What is Soul Family? Importance of Soul family?

The “SOUL” is a notion found throughout most cultures and religions across the world. But it lacks a solid, universal definition and explanation. However, most of us believe that it is a non-physical element that enters into our body at the time of inception or birth and exits the body at the time of death.

Most of you have probably heard the particular term “soulmate.” It is frequently used in the sense of a loving partner who knows everything about you and easily can connect with you, although there are lots of dissimilarities.

However, Soulmate is a common phrase, but how many of you are aware of your soul family or soul groups? It’s also amazing to observe how all of your soul family members possess specific frequency ratios.

We all want to discover our soul family, and the desire to reconnect with our soul family seems to be one of your key motives at some particular point in your spiritual path.

A soul family member is a bit of a rarity, and once you attach with them, you will feel something different and remarkable that you’d like to hold on for the rest of your life.

You may experience a bond with a soul family member, and they would appear relaxed and acquainted with you. People think that soul family members are souls with equivalent soul energy and vibrations that they can detect anytime.

Sometimes, you might have felt that you are not suitable for the family you were born with, or you may have been accepted into the wrong family.

There’s an explanation behind this…

Your biological family, from where you belong presently, is not your soul family. In every incarnation, one or two of your soul family members may be present. However, getting your complete soul family present in your Earth incarnations is unusual and exceptional.

In reality, it simply does not occur. The planet’s archon grid ensures that you are separated before you emerge. It drives many people to look for someone who can fill the gaps in their lives.

Being driven to someone for no apparent reason is generally an indication of a soul family member. Maybe you might feel a wonderful vibe coming from them, as if you are being drawn toward something, but you aren’t sure why.

You have undoubtedly had an instinctive need for years, which has now evolved into a more deliberate search for others with whom you can share a deep connection, “your soul tribe.”

So, without further confusion, let’s get into the precise details discussed below!

What is the spiritual meaning of Soul Family?

Soul families are precisely what their name implies “families.” A Soul Family is a collection of people with whom your Soul can connect strongly on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Your soul family members possess the same oversoul like your biological family shares the same ancestry. They may not be reborn with the same spiritual relationship they used to be in their early lifetime. But they share similar experiences and concepts as you.

Everyone in your soul family has the conscious experience, both individually and as a group. It is considered that your soul made commitments to be connected genetically while emerging as a human figure. As a result, when all of these energies are united, they help promote one another’s spiritual awakening and identify each other, even if unknowingly.

Because of the intense harmony sensed, most individuals spontaneously identify this connection as possessing the same “frequency” or “vibration.” They have a robust connection that surpasses both time and location. It’s a tremendous magnetic and spiritual connection that the mind cannot explain.

Your soul family loves and accepts you just as you are. They have a far deeper soul connection with you than any other member of the group.

What is the spiritual meaning of soul tribe?

A soul tribe is identical to a soul family. The only difference is that they may not be as closely bonded to you as members of your soul family. People in your soul tribe will also encourage your spiritual desires and assist you in being more aware of who you truly are. You and your soul tribe are both planned to continue the same adventure, relying on one another!

Different types of Soul family Connections:

There are several types of Soul Family relationships that you may establish, including:

  • Soulmates

In most movies, dramas, romantic novels, soulmates are defined as the happily-ever-after type of couples who easily can identify each other and connected through a specific soul level. However, the soulmate belief is far more deeply rooted than we think.

Soul mates are partners, which you have met in previous lifetimes and realms. The connection with your soulmate stretches far beyond the physical appearance, and only you can feel them.

Remember those instances when you meet a person and instantly feel you’ve known them over the years, although you are not familiar with them? I hope you are getting it! Humans always try to look out for the person with whom they can match their mentality. Soul partners fulfill this role by acting as a supporter and inspirer along the journey of your life.

You will encounter several soulmates in this way of your journey towards life, and each one will connect with you on various levels. However, when perceived in a larger context, we all are closely related at a soul level. As a result, we are all considered as ‘divine soul mates’ in some way.

Hopefully, you can understand now what is exactly the spiritual meaning of a soulmate.

  • Soul-friends

Soul mates are not always lovey-dovey.  Companion soul mates, also known as soul mate buddies, might be equally essential in your life. For example, suppose you consider earthly existence a momentary journey for the soul like some spiritual people believe. In that case, you’ll want to travel with intriguing, compassionate friends, just as any character in an epic novel or legend does.

Consider them as spiritual sidekicks, individuals who were intended to cross your path so that you may both give each other love and support when required to continue on your earthly journey. Don’t undervalue the value of soul mate friends. Soul partners are soft ointment, whether they exist in your life for a long time or only a few months. Like the physical body, the soul needs companion soul mates, just like food and water.

  • Soul Groups

If you have ever met somebody and then felt like you’ve met them earlier, then there is a secret behind it. They are a member of your soul group. Even if you have never met in the world of humans, your spirit must have met somewhere else. It might be possible that you were mates during the period you didn’t have a human body.

Connections with your soul group members may differ, but they all have a good influence on your life. Each individual of your soul group will reconnect you to your soul purpose, no matter how many times you encounter them. In addition, they provide you with the necessary assistance to help you reach your objectives.

  • Kindred Spirits

Soul mates aren’t usually kindred souls, but they may be. Kindred spirits are just those who know you completely. A kindred spirit is somebody who matches your spiritual ideas or who agrees with you on cultural matters to the point that you could finish each other’s statements.

Kindred spirit also might be somebody who once had a similar life experience like yours, such as the fact that you are both from the same profession, have newborn kids, and are married to professional artists. It’s wonderfully calm to be with another person that understands or to be with yourself.

  • Karmic relationships

Karmic soul mates are also known as “wrecking ball soul mates.” Instead of perceiving karma as good or bad or a mechanism of rewards and punishments, consider it just a neutral force of action and reaction. The earth plane is very much a cause-and-effect realm.

We constantly generate karma with other individuals via both mild and severe activities. Every encounter with another person generates energy, which may be converted into karma. This is nothing to be afraid of, but it is something to be aware of.

Karmic relationships may enter our lifestyles as leading change, facilitating chances or opportunities to enhance our karma (how we function in our lives and the world) so we can develop and progress through good, negative, or neutral interactions. Remember that the soul aspires for new things, development, and progress.

  • Twin flames

A twin flame is one of the unique soulmate relationships in the soul community, and they are pretty uncommon. It is claimed that your twin flame has reborn on Earth with the same energy as you, but with a different gender in the physical body.

Assume you are a girl with unique features, and your twin flame is a guy with equivalent and balanced masculine attributes. Like two sides of the same coin, Twin flames share the same soul but do not necessarily share a love connection.

After a brief description of the other two types of soulmates, let’s get inside the core of the matter: Soul Family!

A Soul connection occurs when two persons with the same vibrational frequency overlap energetically and have similar ideas, emotions, beliefs, and desires. Even if you originate from different nations or cultures, ethnicities, or backgrounds, you will feel an old and powerful connection from the core of your heart and very Soul.

What is the purpose of having Soul Families?

In my opinion, meeting a member of one’s Soul Family is the most beautiful social experience that a person can ever have in their lifetime. This sort of person’s distinctive characteristic is that they make it hard for you to stay the same person after leaving your life. You will be influenced easily without knowing them for a long time.

Meeting a Soul Family member might last a few hours during the journey in-plane or 60 years of marriage. But sometimes, such bonds will terminate by physical death only.

soul family

Each member of your Soul Family will arrive in your life to give you a lesson and help you achieve your spiritual demands. However, we are not always willing to completely connect with members of our Soul Family, but it’s a lesson itself.

From a metaphysical viewpoint, Soul Families are a natural outcome of the “flow” of Spirit. For example, when you look at the ocean, you will observe occasions when clusters of waves appear. The same is true for Soul Families, we are all Spirit here, yet we are also divided into several Soul Families.

These Soul Families play significant roles, such as assisting one another in manifesting the goal of their Souls. In simple words, your Soul Family is here to love, support, nourish, protect, encourage you along the journey and assist you in learning, growing, and experiencing the divine purpose of your life, referred to as “nirvana,” self-awareness, or spirituality.

Throughout history, there have been Soul Families.

Many spiritual traditions believe that the difficulties we experience in life are predetermined before we are born. It is claimed that we select our families, our bodies and characters, and the people we come into our lives.

Our Souls picked these people because they would provide us with the finest opportunity to acquire the essential life lessons that we require to develop spiritually.

Throughout history, several examples of Soul Families developed a ton of potential and force, resulting in severe societal transformation and development.

Consider the Creative Renaissance, which included Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Copernicus, Martin Luther, Michelangelo, Galileo, Thomas More, Francis Bacon, Machiavelli, and William Shakespeare. They were most likely all members of the very same Soul Family!

And Spiritual Renaissance personalities included Mahavira, Makkhali Gosala, Gautama Buddha and Ajita Kesakambali, Socrates, Plato, Heraclitus, Aristotle, Pythagoras. Confucius, Mencius, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu from all over the world.

All of these people engaged with each other, maybe directly or indirectly, in various ways required for a revolution to occur. The beautiful thing is that each of these Soul Families has rapidly increased our collective development and expansion.

It’s not just that, but each new generation will convey the waves of tremendous and revolutionary Soul Family energy developed on the previous Soul Families’ accomplishments.

Finding your Soul Family allows you to grow not just on a personal but also on a communal level. Therefore, each strategy, each approach, is equally significant in the overall evolution of the system.

This powerful experience of bonding to one another on a soul level can occur significant transformation on both an innermost and outermost level.

What do you mean by the connection with your soul family?

If the spiritual realm is a big family tree, soul families are little groups of people. However, they are often the primary family units. They may reincarnate in the physical world as your parents, siblings, love partners, children, and many others.

How likely is it that you will meet your soul family?

If your soul family has regenerated on Earth, there is a very strong possibility that you will be able to meet them. It may take you years or even decades to locate your soul tribe, but they will appear when the ideal time comes.

Is that possible that your parents are your soulmates?

It’s not impossible, after all. However, it is pretty infrequent. Generally, one out of your two parents is a member of your soul family. The other belongs to the soul group, nation, or clan.

How long will your bond with your soul family last?

Throughout your lifetime and even beyond! Yes. Soul families, like family, bring esteem and self – actualization that no other connection can match. In addition, soul families have a far stronger soul connection than any other soulmate in all three types.

How strong is your bond with your soul family?

There’s a reason they’re referred to as a family! The ability to engage with your soul family ties is unrivaled. You will always feel comfortable and a sense of togetherness when you are around this group of individuals.

Whatever relationship you will have on this earth, your spirit will feel inclined in their companionship. In truth, members of your soul family do not need to be physically present to enhance your spiritual progress. However, the sheer presence of them in an image might stimulate intense feelings. The bond between family members, whether biological or soul, is remarkable!

What is the difference between Soul Family and Soul Group?

You may have come across the terms soul group and soul family being used simultaneously. But they are not similar concepts. There is a lot of variation between the two, but they are not identical. To make it simple, your soul family is related to your star race of origin, whereas your soul group is related to the Earth-bound collective of souls with whom you spend the majority of your lifetimes.

How do you identify your Soul Family?

The answer to this question can be further partitioned into even more questions. Let’s get started!

  • How can you find your soul groups?

Your soul group will track you down! Yes, your soul family, like other spiritual entities, will find you without your attention.

  • When a particular time comes to determine your soul group?

It is known to all that your soul group will identify you automatically; the ultimate question is ‘when?’ Individuals think that there comes a moment when you sense a natural attraction to a group of people. When those people feel the same way about you, the universe will strive to bring you two closer or around each other.

In simple words, Interconnectedness will bring you together when members of your Soul Family achieve the same level of receptivity.

However, if you proceed with your typical routine and ignore these inner feelings, you will not win the jackpot. Follow your instincts, pay attention to your sense, and close your eyes for a moment. It will take you to the way where your soul family is waiting for you!

  • The best way is to listen to your heart simply.

Undoubtedly, your heart will lead you to venture beyond your comfort zone and experience discomfort. But, in the end, since it is related to your Soul, your heart knows the solution.

You will most probably determine your instinct leading you to new areas and activities you’ve never encountered before. For instance, you may be directed to form an online meetup group, enroll in a culinary class, begin tai chi, accept a charity role, or even go to a surprisingly appealing location.

  • Significant indications that You’ve Found Your Soul Family

It’s not very often that you run into someone you’ve known in previous lifetimes. Because it is so uncommon, you can feel the vibrations when you are near to them. You will sense the presence of positive energy every time whenever you will encounter them, regardless of the strong relationship you are sharing with them. You will naturally feel good and want to spend more time with them and keep them close to your heart.

Aside from the usual ones, such as a sense of understanding and easiness, let’s look at some more indicators that can assist you in identifying members of your soul family.

  1. You will feel safe, comfortable, and appreciated when you’re with them

There are relatively few circumstances in your life when you think comprehended in a world of humans. A soul family member is a great person, and they will help you always feel comfy, safe, and valued, though you are facing many troubles in your life.

They are also good listeners and communicators, so if you share your problem with them, they will listen to you and try their best to make you feel happy and provide a solution just by talking to you.

  • You will feel a deep engagement while looking into their eyes.

You will not feel hesitant to establish a close and prolonged eye with members of your Soul Family; it does not seem weird.

When you make eye contact, it seems you both are sharing something common, something comfy and old. Maybe you’re just delving into a deeper issue that you both silently comprehend and express when you establish eye contact.

  • You are driven towards them irresistibly

Members of your Soul Family will always stand by with you for no definite reason. You’ll be charmed and attracted towards them and their energy right away. Even if you are not getting in touch with them or lose their contact, they will most likely reappear in your life.

  • They will be more interested in the Soul rather than Ego.

Your Soul Family members won’t show any concern with your ego-centric aspirations like fame, position, wealth, and grandeur. Instead, they will be more concerned with your soul.

For instance, they may be interested in purposeful living, yoga, meditation, good food, environment-oriented activities, and so on. Even if they aren’t explicitly “spiritual,” you’ll be able to sense their good heart.

  • They mirror your Best Qualities.

Your Soul Family represents your best characteristics, but they will also force you to acknowledge and accept your most significant shortcomings.

They will sometimes create unpleasant or challenging situations for you to learn from (usually unknowingly) or completely honest with you to make you stronger and more innovative (although it hurts and challenging). In any circumstance, you can undoubtedly rely on your Soul Family to assist you genuinely and selflessly.

  • Soul Family members always pray best wishes for you.

Soul family members not only inspire you to reach your goals, but they also encourage you to accept your imperfections. Their presence might sometimes put you in difficult situations as they want you to extend your skills and abilities. In any circumstance, they just wish you the best.

  • You will feel like you know them for your entire life when you will meet them.

You’ve never felt more at ease and loved by other people in your life! Your relationship with your soul friend has a unique charm, and you will feel a persistent connection with them. You will feel a weird feeling of recognition and familiarity when you first meet that person.

  • You will feel happy and energized from the inside.

You will feel satisfied and valued in the company of a soul family. You can feel a freaky sense of recognition that keeps you gratified for the whole day. You don’t have to act in front of them, and the peace of mind is significant.

When you spend some spells with a Soul Tribe member, you will feel spiritually energized rather than depressed. Your soul group members continually make you feel appreciated, admired, and motivated. The tranquility or calmness is so intense that it nourishes your soul.

  • Soul Family members serve as guardian angels for you.

When you are committed to evolving beyond fear, superstitions, and traditional beliefs, you will automatically draw towards a soul tribe member. When you are lost and lead you through the most challenging times, they illuminate your way is spiritual guidance.

  1. They can easily understand your language.

When you communicate with your soul friend, you will feel both have the same ideas and opinions. Also, you feel emotional in relatively similar cases of life. It’s not rare for you to repeat the exact words and expressions back and forth as if you’re representing each other’s minds.

  1. They share the same life experiences.

You and your Soul Family member will discuss topics such as rejection, abuse, loneliness, and other difficulties about life experiences. Each discussion will be leveraged as a base for personal development, counseling, and togetherness.

  1. You Can Freely express yourself without any Fear

When you interact with some people, you may feel that you are unable to express yourself adequately. But when you converse with a soul family member, you will feel inspired. You can discuss the topics which are out of your knowledge without any hesitation or fear.

What is the difference between Biological Family and Soul Family?

Many people believe that their biological family is also their spiritual family. But, it’s not at all. Not all the time.

In reality, there are instances when you are just karmically related to your parents. Or perhaps you have a soul connection to one of your parents. On the other side, people who have grown up with non-soul family members, they experience significant sadness and despair in their life. As a result, when people meet their soul family members in the future, they feel valued and cherished.

Characteristics of the Soul Family: –

  1. The soul can arrange themselves.

Souls plan themselves into families, groups, clans, countries, and large nations before they emerge in the physical world. It is considered that each soul family has seven members, and a group includes seven families. So, having 49 individuals, and continuously the number is expected to increase.

From the group of 49 souls, you select your soul family members. Each group member serves a distinct role or has a distinctive energy pattern, such as communication, consciousness, success, or other characteristics. However, you have certain things in common regarding business, goals, preferences, and dislikes.

  • Soul family is holy

Keep in mind that whenever you encounter a soul family member, it is for the betterment of humankind. They might be colleagues, friends, relatives, or siblings. But as long as you have identical energies, they will connect you for the sole purpose. Regardless of their name, Soul family relationships must always be regarded as holy and precious. Cherish it with your soul to see how well it transforms your life!

  • Soul family works with togetherness and understandability.

Not only for this lifetime but for so many lifetimes. They may also establish various groups and unions to assist you in making future life decisions.

In all of life’s most challenging situations or life-changing circumstances, you will always find your soul family nearby. Not all soul family members take into physical form on Earth at the same time. Those who are left behind on the Earth serve you as spiritual guidance.

 Some Basic Mistakes to Avoid During Soul Family Gatherings: –

  1. You may find in confusion with the karmic soulmates as your soul family members.

Many times, people consider somebody as a soul family member when, in truth, they injured you in a previous incarnation. Every soulmate has a motive for being here. When it comes to soul family, though, the relationship must be intense. If you pay attention, you will undoubtedly notice a difference.

  • Each of your soulmates is your Twin Flames.

Sometimes the bond developed with a soul family member is so strong that it is easily misled with the love of a Twin Flame. It’s not a good decision. Evaluate your connection carefully before deciding whether or not he or she is your Twin Flame.

  • The soulmate connection will last forever.

No. Just like your earthly existence, certain relationships are destined to last a lifetime, while others fade away in the midst, and soul connections do not have to be lifelong. While most of the time, they are intended to stay forever, they may only appear for a few months at a time.

  • You have a karmic debt to your soul family.

You owe nothing to anyone. Your soul has free will, just like your mortal existence. This implies you may refuse a request even if you have a soulmate connection. You can set your parameters for interacting with a soul family member, both at the physical or metaphysical level.

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