Scripting manifestation 101 complete guide

A Guide to Manifest your Desires, Dream Big and Achieve what you want!  

Do you find it hard to focus on your goals, and sometimes you feel your goals are too challenging to achieve? Scripting manifestation is a technique that can help you achieve your goals and clear up your mind to focus and attain your objectives.

In scripting manifestation, you write about your goals and objectives as if you have already reached or attained them. This is an effective method, as it encourages you and helps you create an image in your mind of you as a successful person. It makes your goals look a lot easier to achieve, and you sort out all crucial milestones that you need to achieve, which would ultimately lead you to reach your goal.

Scripting manifestation is specifically practical for those who struggle with their attention span. For instance, if you are easily distracted by thoughts, leading you to overthink and get lost in the train of thoughts, then this mindfulness technique will help you align your thoughts.

The technique of Scripting manifestation is an essential practice for people who believe in the idea of the Law of attraction. By portraying the life you want and visualizing it as something already accomplished, you attract the positive energies leading you to get the results.

For people who enjoy writing, scripting is the best tool for you as writers would find it easier to channel their thoughts by writing them down. Even if you’re not a writer, you can use different templates for scripting manifestation. When working on the scripting manifestation exercise, you’ll realize how it boosts your self-confidence and elevates your mood. Once you’re done writing about your goals and how you have achieved them, now is the time to decide the timeline of all the tasks or milestones that will help you reach your destination.

Who can benefit from Scripting Manifestation Technique?

If you’re wondering who can benefit the most from scripting manifestation, let us clarify it for you! This technique could be used by anyone who wants to reach their destination at any stage of their life. You could be at the beginner stage and have just started your journey towards reaching your goal, or someone who is already on the path leading them to success. Scripting can still help you figure out your path.

What type of goals can Scripting Manifestation help you achieve?

If you have this question in mind, we’ve got you covered. In scripting manifestation, you can also set your goals for trivial matters. For example, you are manifesting a new dress. You can use the same technique for a bigger goal. An example of that would be starting your own company or a business venture. Scripting can help you in realizing any dream of yours.

Why scripting?

The Law of vibration suggests that bringing the energies and vibrations of your desires through your imagination can help you align your energies with your desires. Thus, helping you manifest your goals more efficiently and get the things you want from your life by synchronizing your energy with your desires. In scripting manifestation, you are also working on the Law of vibration. For example, imagine that you have reached your goal; it will fill your heart and mind with positive energies and positively channel them. You will feel powerful emotions that will make you more empowered and ready for a change in your life.

While scripting, you will also discover what matters the most to you in your life. You will be able to comprehend whether the things you’re working for are actually the things you desire to have in your life. In other words, you will be able to set your priorities right.

People find this technique successful because it makes your destination feel real, which otherwise we fail to realize. Our aims or goals feel unrealistic or too far. We sometimes fear going out of our way and dreaming big, but this technique helps you ask the universe anything you want. So, Block all the negative thoughts running in your mind, and just focus on the manifestation part!

How to do it?

scripting manifestation

For practicing scripting manifestation, you can either consult a coach or do it on your own. You might be thinking about what type of goals you need to focus on in this technique. Literally, it could be about anything. Want your dream house at the perfect location? Or being successful at work or business? You can write about anything you want to achieve; even you could write about the desire to have a successful relationship. This technique has proved to have helped so many people around the globe by bringing positive energy and attracting incredible results in their lives.

You can find various guides online which will help you in scripting manifestation, but here’s our take on how to write down your goals to manifest and what tips or tricks you can follow for the manifestation to work according to your needs and desires.

Below, I’ll be talking about all the essential tips that will help you manifest your goals. If you follow all of these correctly, you will see a major difference in your life, and how you attract all the positivity of the universe in your favor. We have compiled a list of 7 tips for you to work on your scripting, So, Let’s get started!

  1. Remember to use Present Tense while scripting

While scripting, it is imperative that you use the present tense while writing about your future. A few examples of this would be; “I am the founder of XYZ company.., I feel proud ..” etc. This way, you will realize the most critical goals in your life, and it will assist you in setting your priorities straight. If you write down the script of your life in the future tense, it will focus more on what you would desire to achieve someday, it might also look too hard to achieve, or you might think you’re daydreaming. But if you write it in the present tense, it will help you believe in your story, stay in the present, and start the grind today!

While writing in the present tense, you will realize that you have a firm belief that what you want is what is destined for you.

  • Start with the Beginning stage

If you have just started practicing scripting, it’s good to focus on the beginning stage. For example, if you ultimately want to reach the goal of having a successful law firm, you can start by scripting the beginning stage of your objective. In this case, it would be getting a few clients to work with or getting a job at a law firm. So start with that!
Another example of this would be; that if you desire to get married, you first need to have a beginning of a good relationship. So it’s better to write about starting a relationship with the person you want to get married to, rather than the marriage, which could be the ultimate goal you want to achieve.

  • Be GRATEFUL for what you already have

Have you ever thought what the most crucial exercise in creating a positive mindset is? It’s being grateful. It can fill up your life with positivity and end all the toxic thoughts pulling you back. So, while scripting, you must be grateful for what you already have or have achieved. Appreciate the small things you have achieved in your life, and be thankful for the people and forces that have helped you achieve that. For example, be thankful for your friends and family who have supported you throughout your life. Be thankful for the opportunity to have studied at a reputed university or school,. Be thankful for the courage, strength and good health that’s helping you every day to get up and keep going!

  • Be creative while scripting your goals

While writing your goals in a creative way, there are other methods you can use to be more creative and innovative. One example of this could be creating a vision board for yourself, which can help you visualize what your life or goals can look like. Pictures are the best way to depict or portray emotions and give you a lot of motivation and strength to keep going. For example, if you struggle with weight and your goal is to lose weight, you can create a vision board that can motivate you daily to keep grinding and working towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • Believe in Yourself and your DREAMS

When you’re writing the script of your life or the next twelve months, you’ve got to believe in yourself. Believe that you’re going to make your dreams come true. Believe that you will be a successful person, and know that nature and the universe will align in bringing all the positive energies that will help you in realizing your dreams. Believe that you deserve everything that you work for, and nothing can hinder the positive energies that the universe is sending your way. Believe that once you set your mind to be in the position you want, no one can stop you from getting there except yourself.  

  • Focus on the time frame

This is another tip while scripting for manifestation. When you’re writing the goals in the present tense, you should also focus on what time frame you will achieve so and so goals. For example, I have worked with 12 client companies in 2022 or 12 months. This will help you create achievable goals, and you can measure your success according to the time frame you have created for yourself. But remember to be flexible and allow yourself to make changes or mistakes.

  • Be descriptive

While scripting, remember to add as many details as possible. The details could involve all senses, so you can feel the energy, positivity, and emotions you’re going to feel when you have that goal achieved. If you aim to buy your dream house, include everything you are going to feel when you have that house. The comfort, the sounds, the smell or fragrances, and all other things you can imagine, let your imagination wander. It will help you know more about yourself, leading you on the way to self-realization and self-actualization. But also help you in finding creative energies and vibrations of what your future beholds.

By being descriptive, you will also be able to connect with your emotional self in a far more profound way. Once you have achieved what you want in your life, the emotions you might feel might be too intense, but by writing them down, you will be better equipped to handle the emotions and build a stronger and more profound connection with yourself. You might also need emotional guidance to help with the scripting technique at some points; you can reach out to manifestation coaches and figure out how to deal with such emotions.

  • Focus on what you want in your life

You might be wondering if other techniques might have a similar effect as scripting manifestation does. The answer to your question is; YES, there are. For example, visualization is another technique to practice the Law of attraction. By comparing visualization and scripting manifestation, you will be able to decide which one works the best for you!

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea; you need to let your mind wander freely and be able to express yourself through words. Pinning down ideas on paper and being able to make sense of it might not be possible for everyone. If you’re not good at writing your ideas or emotions, it might be better to go for the visualization technique. But visualization is also easier said than done. If you easily get lost in the train of thoughts, visualization is not the best technique for you.

  • Learn to explore all possibilities

Focusing on what you want will help you stay on the path to success. But having no alternatives or no backup options is the biggest mistake we make. Although it’s vital that you work towards your aim, it’s imperative that you consider all other possibilities. Explore all your options and possibilities that you can find, and you never know how you might find opportunities that can change your life forever. 

When should you script for manifestation?

Honestly, it is very subjective. It depends on your goals and how often you need a reminder to work towards them. Some people would want to script at the beginning of a year, where they plan what their year would look like. It could also be on your birthday. You need to figure out the timeline and when it can be the most productive for you to work on scripting manifestation. You can also decide the frequency of this technique once you are used to practicing it.

Example of Scripting Manifestation

An example of how I would go about my script for manifestation would somewhat look like this;

It’s 13th July 2022, I am immensely grateful for having the opportunity to start my new business venture. I’m sitting in my office, I love that my office looks spacious, lavish and is comfortably air-conditioned. I can smell freshly brewed coffee, and I feel confident and ready to meet my clients and employees. I am happy and satisfied with my performance and with the performance of my employees.. I am thankful to my friends who are always by my side to help me manifest my goals. My team has intelligent employees who collaborate, work hard and stay focused on their job and work. Being around people who make me feel accomplished and valued makes me happy every day..”

(You can keep on writing and be as descriptive as you possibly can)


Having used the technique of scripting manifestation, I feel confident to express that it has worked out for me in so many ways and has opened new avenues of success and fulfillment in my life. From getting clients to having a stable income stream, scripting manifestation has helped me be a successful business owner. Now, I wish more people would benefit from this technique and get what they want. You can also take help from manifestation coaches or trainers who can help you realize your dreams and manifest your goals by helping you direct your energies through scripting or other Law of Attraction techniques and practices.

I hope this article has helped you understand the technique of scripting manifestation and that you can now work on your script to manifest your goals. We wish you the best of luck and send you all the positive energies your way. Happy Scripting!

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