50 Protection Symbols and Their Meanings (with images)

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Protection symbols are the specific signs that people use to safeguard against evil and negative energies, especially to have a strong spiritual and ritual impression in mind. People often come to secure their lives with some supernatural rituals and symbols when they do not feel secure with physical protection. Different regions and cultures use many protective symbols to bring good luck and protect themselves from evil forces. A brief detail of these protective symbols will be discussed below.

protection symbols

protection symbols

1. Hamsa

Hamsa is an ancient amulet of the Middle East, which symbolizes the Hand of God. People believe that it is a protective sign, brings good fortune, happiness and health. However, this symbol has different meanings in different cultural contexts. The earliest use of this symbol has been traced to ancient Mesopotamia, where people use this symbol in their amulet to protect themselves from evil eyes.

2.  Triquetra

The Triquetra is an ancient protective symbol, also known as the “Trinity knot,” used since the bronze age in Europe and some Asian countries. The meaning of this Triquetra is “Three corners.” This is a symbol of the Celtic origin, which is focused on the number of three (3). In the Christian tradition, it is the sign of three trinities, such as father, son, and the holy spirit. The Celtic cosmology consists of three realms such as earth, sea, and sky. However, in philosophy, it is considered three states of the body as physical, mental, and spiritual

3. Cacti

The symbol of cactus is symbolized as protection, strength, and endurance as this plant is able to survive in very harsh environmental conditions. This plant is sometimes used as a symbol of maternal love. This word originally came from a Greek word, “Kaktos,” which grows in desert areas. This symbol represents warmth, care, protection, and endurance. 

4. Turtle

The turtle is used as a symbol of protection and perseverance because of the hard shell and the long lifespan of this animal. Generally, it’s a symbol of strength and decisiveness by which we can overcome any obstacles in our daily life. However, it has different meanings in different cultures and religions. In African countries, turtles are a symbol of wiseness and creativity. Whereas, in native American tribes, it is a symbol of long life, protection, and fertility.  

5. Scarab

This is a protection symbol of ancient Egypt, which is associated with the god Khepri, who is the god of creation and rebirth. This symbol is used in jewelry as protection against dangers and the afterlife. In the ancient ages, this symbol was seen in Greek and Egyptians, and however, now this can be seen all around the world. The body of this beetle is symbolic of protection, and the wings are symbolic of rebirth. 

6. Egyptian knife

This was used in ancient Egypt as a symbol of protection and retribution. Several protective deities were used in ancient Egypt, such as Bes, Turrets with knives. The knife was also symbolized as solar and lunar power. Some malevolent creatures such as scorpions, snakes were depicted with a cut with this knife to make them powerless.

7. Thor’s Hammer

This was an ancient Norse symbol and was very often used in religious amulets. This was basically a symbol of security and protection from violent forces and evils. The people very often wore the amulet with this symbol as the symbol of healing as well as protection. Even today, people wear the amulets with this symbol to protect themselves from destructive forces.

8. Helm of Awe

This was the protection symbol in Norse mythology. The Helm of Awe is also known as terror, and the overall meaning of this symbol was protection against rebellions. The Vikings very often used this symbol on their forehead before going to the battleground to ensure their victory against the enemies. This symbol also evokes the feeling of fear as well as protection against the evil forces. This symbol is like eight tridents are protecting the central core area against any harmful effects.

9. Mistletoe

In Christian tradition, Mistletoe is used as a symbol of peace, protection, and friendship. The origin of this symbol has come from Celtic mythology, and it had a strong perspective in the realm of nature. The Christians often use this plant to decorate on any occasion to symbolize love and bondings, especially the love beyond the afterlife.

10. Nazar Boncugu

This is a protective symbol, originated in Turkish culture. The inner meaning of this symbol is to repel, distract and minimize the bad effects of evils on the people. This is a positive and protective symbol of a good luck charm. Nowadays, this symbol is used with jewelry and clothes in West Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central America.

11. Bagua Mirror

This is another protective symbol used in classical feng shui schools for the purpose of protection. Generally, this mirror has been placed outside any big apartment facing out and away from the building. The unbroken line of this structure (yang line) is referred to as a protective symbol. It is believed that this symbol can deflect the negative energies associated with the corners of the buildings.

12. Medicine bags

This was a protective symbol in Native America, where the people always carry medicine bags as they believe it will protect their spiritual powers. In the historical age, the medicine men or shamans used to carry a large medicine bag that held horsehair, tobacco, bones, arrowheads, and many more, which posed a lot of spiritual value to the owner. The soldiers also used medicine bags to protect themselves during the war.

13. Arrow

Traditionally people use arrows as a protective symbol for protecting themselves from any potential harm. This symbol represents protection and defense from the negative and evil forces—the meaning of the arrows changes according to their directions. An arrow facing the left or right is symbolized as a protection symbol, whereas an arrow facing downward symbolizes peace.

14. Shark teeth

This is used as a symbol of male strength as it displays masculinity and potency. As the shark’s energy has been hidden in its teeth, this is symbolized as the sign of power. It also has been symbolized as self-confidence and self-trust. However, the inner meaning of this symbol varies with the cultural context. In the Hawaiian culture, they consider it as the symbol of friendship.

shark, animal, fierce

15. Solar Cross

This is a very old symbol originating from the Bronze age and was represented as the symbol of power to society. The ancient kings considered this as a symbol of the highest power. However, the meaning of this symbol has changed over the years. In Christian culture, they believe that it is the symbol of energy that is opposed on earth. Nowadays, we can see this symbol on houses or businesses that represents a safe haven for travelers.  

16. Eyes of Horus

This is a protection symbol of ancient Egypt, representing sacrifice, healing, and royal power to protect both living and dead persons from evils. The ancient Egyptians believed that this symbol had the special powers to protect, take action, and anger. They used this symbol in amulets and ornaments of the dead bodies to protect themselves on their journey to the underworld. Today people also use this symbol to bring back good health and to protect themselves from evil sources.

17. Deer

Deer are a protective symbol and have been considered as the power of nature. They also represent instinctual energy, regeneration as well as independence. Deer also symbolize the gentle and enticing lure for new adventures. People also use this as a symbol of calm and prosperity with their family and friends. 

elk, silhouette, cut out

18. Crows

This is another protective symbol that represents change and transformation. People believe this symbol as a power of foresight the future trends and take reasonable steps to adjust to adverse conditions. However, in different cultures, it has different meanings. In Celtic culture, the Crow symbol stands for prophetic knowledge and individuality. They also believe this as a symbol of abilities and skills.

19. Gila monster

This protective symbol signifies long preservation and survival. This animal was believed to be the master of survival, who can survive for months without having any food. This symbol represents the longevity of life in any harsh situation of human life. This symbol also signifies increased attention and concentration to our dreams and finding shelter anywhere. Gila monsters are the god of survival, deliberate in actions, and purpose thrive. 

20. Thunderbirds

This symbol was first used in the Mississippian culture around 800 CE to 1600 CE. In Native American tribes, this protection symbol represents strength, power, and protection. The horns of this symbol represent spiritual power. However, in some tribes, this symbol is signified as war. The Native Americans believed that the thunderbirds could rule all-natural activities. They also thought Thunderbird helps to grow crops by producing rain.

21. Dragonfly

This protection symbol is used to represent self-realization, expansion, transformation as well as spiritual activities. They are believed to have a blend of fire and water energy, and this symbol represents maintaining a balance between the masculine and feminine approaches in daily and spiritual life. This symbol signifies the beginning of a highly energetic period in personal and professional life.

22. Bears

This is a protective symbol, signifying strength and courage. It also signifies to take leadership approaches in life and take further actions without having any fear in mind. The spirit of the bear is able to provide a strong grounding force. It also emphasizes the importance of rest and solitude. It is believed that this spirit animal can have a significant role in supporting emotional and physical healing in people.

bear, large, heavy

23. Tree of life

This sacred protective symbol carries different meanings in different religions and philosophies. This symbol generally signifies togetherness and reminds us not to stay alone. This symbol also represents ancestry, family as well as fertility. In Christianity, they believe that this is a symbol of humanity. Whereas in Celtic culture, they believe that the root represents the other world, the trunk signifies this mortal world, and the tree branches represent heaven. In Islamic culture, they believe this is a symbol of immortality.   

tree, tree of life, frame

24. Flower of life

This protection symbol represents the cycle of creation, which depicts how all life comes from a single source. Some spiritual and religious people believe that this flower of life is connected with all things in this world. Many other symbols are hidden in this symbol, such as Seed of life, Fruit of life, and Egg of life. The seed of life is formed by seven overlapping circles in this symbol, which forms a flower design. Egg of life forms by overlapping seven circles whereas, the Fruit of life forms with thirteen circles from the Flower of Life symbol.   

25. Ankh

This was a protective symbol of the ancient Egyptian culture, which is symbolized as a key to life. This symbol is considered one of the popular hieroglyphic symbols in ancient Egypt. This symbol signifies long life and health. It is said that the loop of this symbol symbolizes femininity, whereas the cross masculine and putting together forms life. Many others also believe that this is the symbol of air and water which are the primary sources of life.

26. Lotus

Lotus is a symbol of tranquility, purity, and beauty in many cultures. In ancient Egyptian culture, they used this as a symbol of death and rebirth. In Buddhism, they believed this as a symbol of enlightenment, purity, and faithfulness. In Hinduism, it is a symbol of spirituality, prosperity as well as fertility.

lotus, floral, flower

27. Yin Yang

This is a protective symbol in ancient Chinese philosophy that signifies protection along with the spiritual union of couples. The black half symbolizes feminine energy, whether the white part is the symbol of masculine energy. The way they are wrapped around each other symbolizes giving birth to everything in the world. The two dots nestle in each half signify that the seeds of one within another and they can’t exist without the other.

28. Caduceus

This protective symbol had a different meaning in different mythologies; however, it originated from Greek culture. Roman mythology symbolizes power and peace, whereas, in Greek mythology, they believed it was a symbol of immortality and transformation. In today’s life, this symbol is used in medical sciences and hospital organizations.  

29. Wish bone

This protection symbol signifies promise and potential in human beings. This is generally a good luck charm representing good fortune, a new chapter of the beginning, or untapped potential in the future life. This symbol is used in various pendants and ornaments as the symbol of lucky charm.

30. Crossed spears

This symbol is used as a symbol of protection from evil forces. It is believed that this symbol has a magickal ritual that can give protection from enemies. These crossed spears are believed to be a part of 8 witches’ runes, and it has a connection with witchcraft. From ancient times, this symbol had appeared in many cultural contexts as a symbol of domination and protection.

31. Hexagram

This protective symbol originated in Jewish culture, Israel. It is believed that the hexagram signet ring was first worn by king Soloman which gave him a magical power. This symbol is represented as the symbol of god, and people wear this symbol during the middle ages for the purpose of protection. However, in different religions, it has another significance. In Hinduism, it represents origin. In Judaism, they consider this Hexagram as the Star of David, which symbolizes that god rules over from six directions.

32. Bind rune

This is another protection symbol in Vikingthe age, created by combining two separate runes into a single one. It is believed that this symbol has a magical power to protect the warriors from the enemy. However, the exact meaning of this symbol has become a secret. It is also believed that this symbol can empower the sparks of security and enthusiasm. Because of its flexibility and a lot of varieties, there are some confusions about this symbol. 

 33. Mars sign

This protective symbol signifies courage and energy, and it is believed that wearing this symbol will provide high energy during stressful periods in life. The Mars energy helps us to stay focused on confronting our darkest secrets. It is believed that this symbol has both attracting and repelling power, so it is necessary to be focused when using this symbol. 

34. Inanna’s knot

This is a symbol of fertility and protection, associated with the ancient Mesopotamian goddess. The knot represents the doorpost of a storehouse, which implies it as a symbol of fertility. Besides this, Innana represents divine feminism and the power of creativity. Today, this symbol is also found on protective amulets and talismans. 

35. Dreamcatchers

This protective symbol originated in the Native American cultures, who used this symbol on protective talismans to protect people from bad dreams and nightmares. This charm was generally used for young children by hanging above their beds to prevent bad dreams. The Native Americans believed that both good and bad dreams fill the air at night, and the dreamcatchers caught the bad dreams, which became destroyed with the sunlight in the morning. It is also believed that this symbol can provide protection from any kind of evil forces.

36. Celtic shield knot

This is an ancient Celtic protection symbol. This knot was usually used on ill people or on battle shields to protect themselves from the evil forces. During that time, the warriors often use this symbol on their shields to get the blessing before going to the battlefield. This symbol was also used by other cultures to invoke this protective power of god.

37. Tyet

This is another protective symbol of ancient Egyptian culture, also known as the Knot of Isis. This symbol is associated with magic, wisdom, and the protection of the country, Egypt. In ancient Egypt, people often used to bury their mummies with these Tyet amulets to believe that the bodies would be guarded with the blessings of Tyets. Some people also thought that this Tyet symbolizes the duality between life and death.

38. Laurel Wreath

This protective symbol was used in ancient Greece as the symbol of peace, honor, and victory. The wreath was the symbol of Apollo, and the leaves of the wreath signified spirituality and cleansing abilities. They also believed that this symbol is associated with the gods of harvest. In Roman culture, this was used as the symbol of a successful commander. Today also this symbol has been used as the symbol of peace and victory.

against, laurel, prejudice

39. Akoko nan

This is a protection symbol of Akan culture, West Africa, being used in jewelry, walls, and fabrics. This symbol is depicted as the shape of a hen’s leg, representing parental protection and care. They believe that the hen treads on its chicks but doesn’t kill them. In this way, the parents also nurture their children with their corrective and protective methods.

40. Rooster

It is a protective symbol used in ancient Persia, associated with light and struggle against evils. They also believed that this symbol is very effective in guarding against harm and other evil spirits. It is also said that the crowing of a rooster is signified as a visit of angels. However, in French culture, they believe this as a representative of sun and light. They are symbolized as hope and brand-new days in that country.

animal, bird, chicken

41. Drangue

It is a protective symbol in Albanian mythology and folklore, which is associated with heavy thunderstorms. It is believed that the Drangue was born with a caul and four wings with some supernatural powers. Drangue is believed to fight against kulshedra with his thunderbolts and lightning sword for protecting humankind from storms, fire, floods, and other natural disasters.

42. Labyrinth

This protective symbol was first introduced in Greek culture, which was considered the symbol of royal power at that time. They believed that Labyrinth could trap the bad and evil spirits. It was also used as a symbol of the long and complicated path to commune with god. In today’s life, many people use this symbol during their meditation. This symbol is also perceived as a sign of wholeness achieved through the circular journey around it.

43. Shaligram

It is a fossilized shell used as a protective symbol in Hinduism. This shell is believed as a symbol of Vishnu, who protects the world against evils and other destructive forces. This black fossilized shell is viral in Hinduism as a protective symbol against harm and different negative energies.

44. Cornucopia

This is another protective symbol in ancient Roman mythology, symbolized wealth, abundance, and nourishment. This is also known as the ‘horn of plenty, ‘ a horn-shaped container overflowing with fruits, flowers, or nuts. It was also used in many other ancient cultures, such as Greek and Celtic cultures. In ancient Rome, Cornucopia was one of the symbols of Roman god Bona Dea, who was responsible for protecting the Roman people. Today, people also use this symbol during thanksgiving festivals to wish for wealth and prosperity.

45. Bow and Arrow

This is a protective symbol of Greco-Roman culture associated with the most celebrated Olympian god Apollo. This symbol also signifies strength and power and focusing on positive energies by leaving the negative energies behind. It is also believed that the bow represents feminine power, and the arrow signifies masculine power.  

bow, arrow, drawn

46. Om

This is a protective symbol of Hinduism, which denotes the five states of consciousness in the mind. The lower left curve indicates the conscious state, and the top-left curve represents the unconscious state of mind. At the same time, the lower right angle denotes the intermediate state of consciousness and unconsciousness. The semi-circle of the top denotes the illusion state, and the dot at the top symbolizes it as the highest state of consciousness. This Om symbol is now used in the spiritual spaces around the world in many other religions.    

47. Algiz

It is a Norse protection symbol, originated in Nordic and German tribes. This Algiz rune symbolizes divine consciousness, protection as well as a spiritual awakening. It is believed that the alignment of this divine can make a person sacred, and he can be blessed by divine protection. This protection can be in the form of increased good luck. However, this symbol was curved with different items to invoke its protective power.   

48. Hecate’s wheel

It is another protective symbol used in ancient Greek culture to symbolize rebirth and renewal. This symbol was associated with a Greek goddess Hecate, who ruled over earth, sky, and sea and gave protection and blessings to families. Hecate’s wheel is a circular symbol within which a spiral surround a circular labyrinth. The spiral is symbolized as divine thoughts, whereas the Labyrinth denotes rebirth.

49. Horseshoe

This is a protective symbol, first used in Roman culture. It is believed that this symbol will protect mankind from any misfortune. During the middle ages, people believed that the evil spirits were afraid of horseshoes, and therefore, it was made of iron which could resist flames. It was very popular at that time to use pendants and ornaments with this symbol. It was also believed that the ornaments with this symbol could prevent nightmares and any bad luck.

50. Unicorn

Unicorn is another protective symbol, representing healing and joy in different cultural contexts. It is believed that only the people with pure hearts were able to approach this creature. This symbol is often described as a sign of freedom, purity, and healing. In the modern world also, it is believed this symbol can bring positivity, joy, and pride to human life. People also thought that the horn of this creature had a magical power, and touching the horn would bring fortunes and good luck.

animal, creature, fictional

Final thoughts on protection symbols

There are various protective symbols around the world and in different religions and cultures. The main objective of using these symbols is the same as all of these are used to protect themselves from negative energies, evil forces and bring good luck and prosperity in life. In today’s life, people also use various protective symbols to ensure their protection and safety, and it helps them overcome anxiety and negative energies.

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