Wondering how to start a conversation with a crush? 13 things to talk about with your crush

You may be wondering how to start a conversation with your crush or things to talk about with your crush?. Talking with your crush can be sometimes so challenging. You may feel overwhelmed when you meet with your crush for the first time. It’s normal to behave differently when you are around your crush. Don’t worry about it anymore because I have come up with 13 topics that you can talk about with your crush.

What you speak reflects what is in your mind. That’s why it’s always advised to think before you talk. I do not want you to regret it later after missing a gracious opportunity to talk with your crush. Have you ever experienced this before? I know you have hehe. Shyness is the number one obstacle hindering you from making your dream come true.

Only if you can gain the courage to talk with your crush, then you will never have the fear again. Here are some ways that can help you to gain the courage to talk with your crush.

  • Stay focused. Focus on what you need to do at that particular time. Make sure you don’t shift your mind to something else.
  • Conquer your internal fear. Overcome the fear in your mind. Like I have always said, fear is a state of mind. Just assume that you are talking to your closest friend. Think of a way to relax your mind.
  • Take a deep breath. Breathing helps you to calm your mind and body. You probably feel butterflies in your stomach when you meet your crush. Breathing in and out keeps away those butterflies.
  • Take it as the last moment. Imagine that specific moment to be the last time you will ever see that person again. With that in mind, you will be able to gain courage.
  • Learn how to physically relax so that you can appear more composed. Don’t let your crush know your weakness on the first meeting.

Now you know how to gain courage. I’ll take you through the things you should talk about with your crush.

1. Know each other

It’s not a surprise to have a crush on someone you don’t know their name. It happens and you will not be the first person to experience that. Gain the courage to greet your crush.

For instance, you can say- hi, how are you? I’m Rose. The other party will respond with their name. Knowing your crush is just the first step to get closer to your relationship goals.

This first approach drives away any kind of fear within you. I know at this point is where you are both surprised about who should start the conversation first. Both of you may seem to be just passing by but deep down you want to talk with each other.

I don’t want you to be the weakest party. At this particular time, practice the ways I have told you to gain more courage.

2. Favorite food and drinks

Break the silence by asking them their favorite food and drinks. You can buy them their favorite as you talk more about yourselves. At this point, you will know whether they like you or not.

If they do not have an interest in you, they will excuse themselves to be busier. If they stay appreciate them for finding the time to be with you. It’s said that we create the time for who we want to be with.

Talk to your crush whether you like the same foods and drinks as him/her. If you don’t like the same foods, tell them what you like most and why. You can also talk about other foods which you may be interested in but not among your favorites.

3. Hobbies

A hobby is something that an individual likes to do during their leisure time. Some people may have a very tight schedule which may not permit them to have time for hobbies.

Ask your crush whether they have a hobby and what it is. Examples of hobbies can be; cooking, dancing, riding, reading, and many more. Once they tell you their hobbies, talk to them about what you like most about their hobbies.

You can also tell them about your hobbies. Talk to your crush about how you create time for your hobbies in these busy moments. You can also advise each other about the best time to allocate to your hobbies.

4. Talk to your crush about pets

A pet is a domestic animal that is kept by people who are interested in their companionship. The commonly kept pets are cats, dogs, birds, etc. Pets are primarily made to reduce loneliness.

Talk to your crush about the pets you keep and the reasons behind it. Give them time to talk about their pets too and why they like them.

If they don’t have pets, don’t criticize them since it’s not mandatory to keep pets. Allow them to feel free around you.

5. Favorite movie series

 things to talk about with your crush

Movies have become a big way to relax our minds after a long day of work. In this era movies are everywhere so getting them is not a big deal. You can get movies in movie shops, YouTube, television shows etc.

Ask your crush which movie they like most and why they like it. Tell them also about your favorite movies and why you have always loved them.

If you have a history of watching the same movie, you can talk about your favorite actors/actress. But do not argue about any differences in character likes. They will feel bad about liking a character that is being criticized.

Again you can talk about how many times you have repeatedly watched a favorite movie. Don’t lie to me; you have repeatedly watched an interesting movie more than once.

There is a series I have watched more than 10 times. I know you want to know which one it is, well, it’s called the 24 movie series. The character who makes me go back to it, again and again, is Jack Bauer. His real name is Kiefer Sutherland. This series draws me close when I am free.

By now I know you and your crush will be happily talking like long lost friends.

6. Talk with your crush about your favorite TV show

A study done in 2015 showed that at least 1.57 billion homes in the world have at least one television. The leading country had an average of four watch hours per day. Television has become another way to relax one’s mind after work.

Here a lot of television shows comprising of news, comedy, business, and other shows. Talk to your crush about your favorite TV shows and why you like them. Let them tell you about their experiences with TV shows too.

7. Talk to your crush about your goals

Right now you are freer with your crush than before. You know his or her interests and what they like doing after work. They also know about your interests and the reasons behind them.

You can ask them about their life goals and tell them yours too. Motivate each other about the goals you have. Congratulate them for having the goals in the first place. Because this means they are more determined to have a better life in the future.

If by coincidence you have similar goals, you may derive a way that can help you to achieve them. There is always that excitement that you get when you find someone who matches your goals.

8. Talk to your crush about your favorite books

I know that it’s only a small percentage of people who read books, not to pass examinations. Reading is a good culture and you should embrace it to the fullest.

Ask your crush about a book that they would love to read over and over again. Make an effort to know why they like that particular book. Tell them also about your favorite books. Explain to them why you like those books and what you benefited from them.

You may find something interesting in the books that you exchange content with your crush. That will be a good way to build each other.

If you were my crush, I would tell you that I can read The Parable of the pipeline by Burke Hedges as many times as possible. Before I first read this book, I was desperate and broke in a low paying job.

After reading I noticed that I can create multiple passive sources of income. I dusted myself and got to serious business. Can you believe that I’m now a changed person? I hope you do!

9. The greatest fears

Ask your crush about what they fear the most in their life. Tell them your greatest fears too. It can be animals, insects, fear of failure, heights, stepping out of comfort zone, etc. Do you have common fears? If yes, you can discuss ways that can help both of you to confront your fears.

When you have common things, I bet you will be great friends by the end of the day. Talk to your crush about the ways you can help each other to overcome the fear challenge.

You both need to understand that fear is a thief of progress. That is the reason why I first told you how to gain courage.

10. Talk with your crush about the greatest achievements

 things to talk about with your crush

Past achievements are a good way to gauge our abilities. You can booth talk about your past accomplishments and what you are planning to improve on.

Everyone has had an achievement before even if it’s way back when they were young. Feel proud about your crush’s accomplishments and congratulate them.

You can still ask them about the best days in their life and the worst days. Sympathize with them where necessary. There is always a good feeling after knowing that someone cares about them.


11. Talk with your crush about what makes you sleepless

There is at least one day in your life when you are very down such that you are sleepless at night. Talk about the things which cause sleepless nights to you.

Is it excess anxiety or sadness? When was the last time you had a sleepless night? How did you get through it?

Talking about these things helps you guys to motivate each other.

12. How can you describe a healthy relationship

This is one of the most forgotten discussions at the first meetings. It’s good to know what your crush considers as a healthy relationship.

This ensures that you know the dos and don’ts once you get into a long term relationship with your crush. Exchange ideas on what you feel a healthy relationship should have.

13. What makes you happy or sad?

Some people are easily changed by small things. They can be happy due to a small act of kindness from a friend. They can also be irritated by little things. Tell your crush about what makes you happy or irritated. Let them understand you in-depth.

We were all made different and we should try our best to understand each other. Knowing what makes your crush happy or sad makes your time together better day by day.

The bottom line

I’m sure you are excited because you now have content to talk with your crush. Don’t forget to follow the tips of gaining courage before you start talking with your crush.

With this in mind, making long-lasting relationships will not be a big deal to you anymore.

These techniques can be used on any new friendship foundation even if not with a crush. By now I know you should be able to know your crush better than you have ever known before.

I wish you the best as you purpose to gain the courage to express yourself to your crush. Don’t wait for another opportunity. Next time might be too late to express yourself. The time is now!

Take the action NOW!

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