11 Best Mindfulness Books and Reviews

Today, we are going to discuss the best mindfulness books available at Amazon.com and their reviews. Mindfulness books are now becoming more popular in every culture and community over the world. If you are looking to mindfulness as a mental health resolution and the best way to achieve peace in your, your children, or friend or family member’s life, these mindfulness books will be the most helpful way for you. You will probably find the best books relating to mindfulness here.

So, let’s have a look at the below article and stay with us. I hope this article will help you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Mindfulness is an excellent way to manage your stress. As we live in a hectic world, we are losing the connection with the current moment, seriously lacking what you are doing and how you are feeling in a hurry to finish essential tasks. In this article, we will focus on practicing mindfulness to relieve your stress in day-to-day life.

What are mindfulness and the purpose of introducing it in our life? We will also look into that, and hopefully, you will see why the idea has become so influential in mainstream media. So, go ahead with the topic.

Bestselling Mindfulness Books Available at Amazon and Reviews

The author describes the basics of Mindfulness here, a cognitive meditation therapy, and reveals how the rituals will help you find your way to a healthier life. In the tech-filled world with to-do lists, living in the moment can be more complex than we expect. This gentle guidance teaches you simple, relaxing, and meaningful ways to calm down and become more mindful of your emotions, behavior, and surroundings.

Discover the meditations and body moves to overcome tension and anxiety, cope with fear and laziness, eat healthily, handle the transition, enjoy more, and eventually experience the pleasure of being ‘in the moment’ in this fully illustrated novel. It is readily available on Amazon.

Dalai Lama, the kind and the happiest person who makes others feel like smiling. He is the spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet and a famous motivational speaker. In his book “The Art of Happiness,” he explains that happiness is the ultimate goal and that our whole being is driven towards it.

Dalai Lama reveals how to overcome daily fear, uncertainty, frustration, and disappointment through conversations, stories, and meditations. He discusses multiple aspects of everyday life, including relationships, death, and the acquisition of wealth, with Dr. Howard Cutler, to demonstrate how to tackle challenges powerfully in your life and enduring source of inner peace.

This book has influenced many people’s lives and boosted their spirits all over the world. After being printed, the book has influenced many people’s lives and raised their spirits worldwide. It is easily available on Amazon.

Meera Lee Patel’s best-seller, written like a journal, is the most engaging book on this list. It contains writing suggestions and innovative activities to assist readers in discovering mindfulness in their unique ways.

This book is an outstanding choice for self-directed learners who favor immersive activities over conventional books. It is also the choice for those who value aesthetics because it is portrayed in a more visually appealing manner than the typical books available in the market.

Emma Farrarons, the bestselling author of The Mindfulness Coloring Book, introduces a pocket-sized creative art therapy book to reduce your anxiety and relieve stress. The book “Art of Mindfulness” includes everything you need, only a pen and paper to accomplish a creative, mindful moment throughout the entire busy day.

Emma Farrarons provides lovely designs for you to color and embellishes on your own hands in this book. There are drawings to mimic in perfect symmetry, designs to make, lettering to replicate, and directed sketching and doodling pages. You can easily find this book on Amazon.

Patrizia Collard’s “The Little Book of Mindfulness”: 10 Minutes a Day to Less Stress, More Peace – strives to be an elementary guide to mindful awareness for those who are ready to devote their ten minutes a day to know the best practices.

Collard is a psychotherapist with extensive expertise in counseling and mindfulness, so you can trust that the book’s concepts and techniques are scientifically valid. The book is easily accessible on Amazon, so learn the mindful methods and apply those to get a better result.

Many people enjoy puzzle-solving as relaxing. This book, “The Mindfulness Puzzle Book 4,” has a variety of specially chosen games that offer effective challenges and rewards for your brain. Feel the anxiety dissipate as you concentrate on each achievable and enjoyable challenge, and enjoy the endorphin-reward rush as you successfully finish each puzzle.

Boosting your mind with each puzzle often helps activate your brain’s inner creativity and leaves you refreshed and renewed with your daily life. The book also contains adult versions of relaxing kids’ activities like coloring-in and spot-the-difference puzzles, dot-to-dot puzzles, mazes, etc. At Amazon, the book is easily available.

“Real Happiness,” a complete mindfulness meditation program by Sharon Salzberg, a prominent leader in the field of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation.

This novel is perfect for those who are new to mindfulness therapy. It explains four weeks of guidance to achieve mindfulness techniques. This is an ideal choice for those who want to start mindfulness meditation but need a strict routine worked out for them. Search at Amazon to avail the book at the best price.

The book of Jon Kabat-Zinn, “Mindfulness for Beginners,” is intended to be read at once or in stages. It’s a dynamic way to hear about mindfulness from the guy who is popular in the West.

It also contains a CD with supervised mindfulness meditation exercises, which is helpful for those who like audio prompts.

Kristen Race’s book strives to educate parents on how to raise their children in a stressful environment. The race is a family psychology specialist who tries to help parents and children relieve tension by acknowledging that stress is inevitable.

You can believe the theories mentioned here in the book as she mainly focused on real-world experience since she has two children of her own. Visit Amazon and purchase the book at an affordable price range.

The book “Yoga Mind and Body” offers yoga principles to cultivate your mental and physical health and strength, enrich yourself with simple, wholesome food, and begin to take care of the pressures and tensions of daily life: Breathing, Exercise, diet, calming, and meditation are also beneficial.

All the essential yoga postures are shown here in a simple, easy-to-follow, and step-by-step process. The book provides 12 basic asanas, a healthy diet, and meditation techniques.

The book discusses the advantages of mindfulness. Being mindful will help you live a happier life by allowing you to enjoy the present moment. The speaker is a Buddhist monk who believes that regular activities of real-life should be used to meditate. It can be challenging to make time for yourself; so, this book will teach you how to use it to find happiness within yourself.

He offers practical techniques and profound stories to help you search for inner peace and greater self-awareness. The speaker focuses on the solution to three questions on the best time to do something, the best people to partner with, and the most important thing to do all the time.

What Is the Definition of Mindfulness?

Most people relate mindfulness with meditation and creates confusion between them. Meditation is a highly effective way to practice mindfulness, but it is not the exact definition of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the state of mind that can be achieved only through practice. It is not a fixed state, as well as it’s not the fact that certain people are “born more mindful” than others.

Mindfulness is the intentional way of keeping your attention on the present moment and embracing it without judgment. It teaches us moment-to-moment awareness and enables us to be unbiased with every situation.

It’s quite a short word that reflects the state of mind when we are fully aware of our present situation, such as what we are doing, the position we are currently going through, the place where we are moving, etc.

It might look insignificant as our mind doesn’t get in touch with our body, and quickly, we get too deeply immersed with obsessive thoughts about what just happened or worrying about the future. As a result, we became anxious or stressed.

However, no matter how far we wander, mindfulness is still there to get us back to our present situation, like where we are, what we are doing, and how we feel. If you want to understand mindfulness, it would be better to practice it for a while.

mindfulness book

Mindfulness is now being studied scientifically, and it has been discovered to be an essential factor in controlling stress and general satisfaction.

The definition according to the globally renowned expert, Jon Kabat Zinn, who has been praised all over the world for his theory on mindfulness-based stress reduction:

“The awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.”

Mindfulness is a human ability or quality that every human being possesses; you don’t have to conjure it up; only you have to learn how to connect with it.

In the era where thoughts, likes, and commentary are common, it’s easy to see how nonjudgmental contemplation can significantly improve.

However, it is challenging to make you understand in words, and you will get a better definition in the books, websites, videos related to mindfulness.

A Short History of Mindfulness

Jon Kabat-Zinn, the famous expert who has dedicated his life to discovering the meaning of mindfulness, is closely associated with the philosophy of mindfulness. Because he accepted the fact of having “re-imagined Buddhist contemplation rituals for a secular age nearly 40 years ago.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn was an MIT student and got influenced by a Zen practitioner, Kapleau, during the lecture at the institute. Since then, his interest started to grow in Buddhist philosophies, and he developed his theory on MSBR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) within a scientific setting. In this way, he introduced what he had learned from several years of meditation teaching to the field.

Kabat-Zinn published a popular book named “Full Living Catastrophe, ” which has played a significant role in bringing mindfulness practice and meditation even more available to mainstream circles.

Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness practice offers several benefits and positive psychology. Here are few examples in the following:

  • Mindfulness meditation has been associated with more excellent working memory capability in studies.
  • It helps to relieve your anxiety or stress.
  • It assists you to involve in activities actively and provides a better capacity to cope with adversity.
  • People who practice mindfulness are being reported that are less likely to be preoccupied with worries about the future or complaints about the past.
  • It helps to develop strong relationships with others
  • Mindfulness techniques enhance our physical health conditions like lower blood pressure, improve heart disease, promote sleep, minimize gastrointestinal problems, alleviate chronic pain, etc.
  • According to psychotherapists, mindfulness techniques can resolve many mental problems such as anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression, couples’ conflicts, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Tips of Practicing Mindfulness

However, mindfulness is intuitive; it can be developed through tried-and-true techniques. So, let’s look into some tips or tricks to get started in the right way. Indeed, these will assist you in the beginning to practice mindfulness.

mindfulness book
  • Practice basic mindful meditation and be aware of your breath- Sit perfectly and focus on your natural breathing with a particular mantra repeated silently. Concentrate on your breathing only without allowing any thoughts.
  • Notice your body sensation- Observe your body sensation from head to toe with whatever you are doing. Note down how you are feeling.
  • Whenever you are going somewhere, focus on your journey. Don’t let your brain engaged with another thought. Note down sounds, smells, sceneries and feel the atmosphere without any judgment.
  • Let your brain allow feelings such as emotions including anger, joy, frustration without judgment.
  • Spend some time with nature, and don’t let your brain drift into obsessive thoughts. Notice how you and your body are feeling with beautiful nature.
  • Try to free your mind from judgment and be relaxed with your feelings and thoughts. Just accept your feelings judgment-free.
  • Read mindfulness books, journals, watch out for videos to make you familiar with mindfulness.

Final Words

Even though we have mentioned the trendy names of mindfulness books above, there are numerous books available to help you educate about and practice mindfulness activities. Whatever your preferred style of learning or level of experience, and whatever you need mindfulness for in your life, we hope you will find a book on this list that’s right for you.

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