10 incredible ways how to live in the moment

Let us see how to live in the moment, Living in the present moment is a way of appreciating what comes each day. We all hear people saying it’s important to live in the moment and avoid stressing ourselves.

We often feel living in the moment to be tough. This is because there is a lot of issues running through our mind. The past mistakes, accomplishments are tempting to flood our minds in the present moment.

When our mind is partially or wholly occupied by past things we may find it hard to live in the moment. The fear of the future can also restrain us from living in the moment. The world if filled with uncertainty which makes us to keep on striving every now and then.

I promise to help you to live in the present moment by the end of this article. You will be able to make an informed decision. I will first take you through the benefits of living in the moment.

The following benefits should keep you focused to live in the moment.

Why you should live in the moment

  • Reduces stress. Living in the moment will help you reduce the unnecessary pressure of past failures and unpredictable future. About the past, I would say that you can change nothing. You cannot reverse what has already happened. About the future, you can build it today a bit by a bit.
  • You will be able to realise new opportunities. When you live in the present moment your whole focus will be that particular day. Noticing opportunity windows will be easier compared to thinking about other things.
  • Brings inner peace. There is nothing better than a peaceful environment. Inner peace contributes more to creativity because there is no much to worry about. This also helps you to accept yourself the way you are.
  • Improves relationships. This is because both your mind and body is in the present moments hence a good interaction with people. Your focus is on what your both saying or doing in a specific moment.
  • Facilitates healthy living. Living without anxiety and stress is a good way to help reduce health issues. You only focus on what is at hand at a particular moment.
  • Improves productivity. Focusing on one activity wholly improves productivity in a big way. This is because there is no partitioned concentration.

That’s why you should at least focus to live in the moment. I will take you through 10 ways to help you live in the present moment.

Let’s get rolling…

1. Accept who you are at the present moment

Acceptance is a great way to solve a problem. Accepting who you are help you to deal with any public opinion that comes your way. It doesn’t have to be always positive comment the negatives will be many as well.

It can be a breathtaking experience because we find it overwhelming to accept negative outcomes.

You may have lost an interview, a loved one, going through a horrible divorce, break-up, etc. The best thing to do is to ACCEPT. Yes, it is happening and you can do little about it.

Once you learn to accept situations, dealing with them will a bit easier

2. Be Happy

how to live in the moment

Do you know that being happy is a personal choice? They say if you look for happiness in other people you will never find it. Again you are the master of your feelings. Do you believe it? I hope you do.

Understanding that you are the source of your happiness is a good thing. Finding happiness in a middle of a crisis is quite difficult at all times. But this can be a game-changer of how you perceive things.

You can be happy because of having a nice family, passing exams, doing good in business, at your birthday party, and on many more occasions. Perceiving happiness varies from one person to another. This is because there are situations that can make one individual happy. That same situation can just be normal to another person.

For instance, gifting the homeless person with food and shelter will make them happy. Doing the same to a rich person may not bring the happiness they need.

I hope you understand that happiness is different to everybody. If you want to be happy there are dos and don’ts to make it happen:

  • Stop comparing yourself with others
  • Make sure to sleep adequately
  • Help the lowly privileged
  • Shun all negative thoughts
  • Build yourself
  • Make others happy

Promise yourself to remain happy always. Happiness comes from living each day on its own.

3. Don’t dwell on the past

This will deny you to live in the current moment. It’s probably a new day and you are still thinking of the previous day’s events. This wastes time because you keep on procrastinating on what you could have done at the moment.

Time is flowing like a river, always forward and never backward. If you dwell on your past mistakes, you will never be able to correct them. You will always have that sense of fear when you remember them. It will certainly lower your self-esteem. In worst cases, it can cause stress and depression.

Dwelling on your past accomplishments stagnates your growth. This is because you will forget about what you are currently supposed to do. You will have false confidence because there are a lot of changes in the current world.

For instance, the first car in the world is far more different than the latest car right now. Can you imagine if Henry Ford  would have dwelt on that first accomplishment? He would never have grown.

Again take a good example of the evolution of mobile phones. The quality of the first phone is far much different from the one you are using right now. If those inventors could have dwelt in that first accomplishment how would they grow?

Dwelling in the past will deny you the ability to grow. Change is inevitable, and that’s why you should keep honing your skills daily. This will help you to be flexible to live in the present moment.

4. Work for a better tomorrow

What will happen tomorrow is determined by what is happening today. If you are lazy today, don’t expect to have food tomorrow. One step plus another and another is what completes a long journey.

For instance, if you want to complete reading a book in one week, you have to put in a daily effort to read every day. You cannot stay still and expect to have a better tomorrow.

Put more effort into your current situation so that it may bear good results later.

You can only work towards a better future by living a day as it comes. Don’t stress too much, believe in your abilities and everything will fall in place for your good.

5. Try your best to overcome addictions

Addiction is a situation where you can find yourself unable to stop a certain behaviour. It can be so heartbreaking, to struggle to overcome addiction without significant results.

What you can do right now is derive the means to stop addiction. Tomorrow may be too late so do it today. Here are some practical ways that can help you stop addiction.

  • Meditation. This is defined as focusing on a particular thing without drifting your mind.  Meditation is more effective to curb drug and substance addiction.
  •  Accept that you need to stop addiction. Accepting your current situation will make it easier to overcome the challenges.
  • Do an exercise. Doing work out the time you could have used to repeat your addiction habit will help to reduce the addiction.
  •  Know the ‘why’. Knowing why it’s so important to stop addiction will push you towards the goal.

Start working towards stopping addiction today and it will help you to live in the moment.

6. Have short term goals.

Short term goals will reduce the pressure of thinking more about the future. You will not overwork your mind today for the sake of tomorrow. Having short term goals will give you a sense of control since you will feel that you can accomplish them.

We are living in a community that planning is an essential tool for a better living. What I have to say about this is just focus on the short term goals only. Do not strain your body and mind too much as it will bring more challenges to your health. No one wants to have more problems in their life. Live today as it’s the last day of your life.

7. Don’t listen to naysayers

A lot of people will discourage you in whatever you are doing. Don’t listen to them. There is something I learned since I started writing. When you are starting to progress, there will be a lot of people against your idea including your trusted friends.

This should not discourage you in any way, just do what feels comfortable for you to live in the moment. When you listen to naysayers you will never grow and that’s exactly what they want.

A good number of people do not want to get out of their comfort zone simply because they don’t want to strain. This group of people will always be against any good thing you are trying to do. Don’t you ever listen to them?

Live in the current moment and embrace your abilities day by day.

8. Do not let worries take over your joy

Worrying will take away your joy. You can be worried about actual or imaginary problems. In either way, worrying will do more harm than good to your mental health.

You will not be able to live in the moment when you allow yourself to worry too much. Learn to control your worries and you can live a stress-free life.

Worrying can be a good way to respond to uncertainties but too much of it is dangerous.

9. Giving helps you to live in the moment

Thank God you have enough blessings and you can share them with others. We can never all live in one basket. There will always be the rich and poor in the same society. The act of giving touches someone’s heart in a big way.

The holy scriptures insinuate that blessed are those who have a heart of compassion. You could change someone’s life by giving them one or two essentials.

Think of those undersized clothes and shoes you have in your closet. There is someone you can gift them today. You could be blessed with more harvest, take the effort to share with someone who doesn’t have.

Making someone else happy has the magic of reciprocating the happiness to you. Why don’t you try this today? It is a way of living in the moment.

10. Learn to say thank you

A lot of good things happen to us daily. Some we notice and others we don’t. Appreciating good deeds can open more unending opportunities in the future.

If someone gives you something you requested for or not, say thank you. Thank you is a soul-soothing word that can result in a long term relationship with people.

Once you say thank you, you make others feel good about what they did to you. This can make them extend the helping hand to others hence promoting a more joyous society.

Saying thank you is an unending fuel to live in the moment.


The current moment is the only moment you have control over. No one knows about the next minute, hour or day. You should fully embrace the moment you have right now.

The world is full of big surprises and it’s better to just live each day as it comes. Who on earth knew that the world will be attacked by a deadly Coronavirus in a fortnight? We all woke up in a different world which we didn’t know about.

 I want to encourage you to try your level best to live in the current moment and get the fruits of a happy life.

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