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Top Manifestation Quotes

Are you interested in manifesting your wishes, dreams, and thoughts by Manifestation Quotes to reality? Do you believe in manifestation?

Well, for those who are new to the world of manifestations, we must let you in on the fact that manifestation entails filling your subconscious with images and thoughts of the things you want.

And, through talking about these things in a positive light, you will be able to bring them into your reality. If you are reading this article, then it means you have made the decision on the things you want and deserve.

To begin manifesting, you will need to believe completely in your power and in yourself with every fiber of your being. Understand that, manifesting revolves around believing before even seeing.

It entails knowing that all you want and desire is out there and you have the power within you to bring them into your life. Bear in mind that you are more aware of your surroundings and thoughts, you will begin noticing relationships between the things you think about and the things manifesting in your life.

With constant practice, your ability to manifest things into actual reality will begin to feel like magical powers. When it comes to manifesting, the first and most crucial step is becoming aware of your thoughts.

In other news, when you find yourself having negative feelings and thoughts, you will practically feel like bad things are continuously coming in your direction.

Manifestations And Affirmations

Most people are kind of always confused about affirmations and manifestations. However, we will be explaining what they both mean in this article. It goes thus:

•          Affirmations

For beginners, affirmations can be regarded as a wish list to the universe. Affirmations assist you in bringing the things you desire into your subconscious in order for them to be manifested in real life.

Understand that, affirmations are known to be positive statements that are said in the present tense. And, they relate to whatever you want to manifest. It is vital that you say the statements like the things you want to be manifested are yours already.

If you never knew, the Universe is quite good at giving us whatever we ask for, which means that, the Universe will give you exactly what you need. Some people prefer to express their affirmations out loud when standing in front of their mirror.

•          Manifestations

When it comes down to manifesting, it is practically the end result that you get from aligning your conscious intentions with transparent visualization of your desired outcome.

It will interest you to note that a whole lot of people make use of tools to manifest love drawing, herbal tea, lighting a candle, and much more. With manifesting, it means you have sent out instructions to the universe.

And now, you are simply getting aligned with what you desire until the universe finally gets it materialized. Even if the end result is not exactly what you desired, it will most likely be close to it.

Manifesting Your Desires Through Writing

As we stated earlier, there are people who make use of tools to manifest their desires. One such tool has to do with writing down your goals. For these people, writing it down helps them know that the things they want to manifest are not mere dreams.

Instead, it is something that needs their energy daily in order for real changes to occur. According to Dr. Gail Matthews, those who write their goals down will more likely complete them than people who verbalize theirs.

There are ways you can begin manifesting by writing, and they include:

•          Write about the things you want and why you want them

Rather than simply writing down the things you desire, ensure that you add the main reasons why you want them. This technique has been tagged as the outcome of the outcome.

An example is that instead of writing down that you desire a house with plenty of windows, you will write it down to suggest that you live in a beautiful house with big windows so that you can enjoy the additional light.

When you uncover the reasons why your goals are essential to your life, it will assist you in focusing on the functionality of these goals and enable you to discover creative solutions.

In short, you may find out that when you concentrate on the essence of what you desire, there are lots of things that can get to meet your needed outcome.

•          Concentrate on the feeling

Instead of simply writing down the goals you desire, you can decide to write down the way you will feel when you attain your goals. You are to write this down in great detail as it will assist you in keeping the exercise from getting boring.

This means that rather than write it out that you are now a successful dancer, you can write it down in a way that suggests you are a successful dancer and how joyous it feels to be doing the dance you love.

You can write about how blissful it feels to be surrounded by creative dancers and how welcomed you feel to be a part of this amazing group. Understand that, when you concentrate on the feeling, it becomes easier to be excited about the goal.

And, you can easily link the goal with emotions that are positive. As you spend time writing about how you are going to feel, ensure you add certain details about the scene. This can be done periodically or regularly if it makes you excited.

•          Repetition and more repetition

A very easy way to manifest your desires by writing is to pick any goal of your choice and write it down like it is currently happening in the present. You are to repeat the sentence roughly fifteen to twenty times.

For those interested in getting a bit more creative, you can try writing your goals by placing your name in the first, second, and even third person. More so, you can try what is known as the 369 method.

In this method, you are to write down your affirmations three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times before you sleep.

•          Make use of a structured journal

One of the amazing ways to easily structure the process of writing down your goals is to make use of goal-setting journals. You will find plenty to make a choice from online.

It is advisable that you select the one that best suits you. Note that, some of these journals can help you in narrowing down up to ten goals that you want to achieve within the next ten years. You can even write them down daily.

More so, there are some journals that come with a short gratitude list that will put you in the right frame of mind and headspace to write a specific goal that you will concentrate on daily.

Structured journals, it gives you a highly effective way to be more intentional about your life.

•          Put it all away

This is a very easy tip, however, it is advisable that you do not get fooled as it can get shockingly effective. It involves writing down your goals as affirmations in your designated notebook.

When you are done, keep the notebook in a clean drawer or sacred place. Once this is completed, the next step to follow through is highly crucial as it involves not opening the journal or notebook for months.

The reason for this is that it will help you in releasing your attachment to the outcome, which makes manifesting exciting. You may just be surprised by the number of things in the journal that gets to come true after some months or one year.

Nevertheless, make sure you fill your journal with loads of short-term and long-term goals so that you can see the progress.

In all, understand that writing down your goals is a simple way to stay both intentional and motivated. For those who are capable of mastering the habit of writing their goals down, you will be priming your brain to be goal-oriented.

Ways To Manifest

Before we delve into the Manifestation Quotes you can apply to your life, we will outline the ways in which you can begin manifesting. They include:

Manifestation Quotes

•          Having an understanding of all that you want to manifest

This means that you need to be very clear on what you want to manifest and ensure you are as detailed as possible. For those who may want to manifest money, for example, you have to be specific with the amount of money and the time you want to obtain the amount.

More so, you have to be specific about how you will feel to have such an amount of money in your life and what you will get done with the money. As stated earlier, write down what you want on a piece of paper and imagine how you will feel when you attain the set goals.

•          Ensure you work on that mindset of yours

By working on your mindset, we mean overcoming your beliefs of limitations and making sure your mindset is in the correct alignment with your set goals. For those who want a specific thing but deep down do not believe you are worthy of that desire, you will end up pushing the goal further away from you.

It is vital that you reset how you think and feel about yourself. Note that, as humans, we manifest from our thoughts and beliefs about all we are worth. In other news, self-love is a part of the driving force behind manifestations.

If you want to manifest anything into your life, you need to believe that you are worth having it.

•          The actions you take towards your goals must be heartfelt

This means that you have to put in the work you can from your side in a bid to be able to move closer to your goal, before leaving the rest to the universe. According to experts, you are to make actionable goals.

These actionable goals must be realistic to attain and fulfill, irrespective of whether it means going on a walk every day to reach the 10km run goal or contacting potential employers via mail if you are interested in changing careers by the year’s end.

•          Keep practicing gratitude

In all, you have to be grateful for the things you already have and for the amazing blessings that are yet to come. According to Stuart Sanderman; founder of Breathpod, gratitude will assist you in shifting your mindset from lack to abundance.

It means you will need to focus your energy on the things you have as opposed to the things you do not have.

•          Increase your vibration

Some practices you can try out to increase your vibration range from yoga, down to meditation, eating a plant-based diet, exercise, journalism and even listening to podcasts on self-development.

Manifestation Quotes

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for is here. We will be giving you some quotes on manifestation that you can write down. These quotes will resonate with you and you can take them wherever you go.

Allow these quotes to fill your body and believe the things you have written down. Some of the best life Manifestation Quotes are:

1.         Hope for it, dream it and wish for it – by all means, do it 

2.         Your thoughts become things. This means if you get to see it in your mind, then you will one day hold it in your hand.

3.         Immediately you make a decision, the universe will conspire to ensure it happens

4.         Believe in yourself that you are creating the life of your dreams

5.         Ask for whatever it is you want and be ready to get it

For daily manifestation quotes, they are:

1.         I am open to opportunities at all times

2.         There is nothing you cannot be, have or do

3.         As you follow your heart, remain aligned with your source of being and allow the universe to take care of all details

4.         Change how you look at things and the things you look at will surely change

5.         The things that belong to me will find me – I do not chase, I attract.

For love manifestation quotes, they include:

1.         In order to acquire love, you have to fill yourself with it till you are a magnet.

2.         The law of love or the law of attraction, is the same

3.         If you believe it is going to work out, you will find opportunities. And, if you believe that it will not work out, you will find obstacles.

4.         Love and happiness are simply a choice away

5.         If you want to bring anything into your life, you have to simply imagine that it is already in your life.

1.         Remove all doubts and replace them with the complete expectation that you will receive the things you are asking for

For money manifestation quotes, they are:

2.         I am more than qualified for the career I desire

3.         I am a magnet for all things good

4.         What you think – you create. And what you feel – you attract. Plus, whatever you imagine – you become.

5.         Confidently move in the direction of your dreams! Ensure you live the life you have always imagined.

For spiritual manifestation quotes, they include:

1.         You are one thing, you are a diving being – a powerful creator. You are a being in a t-shirt and jeans, yet within you lies the infinite wisdom of the sacred creative force of all that will be, is, ever was, and the wisdom of the ages.

2.         You will manifest the things you believe and not what you want.

3.         Whenever you connect to the silence deep inside of you, that is only when you can make complete sense of the disturbance happening around you.

4.         We receive the exact things we expect to receive

5.         You are not going to be what you want but what you believe

6.         One negative frequency is judgment.

Words Of Affirmations You Can Manifest

Some of the affirmations that you can manifest include:

1.         My soul is more than prepared to live the life of my dreams

2.         I keep surrounding myself with authentic and positive-minded people that will assist me and encourage me to attain my goals

3.         I am more than worthy of receiving positive answers – I am creating the life I dream about

4.         I work wherever I want, whenever I want and with the people, I want to work with.

5.         Everything is working out great for me because I am worthy of following my dreams and manifesting my desires.

6.         It is perfectly alright for me to have everything I desire. Every single day I am moving towards having all the things I want.

7.         I am releasing all fears and limiting beliefs that I may have concerning attaining my positive desires.


For those who believe they can manifest the life they deeply want, we have perfectly outlined some of the best manifestation quotes for you. All you need to do is to align your mindset with the goals you want to watch as the universe makes it happen.

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