Daily Meditation Practice

Welcome to the monk’s life daily meditation practice.

Today, we are going to practice a unique method that I have been using for the past 10 years. It has helped me to calm my anxiety, reduce stress and helps me to be in the present moment.

This method is called the BSA method, B STANDS FOR BREATH S stands for sound and A stands for affirmations, by combining these three things, we are going to practice our daily meditation…

Before we start make sure you’re in a comfortable seated position or lying down.

Meditation Script

Close your eyes , hands on the lap, take a deep breath exhale, take a deep breath again exhale…


let your breath return to the normal rhythm…

The human brain is like a monkey. It jumps from one thought to another and it keeps giving us all the suggestions, by yapping non-stop from the past stored memory or experiences. Today, we are going to take our monkey mind to the gym and train it to be more mindful.

let’s start

Turn your attention to the edge of the nostrils where you can feel the  inhaling and exhaling of the breath, without modifying the natural rhythm just instruct your mind to watch the breath, you can feel the air is passing through the nostrils reaching your chest then filling your stomach like a balloon, returning to your chest and exhaling back in your nostrils, just watch it (1min gap)  it’s natural to get thoughts, just acknowledge them without any judgment and return to watching your breath entering your nostrils  passing through your lungs filling your stomach and returning, (1 min gap) don’t change the rhythm don’t try to forcefully relax just keep watching the natural rhythm (1 min gap), 

Relax, its natural to have thoughts like I am doing it right? Will this work? There is no right or wrong, don’t expect perfection ,just keep practicing

Now slowly shift your attention from the breath to the surrounding sounds, maybe you can hear the fan sound or the birds chirping or the silence -whatever the sounds just instruct your mind to switch attention to the sounds around you  and instruct your mind to hear it without any judgment (1 min gap)it’s natural  to get thoughts just acknowledge them without any judgment and return your attention to the sounds around you, keep listening(1 mins gap) the sounds may induce new thoughts don’t block them or judge them just accept it acknowledge it and return back to the sound(1 min gap) 

Relax, hearing to the sounds around you makes you more mindful and puts you in a meditative stage

Now shift your attention to my voice, the mind is a madhouse when not managed, we constantly feed our mind with thoughts and emotions which doesn’t serve us  it’s time to clean it up and show some directions, by this affirmation method we’re going to feed the brain with 1 affirmation, and continuously repeat , pick an affirmation today which is the most needed of the hour for you, It can be like I’M at peace, I am happy, I take things lightly, I let go my anger, it can be anything, I am choosing the affirmation today “I let go my anger” choose yours. (small gap) now that you have picked up your affirmation, lets practice the meditation inhale deeply and during exhale chant the affirmation that you have chosen inside you silently just once as slowly as possible , inhale deeply  now  exhale repeat the affirmation, keep continuing the process(1 min gap) it’s natural to have other thoughts just acknowledge them without judgment and return to the practice(1 min gap) this affirmation is rewriting your beliefs in you subconscious and changing it your natural rhythm (1 min gap)


We have come to the end of BSA meditation now just return to your normal breathing, switch your attention to your body where you’re in contact with your sofa or bed, before opening your eyes just remember to switch your attention to the breath, whenever you feel exhausted, angry or feeling any negative emotions in any part of the day.

Open your eyes slowly, rub your palms, wipe your face with all the positive energy

Thanks for practicing with me, hope to see you again, have a great day

Have a good day!

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