 will finally give you 3. This is the beauty of numerology. One number has multi-dimensional meanings.

Coming back to the possible meaning and manifestations associated with this beautiful angel number, it refers to the state of stability blended with interesting energy. Let’s see how this angel number unfolds its effects on 3 of the most important aspects of your life- love, spirituality, and finances.

Love Manifestation

444 angel number meaning

What good is a life where there’s no love? Love can be hard to find and even difficult is to find the one for you. The one whom you know you’ll be spending your whole life with- your soulmate. If you are coming across 444 a little too frequently, it means the Gods of love have something great for you coming your way. The odds of you meeting the one for you look pretty handsome.

Just like the number 444, a perfect blend of stability, maturity, and lots of energy, your partner will bring the very same colours in your life along with much-needed stability. Nothing can feel more heavenly than the love of your life by your side, and things are going smooth and strong. Well, the 444 means that this connection will become even stronger than it was before. 444 means you are at an overall great place in your relationship with your soulmate. Things couldn’t be any better.

One of the hardest things in love and relationship is getting your ex back. Maybe you realize that he or she was the one for you, and you made a mistake along the way. Well, don’t worry. You need not worry about losing them forever and living forever with regret. Because if you see 444, then you can get your love back.


Another deeply important aspect of human life is spiritual well-being. If you feel well in your mind, everything will go well. If you see 444, then trust that your angel wants to tell you to get grounded. Take some time out to look within yourself. The best thing is to meditate. 4 is the number of focuses and stability. It would be best if you did exactly that.

Even though 444 also comes with the high-entropy 3, right now, you just need to focus on yourself- within yourself. Stay humble and down-to-earth. Take some time out to know yourself, find yourself. Give time to feel at your full mental capacity.

Attempt to embody those traits that are associated with 444. Some of the traits you need to embody in yourself are responsibility, tranquillity, focus, maturity, and most importantly, stability and being grounded. Try to be graceful and embody some feminine traits in your life.


This is one of the most important things in anyone’s life. Even though materialistic, having sufficient money in your pocket is a sign that things will go smoothly. Visioning of 444 signifies that you have everything you need financially. You don’t lack financially, and you are currently self-sufficient. You are lucky that you are not facing any financial crisis. The best thing is that even though you might not have plenty, you will certainly have enough to get by if you are manifesting money.

A great way to get better financial results is to manifest luxury. If, while manifesting luxury, you come across a sign of 44, then bingo. There are good odds that you will get that luxury. Some great examples to effectively manifest what you need include your favourite car or a luxurious home. Even better will be a high-paying job.

So, now you have an idea about the multi-dimensional effects of 444 on various aspects of your life. But even more interesting is that coming across 444 is not a luck-by-chance affair. You can deliberately come across it as well. So, if you want to be in the good graces of the angels, then the following ways will help you come across 444 more often.

How To Come Across 444 More Frequently?

Somebody has said it right that you are the one who will write your destiny. Even though there’s something like luck, you still need to work hard to achieve what you want. It would be best if you made sure that no stone remains unturned. Making sure that you are lucky enough to come across 444, again and again, is something you need to make sure of. It would be best if you made proper arrangements for it.

You might ask what can be done. It is something that depends purely on luck. However, even though there’s some truth to it, there are still ways you can use to increase the chances of coming across 444. Even more so, you can deliberately keep things that feature the angel number as well. Another great way is to increase the power of the healing crystal by blending them with the angel number.

One such way is to use the number crystals. They double or triple the power of the number you are coming across. For every angel number, there’s a unique crystal that is compatible with it. It all depends on the characteristics of the number. It also depends on the things and aspects the angel number represents.

In the case of 444, it represents the stability, feminist, and calmness of the number 4. However, it is also blended with the energy and excitement of the number 3. Since both the numbers come with such a sharp contrast, we need a crystal that can manifest effectively both the numbers’ characteristics.

For 444, the best crystal is Selenite. Selenite can draw in positives in your life- whether in the form of situations or new people. Not only that, but Selenite also represents the four-four important elements- cleansing, protecting, amplifying, and purifying.

It cleanses your soul and helps you grow spiritually. It purifies your mind and soul and eradicates any toxicity surrounding you, whether people or situations. Not only that, but it also amplifies your will and courage to embark on a new journey or embrace the turning point in your life. Finally, it protects you from all the evil that the world has to unleash upon you.

A great way to increase its power even further is to pair it with a crystal of your choice. Wouldn’t it look stunning and graceful; at the same time- two beautiful crystals?

What to Do If You Repeatedly See 444?

444 has a deep meaning, and you should consider yourself lucky if you are even coming across them, let alone more frequently. If you are seeing 444 way too often, it means the angels are certainly trying hard to get their message across to you. All you have to do is to take that signal. Many people have noted that they usually start seeing 444 if they are going through some very eventful stuff in their life. Examples may include feeling more focused on their goals or being happier and more inspired than usual.

Some people have also noted that a higher frequency of 444 is an indication that an important turning point is just around the corner for you. All you have to do is to go with the flow. Everything will be all right, and maybe even better. So, if you are repeatedly coming across this angel number, then get ready for some positive changes.

A fun fact is that in 2017, American rapper Jay-Z released a music album titled ‘4:44’. This, as obvious as it may sound, sent waves across the world for its peculiar name. Repeatedly seeing 444 is also a sign that you need to do some spiritual finding urgently.

Not to mention, coming across 444 is an overall great sign that you are on the right path. So, just go ahead and embrace it. Moreover, if you come across this number often, don’t forget to increase its power by multi-folds by blending it with Selenite. This will certainly yield extraordinary results.

Final Thoughts

There’s no end to the meanings of 444 and the scope of numerology as a whole. 444 is a special number. Even if some cultures find it dangerous and avoid it at all costs, there’s no denying the fact that this number signifies the start of a new journey. On top of it, it brings up a whole new meaning your angel might be trying to communicate to you in the form of this angel number.

Just like its name suggests, 444 is an angel number since it transmits angelic messages to you. All you have to do is to catch the message and manifest it as however you want. But, don’t think that it is just something about luck. There’s nothing that we humans can’t do, let alone be luckier than before. If you want to be lucky, then there are many ways you can use to increase the frequency of 444 or its power.

One such method is to pair it with a crystal. Selenite is used to manifest the positivity and strengths of 444. Not only is it a beautiful crystal, but it can forever change your life for good as well. So, if you ever come across 444, you know what it means and what to make of it. This will help you in getting the right message. Not only that, you will hopefully be more prepared than before to embark on a life with great turning points and incredible changes.

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