100 Powerful manifestation affirmations

100 Powerful manifestation affirmations

The greatest power of manifestation is incredible and real. Manifestation is an ordinance of attracting good things in our lives and what we want in our life. Repeating some positive manifestation affirmations will bring you success and happiness in your life.

What is Affirmation?

Affirmation is like positive mantras which you need in your life. It is like a wish list for the universe. They are used to manifest all those you want to achieve in your life. It generally works with your subconscious to make you believe that anything is possible to achieve and nothing is difficult for you.

Affirmation should be clear and concise because what you affirm will be the same as the universe gives you.

10 basic manifestation affirmations in all areas of our Lives

  • I Am Present

This affirmation is so powerful it implies your presence at that moment. Yes, you are present. You are exactly at that place where you are meant to be.

  • I Am Strong

Yes, you are strong enough to overcome all your struggles and problems in your life. You have a strong body and a strong body. You are powerful enough to lead in your life.

  • My body is perfect just the way it is

You have a beautiful and perfect body. You don’t need to change it. Your body is strong. Your body is carrying your soul through this lifetime.

  • My mind is clear and focused.

Your mind is clean. Your mind is focused and lives in the moment. Your mind brings peace and calmness into your life.

  • I will make my dreams come true.

You will do everything to achieve your dream. Nothing can stop you from making your dreams come true. You can do incredible things to make an impact on this world.

  • I Am full of talents and skills.

You have so many talents and skills, which are remarkable. You can achieve anything in your life with your talents. You are intelligent, hardworking, and strong.

  • My intentions for my life are clear.

What I am seeking is seeking me. My intention for my life is clear.

  • I am worthy of what I desire.

I am worthy enough to understand my desire and my want. I know how to accomplish what I want in my life. My worthiness is my priority when it comes to my goal.

  • I have the power to change.

You are powerful and have the strength to change what is wrong in your life. You have the power to turn your wrong path to your right path. You have the power to change yourself into a better person every day.

  • I Am Enough

You have enough talents and passion in you. You are strong enough to fight your difficulties. You are intelligent enough to know what is right for you. You are full of worthiness. You are perfect enough to achieve success this year.

How you should use Affirmations in your life

The best way to use these positive mantras to impact all aspects of your life greatly is to repeat them every time or listen to them before sleeping at night.

manifestation affirmations
  • Write them down in your journal. Try to write it 5 times a day.
  • Say them out loud to yourself every day. It would be great if you did this in front of the mirror.
  • Meditate on them
  • Write them on paper and stick them on the wall or mirror. This is so that you can see them every time you roam around your room.
  • You can also set them on your phone or laptop.

Positive affirmation is so effective and helpful that it can change every aspect of our life into a better thing. So further affirmation to manifest in every part of our life is divided into four parts.

  • Money Manifestation affirmation
  • Affirmation to manifest your dream job
  • Love manifestation affirmation
  • Powerful manifestation affirmative

Here are 100 powerful manifestations of affirmation you need in your life.

Money Manifestation Affirmation

  1. I attract money easily and effortlessly- you have the power to gain money without any effort. This thing is easy for you.
  2. I am manifesting more money every day- Manifesting money is an act you do every day to attract money into your life.
  3. I am living in financial abundance – you have a lot of money, and you are financially stable.
  4. I am open to receiving money- You have opened your doors to receive money by working harder and smarter.
  5. I am worthy of financial success- You deserve to become financially independent because you are full of worthiness.
  6. My finances have improved beyond my dream.
  7. Money is the root of joy and comfort – You feel happy and comfortable when you have a lot of money.
  8. Money and spirituality can co-exist in harmony.
  9. Money and love can be friends – For you, money and love can come together in your life, and you can handle both of them together.
  10. Money is my servant, and I am the master of my wealth – Money will serve you as you are the owner and boss of money, and money will perform for you just like you would!
  11. I can handle large sums of money – Yes, you are capable of managing your own money.
  12. Money constantly flows into my life: You can earn a lot of money, which is why money will keep coming into your life.
  13. The more I spend, the more money I have and receive
  14. I am living in prosperity – Your life is full of fortune and wealth because you have chosen this for yourself
  15. I open myself to alignment with wealth
  16. My business is attracting many paying customers
  17. I am an excellent money manager.
  18. I am a great giver and an excellent receiver
  19. Money creates a positive impact on my life
  20. Money is why I am working so hard. You are working so hard to earn a lot of money that can fulfill all your dreams.
  21. I can turn my hard work into lots of money easily – You are capable of turning your efforts into a lot more money.
  22. I can handle massive success with grace: You are graceful, and thus you can achieve success and handle it with grace and dignity.
  23. Whatever activity I perform makes money for me, and I am always full of money.
  24. Every day I am attracting and saving more and more money
  25. I am abundant, and I am worthy and deserving of all good: You are full of worthiness, and you deserve every happiness and comfort in your life for what you are working so hard for.

Manifestation Affirmation for your dream job

  1. I am focused on achieving my dream job: You are focused and observant about your career.
  2. I have a satisfying job with wonderful pay: You have an amazing job that pays you large amounts of money for which you are putting effort.
  3. I am more than good enough for my dream job: You are well enough to get your dream job.
  4. Today I believe in myself. Today I believe in my talents and limitless potential.
  5. I am confident of achieving my dream job: You work hard and put effort and dedication into your work. You are confident, and you will achieve your dream job.
  6. I am a winner: You have been winning over all difficulties and struggles.
  7. I know everything is possible for me: Nothing is there in this world which can stop you from achieving success in your life. You can make everything possible and true.
  8. I deserve a good job, and I am getting it: you deserve to be in a position where you want. You deserve to be in a place where you want to work. And you are achieving it with all your effort.
  9. I am worthy of a nice and decent job in my dream.
  10. My positive attitude is opening new doors for me: you are optimistic about your career, and your positive attitude is opening many opportunities for you.
  11. I have the right spirit and attitude: Your attitude can do wonders.
  12. I am full of great potential and ability: You are filled with limitless potential in yourself, capable of doing anything. There is no doubt about your ability.
  13. I am an achiever for my dream job: you are the achiever. You are the winner. You achieve every success effortlessly.
  14. I am determined to get success.
  15. I have developed capabilities to achieve what I want
  16. I am motivated to achieve my goals.
  17. I trust the process of life: you have patience for success. You work calmly and believe in the process of life.
  18. My dreams are achievable.
  19. Every day I take another step forward: you are a learner. You learn every day. You take new steps towards a better life for yourself.
  20. I welcome abundance in my life.
  21. My talents are valuable and appreciated.
  22. My work ethic is outstanding. You have an amazing way of working on anything. You can do any hard work in an easy and fun way.
  23. I have successfully attracted my dream job.
  24. I am an expert in my profession, and I am well paid for my skills: You are full of talents and skills. You are a specialist in what you do.
  25. This is my dream job, and I am making every effort to accomplish it.

Manifestation Affirmation for love

  1. I am attracting love into my life
  2. People love to be in my company
  3. I have a healthy living relationship
  4. Everyone loves me and my personality
  5. I am worthy of the compliments I receive
  6. I love myself more than anything
  7. There is love and harmony in my life
  8. I respect myself; therefore, others respect Mr
  9. My definition of love starts with self-love
  10. I deserve happy and authentic love in my life
  11. I am open to love
  12. I am grateful for all the love and affection I get
  13. Love flows freely in and out of my heart
  14. The universe is guiding me to love
  15. I develop connections easily
  16. I spread love, and it returns to me
  17. My relationship is worth the effort
  18. I am unique, interesting, and attractive
  19. I always think positivity about love
  20. I am meant to have a lifelong love
  21. I am meant to be loved and cared of
  22. I am worthy of love, care, and affection
  23. I am the sole creator of my inner verse

Powerful manifestation affirmation

  1. I am worthy and deserving of all my dreams. You deserve every happiness in this world, and you are ethical.
  2. I am creating a life of passion and purpose. : You have a passion, and you are working hard to achieve it. You are with purpose, and that’s worth it.
  3. I am beautiful just as I am- real, smart, and strong. You are perfect when you are you.
  4. I am full of confidence and ready to lead like a boss: You are a boss, and you can lead with full confidence. You are filled with enthusiasm.
  5. Every day I am moving toward my best life: You take every step to develop your life and change into a better one.
  6. My business gets better and better every day, and so am I.
  7. I am the creator of my reality- You are the maker, and you have the power to create the best life for yourself.
  8. I am so grateful for my wonderful life: You have an incredible life, and you will do anything to keep it strong and safe.
  9. I can do anything; nothing is difficult for me: You are limitless. You have so much potential to achieve anything in life.
  10. I love, support, and believe in myself: You are a believer. You love and support yourself. You are your priority.
  11. There is nothing negative to talk about in my life, and I am full of positivity and greatness.
  12. I am an excellent human this universe needs: You are the one who can make an impact in this universe. You have amazing skills that you can give here.
  13. I am making the life I want: You are working to get the life you want, luxurious and happy.
  14. I am committed to achieving success in every aspect of my life
  15. My beauty is overwhelming, and no one can resist it – You are beautiful. You are glamorous. You are amazing.
  16. I have an optimistic and strong personality. – You are filled with positive vibes, and everyone loves your personality.
  17. I can make any difficulties disappear from my life – You have the power to end any struggle you are facing. You can win over all your difficulties.
  18. I am surrounded by happiness – You have a happy environment. When you feel positivity in your life, your surroundings will be filled with joy and positive vibes.
  19. I am energetic, and I am powerful – you are strong. You have a lot of potential and energy to fight against any problems and difficulties.
  20. I am blessed and successful – You are blessed to have this successful life. You have done so much hard work to gain it. You deserve it.
  21. I believe in myself; I am motivated, and I am powerful
  22. I am wise; I am freedom – You are an intelligent person. You are free to do anything. You are at one.
  23. I enjoy every process towards making my dreams comes true
  24. I heal myself from any frustration and anxiety – you have the power to restore your energy and heal yourself from any kind of stress and anxiety.
  25. I am calm and peaceful, – You are safe. You are peaceful, and your mind is calm.
  26. My inner self-being matches my outer self.
  27. I am surrounded by people who encourage and support healthy choices
  28. I am perfect for myself

Yes, you are perfect and worthy. You don’t need anyone to prove what powers you hold in your hand.

100 Powerful manifestation affirmations


Affirmation has the power to change your life and take you towards a more successful and better life. They are powerful tools for manifesting abundance in all areas of your life.

Don’t allow negativity and disbelief to enter your life. If you ever thought that you needed some positivity in your life, then this is the time you should start manifesting these affirmations. We call the law of attraction when you believe in something that will automatically come into your life.

It is natural to feel abundant. Remember that you are generous, and you do anything to make your life better and better every day. And if sometimes you feel low, then it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. At that point, these positive affirmations will help you. These manifestations of affirmation which have been mentioned above, are very strong and real. You will be surprised to see that it works.

You come to believe whatever you repeat to yourself sufficiently often, whether the statement is true or false. It comes to dominate thought in one’s mind. Always try to manifest the affirmation which will lead your life towards success and happiness.

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