50 powerful full moon affirmations


Firstly, talking about affirmations is the sincere act or words of encouragement and support that make things possible. Affirmations are much more potent than it seems. Affirmation is a powerful way to manifest anything that you deserve in your life. They can completely change your course of thinking and your perspective toward things. Generally believed that “you attract what you are” standing on the ground of this line mentioned above, affirmations are the support system that leads you to discover who you are and what all the great things you can conquer.

Affirmations are the act of confirming what you say or what you desire. It can be a written or oral statement that confirms something is true. Working on affirmations needs mind stability and wisdom to accept what the universe has in store for you. There are types of affirmation that can work for you. Positive affirmations are powerful words used to believe something is true. A simple example of an excellent and powerful affirmation is the act of “thanking God” or being “grateful” to people. Or another example can be telling a child that he can do better in classes. This will give the child courage to be better in the things he wants to achieve.

50 full moon Affirmations that can be practised

  1. I am worthy, whole and happy.
  2. I am proud of the person I have become.
  3. I am happy about the journey I have gone through and the success I have reached.
  4. Everything always works out for me.
  5. I am in love with the person of my dreams
  6. I am grateful for the courage I have
  7. I choose faith over fear.
  8. My powers are vast and endless.
  9. I trust my intuition, and everything works accordingly.
  10. I am grateful for everything I have now
  11. I choose joy over sadness
  12. I love and accept myself just as I am
  13. I have let go of my failures and am now happy
  14. I am happy with myself
  15. I have forgiven myself and others
  16. I have a beautiful and a creative mind
  17. I am the master of my thoughts
  18.  I choose to let go of all the energies that have me holding back from all the joy and happiness.
  19. I attract positivity.
  20. I am a magnet, and I attract all the good things in the world
  21. I attract love
  22. I attract money
  23. I attract good health
  24. I attract wisdom
  25. I am confident as the person I have become
  26. I have got the power to change my desires
  27. I choose happiness
  28. I am successful in the work I am doing
  29. I am going to achieve a particular thing by the end of this month
  30. I am going to a self your by the end of this month
  31. My heart is filled with love
  32. I am in a happy and a healthy relationship
  33. I will be in a committed and happy relationship by the end of this year
  34. I have a sound health
  35. I have a beautiful family with a loving partner
  36. I have chosen to be fit and healthy
  37. I am the creator of my destiny
  38. I have received this job offer with the salary mentioned
  39. I have healthy parents and a sound family
  40. I have achieved success in my business
  41. I attract positivity
  42. I am the source of positivity
  43. All is well in my life.
  44. I am so happy to have achieved this.
  45. My life is fantastic as it is
  46. I have accepted my flaws and am happy with that
  47. My flaws and scars are beautiful
  48. Today is a good day
  49. Successful in whatever I have desired
  50. All people are good around me

The above mentioned are all the affirmations that you can easily practise to achieve what you desire. Full moon Affirmations are strings, and you have to make sure that you are attracting the goodness while leaving out the bad parts related to it. You’ve to check whether your energy is aligned with your soul and whether you wish for something better for yourself. You have to make sure that you are attracted to what you are and have achieved everything you have desired. To make that happen, you have to repeat all these Affirmations repeatedly. You can either say your affirmation or quickly write your affirmation on paper.

The affirmation can be made a part of your life and is very helpful.

The magic of the full moon affirmation technique

Full moon affirmations are said to be robust and can attract what your heart desires. AFFIRMATIONS are the ultimate manifestation tool, and this spiritual practice is highly appreciated and encouraged. Sometimes people tend to practice negative affirmations without even knowing it. If said correctly, putting our self-esteem down or lowering our value or worth is an easy act of negative affirmation. The act of what we say, how we treat ourselves and people around us, even strangers is an Important aspect of affirmation. Incorporating positive affirmation as a regular part of our life is a very efficient way to unleash the power they behold, especially during a full moon.

To make affirmations work, the trick is to use them regularly and efficiently. You have to keep in mind and make sure that you repeat your affirmations at least once per day for a few days. The more they are said or written, the more effective they are in their actions. Using the moon to derive power and energy effectively affirms things and manifests your thoughts. Using the moon with guidance can be easy. Each month consists of a full moon and a new moon.

Moon cycle

Each moon or lunar cycle is 28 days, and each cycle consists of two phases, the new moon and the full moon. They have a difference of about 14 days.

Working for those 14 days straight is very beneficial and is believed to be a powerful affirmation tool for manifestation. It lines up the chakra of our body to heal from past experiences and learn great things from them. The unconscious mind accepts the gift of affirmation and starts flowing the energy in one’s body. It makes the process of manifestation easy and fruitful. Our unconscious mind is our greatest tool. It is very powerful. It understands and works on things beyond our conscious mind’s understanding. Activating the unconscious mind with full moon affirmations caused a positive response. Full moon affirmations are great as it’s high time to release all your worries and negative energy. For all the habits you want to change or break, all the situations you want to release, and all the distressing emotions you want to let go of. The full moon is said to be very powerful in aligning our body chakra. It works by purifying our souls and making it easy for humans to get rid of the feelings and burdens that test them apart. Affirmation in the full moon can lead to success and can be prosperous when done correctly.

How to write a full moon affirmation

Once you’ve received the idea of affirmations and understood the matrix, use them. You should effectively know how to write them so that they can work in your favour and for your benefit. Affirmations can be beneficial when written or said aloud correctly, consciously, or precisely, and most importantly, they should be made achievable and believable. The chances of it working effectively without a doubt are when there is an extreme emotion attached to the affirmation that has been written or said out loud for manifesting it.

Affirmation for professional life  

For instance, if you want to work for your self-growth and development, you can write or say an affirmation like ” I have achieved happiness and success in my life”. To be more precise, you could write an affirmation like, “I have received 80 bucks by the end of this week by selling the art I have made”. Affirmations like this are powerful and precise, and they directly work towards the goal or the motive. Believing that you can achieve a sure thing is the greatest affirmation of all. If you believe in yourself, you can succeed in anything anytime. The main motive of precisely written affirmation is that you’ve given the universe and yourself a particular time limit to complete the concerned task. You’ve set measurable and sensible goals, and you’ve attached the feeling of joy and happiness that you will feel when you receive the amount.

Moreover, you’ve attached a possible way you’ll complete your task. Affirmations that are this precise and systematic tend to get fulfilled in their specified time, as mentioned by you. With this affirmation, you’re instructing the universe to work for you and with you towards your common goal.

Affirmation of love life

If you want to manifest the love life of your dream, affirmations work miraculously for this purpose. For example, suppose you want to manifest the boy of your dreams. In that case, your affirmation must go as per ” I am in a committed and serious relationship with the man of my dreams by the end of this year” by saying or repeating this, you are letting the universe work for you in a specified period. At this moment, you will be able to enjoy meeting the mystery man of your dream and the happiness and joy that will come with the relationship. This affirms that you’ll have a committed and trustworthy relationship. Affirming this also states that you’ll be saved from the indecisiveness of men/ women who are scared of committing to a relationship.

If you want to rekindle or reignite an older relationship with the person you’ve loved before, you can easily do this by the process of manifestation using an affirmation. Although rekindling with your old lover is not as much appreciated or not considered a great idea because you’re broken up with that person for a particular reason. Breakups are a wake-up call for you. Coming back together with the same person will again lead to the same issues or trouble that you both must have faced while you were with each other in a relationship. If you feel too attached and cannot let go of the emotions and love you have for the other person, you can try this affirmation that will help rekindle the relationship back again. For doing this, your affirmation should be exact, mentioning the life you’ve imagined or planned out with your partner and all the changes and development you want to see in another person and you. You’ve to mention how your relationship has grown and now that you both are happy and content in each other’s company.

This affirmation can say, “I am in a loving and committed relationship with my girlfriend/boyfriend by the end of this year, and we’ve become a better version of ourselves”. Strong Affirmations like this can efficiently work. If you want to make someone fall in love with you, you can achieve this by Affirming your purpose. Like “I am in a healthy relationship with this person by the end of this year”, by giving or setting a specified timeline, you instruct the universe to be as loyal as you are when you manifest that thing in your life.

Full moon rituals that can be practised

Specific rituals and rules can be quickly followed if you want to practice affirmation at the full moon. Full moon manifestation is all about expansion. This can be an expansion of thoughts, fitness, health, wealth, etc. The full moon is about practising gratitude and releasing all the negative energy that is pulling you back and has become a barrier between you and your success. The full moon ritual should at least be done 48 hours or two days before the full moon day, which is proven to be very effective. This is mentioned to be a potential and a powerful time.

full moon affirmations

Magnetic waves radiate from the moon during this time, which attracts the earth towards it every month. This is focused and vivid energy where desired things can be achieved. During the full moon period, the things that are addressed are the negative thoughts that have bound you, a past related person who is pulling you back and you cannot seem to let go of the person, or the self-destroying habits that you cannot let go of like smoking, drinking, overthinking, facing depression and all those nerve-racking situations that have still tied themselves to you.

A full moon ritual can be self-satisfying or healing.

The help full moon ritual can provide

  •  It helps to Release negative energy
  • Letting go of all the things that are not for you or serve you.
  • It helps to connect you with your highest self and all the highest goodness it has in store for you and all the others involved.
  • Increasing energy that will be attracted.
  • Cleaning the spirit that you behold
  • Manifesting abundance, love, or money
  • Forgiving yourself and others
  • Paying gratitude to the almighty for always being there for you.

Rituals that are powerful and helpful are writing down the self-sabotaging habit and all the backlogging thoughts that are not letting you grow in your life on a piece of paper and then burning them down or tearing the paper on the night of the full moon. While doing this, you must keep in mind the feeling that you’re releasing those energies from your life that no longer serve you at any cost. This signifies the release of older energies.

Another remarkable way of doing this is by writing affirmations daily for a certain period. This type of affirmation works best dying the full moon time.


So, in concluding, it has to be made sure that we can be clear about affirmation. We should always keep in mind that affirmation can also attract negativity when said or miswritten without the proper knowledge. Working on affirmation should be included in an everyday task as it does not consume a lot of work or time. You can simply wake up in the morning, freshen up, and write or say your affirmation quite often without much time.

Full moon Affirmations are beautiful due to the cumulative energies of the earth and moon that work together. The lunar energy is the energy to restart life, leave behind all the negative energies, and be let loose of anything that does not serve you anymore. Writing affirmation is a good habit and is highly appreciated. One should always believe in the universe and the goodness it beholds for us. We should always believe in ourselves and remember that we attract what we are.

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