Shifting Script Template 101

Finding it difficult to write your shifting script? Let us guide you through this journey and help you with the most efficient tools and tips with Shifting Script Template.

By reading this article, you will be able to understand what shifting script is, how it works, and the basics of writing your shifting script. We have enlisted all core elements of a shifting script and also the reasons why you need to work on it. So, Let’s begin!

What is Shifting Script?

People use the method of scripting to shift to their desired realities. It is a meditation practice in which a person creates an alternate reality, a place where they desire or aspire to be, different from their current reality.

Let us explain a few fundamental concepts to you before we start;

  1. DR refers to “Desired reality.
  2. CR refers to “Current Reality.
  3. Affirmations are the statements that help you develop positive energy inside you and shift your mindset from negative to positive.
  4. WR refers to the Waiting Room. In other words, it is the world between both realities (CR and DR)
  5. A shifting Script is the Script in which the person or shifter decides what to accomplish. In other words, how they want their desired reality to feel like or define the experience of their desired reality.
  6. Finally, the method is the waythat you follow to shift from your current reality to your desired reality.

What purpose does a shifting script serve?

The primary purpose of this experience or meditation practice is that you get to experience what your desires feel like in real life. Or how the destination of your journey will feel once you have accomplished your goals and desires.

Like other meditation techniques like visualization, scripting for shifting your reality is quite similar. In this technique, you use affirmations and visualization to shift. In this way, you clarify your mind, create a safe environment for yourself where you can feel emotions, and you’re fully in control of those emotions. You are in charge of your environment and situation, and you’re capable of creating a wholesome experience for yourself in your mind.

Wondering if you can write your shifting script on your phone? Yes, it’s totally possible. Our guide will help make it easier by following the proper steps.

Another question that might pop up in your mind when you think about shifting script is; How important is it for you to write a shifting script if you want to shift to your desired reality. Can you shift to your desired reality without writing down a script for it?

In simple words, the Script can only help you in the shifting process. It will help you guide your routine, and if it’s your first time practicing the shifting, it’s recommended to script it down. Although not necessary, it can serve the purpose of assisting your journey. If you don’t write the script, you can still shift, keeping all your motives and desires in your mind.

shifting script template

In this journey of shifting, you can write down all your goals, about yourself and your desires, and all the people in your life who are part of this journey or are in your life. People think that it is not necessary to write a script. That’s true to an extent, but in order to train your subconscious mind into a routine, it is highly recommended that you jot down everything necessary that has to be incorporated in this journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. People who have successfully shifted their reality have opined that scripting is an effective way to clear out your mind, get rid of distractions, and be sure about your desired reality. It helps you decide what you actually want and don’t want your reality to be.

When you write down in words, what your desires and goals are, you are better able to see that in your reality. It becomes more concrete and palpable. The power of the words gives you strength and helps you solidify your dreams into reality.

How to write a shifting script?

Hearing the word script, you might think it’s similar to that of serials or movies. But let me tell you, it’s a lot more. It’s the Script of your desired reality. You are the one who decides how things will take place and how you will go about the situations that appear in your life. A helpful tip while writing this Script is to add in as many details as you possibly can. It will help in making the experience closest to reality.

There are various things you can add to a shifting script, and it also varies from person to person what details you would like to incorporate into it. The details might differ from your current reality; you can include all details from your desired reality. For example; if you are not confident in your current reality, A few examples of the basic things you can add are;

  1. Personal Details;

It could include your name, nickname, age, gender, date, and place of birth, languages you can speak, what ethnicity and race you belong to, your blood group, class, and the wealth you possess.

  • Your Personality and Skills

This part will include all the skills you possess, your talents and intelligence, and the activities or hobbies you like to do in your free time. It can also include your personality traits, your strengths, and weaknesses.

  • Family and Relationships

In this part, you can write about your immediate family, siblings, spouse/partner, or parents. You can also write about your friends or those whom you think to matter the most in your life. 

  • Your appearance and physique

This part will include details about your appearance. It will include your height, weight, your physique type, the color of your hair and eyes, skin color, your teeth, nose, and other physical features. It might also include your physical health and your style.

  • What do you do?

In this part, you can include details about your job or workplace. In the desired reality, you can include places where you want to work or what type of activities or hobbies you want to engage in.

  • Other details about your DR

In this part, you can add all the details you deem necessary. For example, some people who would like to acquire certain abilities, for example, having a perfect vision or having a specific body strength, can include that in the Script. You can include skills such as magic or knowledge about a particular subject.

According to the details discussed above of how and what things you can include, you might have a better idea by now that this Script differs from person to person. You can design your own template or follow the templates written by others and fit your details in those templates. While you are experimenting, you can try working both ways and see which one works best.

Shifting Script Template

For our blog, and to clarify things, let’s work on a script for shifting to the reality of Super Heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or The Avengers. We all know the stories of Iron man, Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, and all other important characters. They all have special powers, and they use those powers to save humanity from threats and antagonists in each one of their stories. Let’s start with the basics!

Your desired reality is being a Marvel Superhero; Things to consider

So, while planning, you might want to consider a series of questions.


Personal Information

  1. Name; Elijah
  2. Age; 24 years
  3. Gender; Male
  4. Nickname; Turbine (known for the powers)
  5. Accent; Italian
  6. Date & Place of Birth; A village in Italy, 01/01/2111
  7. Race & Ethnicity; Italian
  8. Languages; Italian, English


  1. Powers; Special Healing Powers
  2. Intelligence; Highest IQ on planet earth
  3. Hobbies; Gym and gardening
  4. Skills; Healing powers


  1. Height; 5’11
  2. Weight; 150 lbs
  3. Distinguishing physical feature; red eyes
  4. Hair Color; brown
  5. Skin Color; pale
  6. Eye Color; red
  7. Lips; plump and pale
  8. Nose; sleek and slender


  1. Safe Word
  2. Time Difference; the time in Desired reality is different from that in the current reality. A day in desired reality is an hour in the current reality.
  3. Death; The time of death in desired reality is 01/01/2999

Where can you write your shifting script?

If you are looking for ideas about where to write your shifting script, let us help you out!

Following are a few ideas you can work around;

  1. In your journal
  2. Note it down on your phone
  3. You can use photoshop or canva to come up with pictures or graphics to help with the visualization
  4. You can also write this script on your personal computer, in google documents, which will keep the script safe by uploading it to the cloud.
  5. To help with the visualization technique, you can also create a scrapbook. Add pictures, cards, and cute notes to make it more creative and engaging.

How to write a perfect script for shifting to your desired reality?

Coming up with the perfect visualization of what your desired reality looks like can be a challenging task, but if you are determined to do it, no one can stop you from achieving a perfect picture. Let’s help you out with the right tricks and tips and make this journey an amazing one!

Details are crucial; In order to write the perfect script, you should be detail-oriented. For example, write every detail you can, using all senses. For example, how your skin feels when you are in your desired reality. How you smell like, what’s your voice like, imagine everything that you possibly can. It will make the experience closer to reality and guide you in visualizing your desired reality in a more efficient way.

Create your sketch; One thing that makes this experience super enjoyable and pleasing is thinking about your personality and appearance. While you are thinking about your appearance, be sure to create your own sketch. Include how you want to look and what things matter to you. For example, if you want to be fit and healthy, visualize yourself as a healthy and fit person who is working on their skills. Another example would be; that if you want to be slender in your desired reality, sketch yourself as someone who’s sleek and slender. Accordingly, your physique, habits and hobbies will be different.

Go wild with your imagination;

Practicing shifting can be challenging, so you might as well go wild with your imagination. You don’t have to limit it to real-life realities; you can go beyond that. Like the example given in this blog, you can also imagine fictional situations. It could be the sci-fi movie of your life, like the stories of Marvel Movies, Harry Potter, or any other fictional novel for that matter.

Practice Patience

As discussed earlier, this process is not only challenging but also time-taking. So you have to be patient while shifting your reality; it is a deep meditation practice that needs a lot of focus and patience.

Methods for shifting reality

People use various methods to shift from current reality to desired reality. A few methods are being explained here;

  1. Raven Method

This is known to be a very basic and simple method of shifting. In this method, you basically lay on your back. In your mind, you count to 100. Along with that, you say affirmations or positive statements to yourself. An example of this affirmation could be; that I’m shifting to my desired reality. Concentrate on the counting, and try to make your body go to a state of complete relaxation, almost as if you’re close to sleeping. During this meditation, if you lose your focus, don’t blame yourself. Just try to find your focus again and concentrate until your body is asleep.

  • Pillow Method

This is a well-known method of shifting realities, and it does not require much effort as well. There are fewer visualization techniques used in this method. In this method, the shifter falls asleep. The first step in this method is also writing a script. So once you are done with the script, come up with a few affirmations that you are going to use in order to concentrate in a better way. An example of such affirmation is; that I’m capable of shifting my reality; I’m satisfied and comfortable in my desired reality. Once you have all of this written in your journal or mobile phone, put it under your pillow. The next step is going to sleep. This is the final step, and it’s the easiest one. While saying the affirmations to yourself, you slip into the state of slumber, but while sleeping, in your subconscious mind, you will have a firm faith or belief that you have shifted your reality. The right mindset and belief are crucial in this method, and that is the belief that you have shifted to the desired reality.

  • Rabbit Hole Method or Alice in Wonderland Method

Finally, this is another method used by a lot of shifters in their meditation. This method is a bit more complex and detailed than those discussed previously. In this method, there are strong techniques for visualization, and if you are new to meditation, you might find it a bit challenging or sometimes overwhelming, but once you have practiced it a few times, you’ll be good at it. This method does not require scripting, but if you prefer writing a script and saying affirmations to yourself, you can write down the script and read it to yourself. In this method, you lie in your bed and imagine that you’re lying down under a tree. Now, you need to calm your mind and say affirmations to yourself that you’re shifting to your desired reality. Imagine that something pops out of nowhere, and it belongs to your desired reality. You get up and start running after it, and then it leads you to your desired reality, just like the story plot of Alice in wonderland. This method is also recommended as a powerful method of shifting your reality.

Final Word

We hope this blog helped clear out the confusions in your mind regarding the shifting process or shifting your reality. Knowing that every person has a different shifting process and might experience totally different things. Thus, it is imperative that you keep practicing, and practice makes it the perfect experience.

Happy Shifting! We hope this shifting exercise works perfectly for you and helps align your path towards success, and helps you in reaching the desired outcomes.

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