3 Physical Acts to Help You Feel More Present Every Day

Burnout, stress, and just feeling out of it are things many people feel, whether it be because of work or different responsibilities. These can make us feel lethargic and want to stay in bed all day instead of going out and enjoying life. While these feelings are common, we don’t have to allow them to take over our lives.

There are small acts we can do every single day to improve how we feel and how we interact with the environment around us. Here are just three simple things you can do every day to feel more present and clear-minded.

Set aside time for yourself at the start or end of the day

Think about what you love to do, whether big or small, and dedicate time to that activity. Take at least an hour every day to practice a hobby you enjoy as things like these can do wonders for your mental health. Small activities involve minimal mental effort, allowing you to rest, but can significantly benefit your health and wellness and help you destress and take a moment to care for yourself before or after a busy day.

One simple way to take care of your body, clear your mind, and boost your mood is to go for a short walk. Research has shown that walking can help reduce symptoms of social withdrawal like bad moods, anxiety, and depression. It’s also been shown that walking, especially outdoors, can help you think more creatively.

Talk to or spend time with a loved one

There are certain days when you might be feeling down but don’t want to disturb anyone in fear of ruining their day or simply because you think being alone might be better for you. However, healthy discussions with friends and family and even simply enjoying their company and doing activities together don’t just boost your mood significantly, but it can also boost brain health and lower health risks caused by social isolation and loneliness.

Even if you don’t have time to spare in the week to see someone you love in person, having a short call or even just texting a friend can help you get through a tough day and feel more excited.

Make small changes that benefit your body

Constantly being on the go often means that you might not be prioritizing yourself and some of your most important needs. A lot of busy people often stay up late and get up early to get more things done in the day or choose to eat convenient but unhealthy meals.

Doing these things continuously and making a lifestyle out of it will catch up to you and affect your quality of life later on. While, realistically, we can’t all make a complete change in lifestyle overnight and be able to maintain it, you can slowly incorporate healthier habits and replace old ones until they become a part of your day-to-day.

Whether it’s by taking supplements to take care of and maintain your overall health, going to bed at a more reasonable hour, exercising more frequently, or choosing to cook more healthful meals for yourself, there are several directions you can go to be more mindful of your body and what it needs most.

Final Note

It’s completely normal to feel out of it, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay there. Small actions can do wonders when it comes to how you feel and how you interact with the world, so they’re definitely not things you should overlook when you don’t feel so great.

By mindfully taking small steps to care for yourself every day, your life as a whole can improve a lot more than you might think.

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