5 powerful root chakra affirmations

Learn about the best root chakra affirmations

Have you noticed that the protagonist of a movie repeats a phrase several times until gaining confidence? You can also find affirmative phrases in your real life. It is a self-help technique to remove negativity, control resistance, and empower beliefs. You can also use these phrases to heal and balance the chakras. We are now going to discuss root chakra affirmations.

But, what are these chakras? Your body has 7 energy centres. You might have an interest in spirituality, wellness, and health. So, it is important to study the chakras.

5 important root chakra affirmations-

You can learn some root chakra affirmations that make you feel strong and secure. These affirmations can also be used as your medications. You can note down these root chakra affirmations and repeat them to feel energetic. When you find a loss of balance, these affirmations will be the ultimate solution.

We have listed some affirmative statements for balancing your root chakra-

I am connected through the earth- It is an affirmative statement which makes you feel connected and stable. We are living in a fast-moving world. Still, it is essential to stay calm and focus on your present situation. Moreover, with this affirmation, you will be able to breathe deeply.

I feel grateful- You can rely on this affirmation to feel appreciated. This affirmation also develops positive psychology that encourages you to find gratefulness and well-being. Students can choose this affirmative message to recall their values and gain more strengths. It also enables them to remove obstacles from their lives. In fact, it is the major purpose of your root chakra.

I have confidence- Confidence refers to the ability to feel your own value. Regardless of the obstacle, you must be able to take the right step. Thus, you have to instill this feeling into your mind.

I am a part of the society- The absence of feelings of belonging is one of the major issues. Interpersonal relationships and social interactions can affect your life deeply. Every human being is a social creature and is connected to each other. It is our desire that others would value us.

The basic survival needs are related to the root chakra. Everyone likes to share his life with another person. So, it is important to understand the state of belonging.

I endure the obstacles coming into the path of my life- By negative pathways and thoughts, you will have a sense of self. You have to encourage healing and accept forgiveness. It will open up several opportunities for you. Negative thoughts always lower your vibration and reduce your capabilities. So, you have to keep away from them.

I feel abundant- Some individuals feel that they have abundance. This feeling is effective in removing fears from their minds. Abundance also enables you to feel secure.

You always have an instinct for survival. It must be related to wealth, finance, relationship, and surroundings.

I am physically fit- Every day you come across several media ads that instruct you on what you should buy and use. It can create different misconceptions about your body and health. Root chakra affirmations make you feel that you have a healthy body.

The important thing is that you must love yourself first. It will help you in staying healthy.

I am satisfied with what I have- It is another affirmation reiterating the fact that it is enough to have access to our lives. You must be calm to embrace the material world. You can take some time to analyze the surrounding world and have a better understanding of ourselves.

Learn more about chakras- Root chakras-

Chakras are referred to as the energy centers that can get blocked. Ultimately, energy may not flow smoothly, and thus, you have a chance of suffering from psychological and physical illnesses.

The chakras should remain balanced, and they range from root chakras to crown chakras. However, the truth is that every chakra takes some time to maintain balance.

The root chakra, also known as Muladhara, is present at the base of the spine. It is your body’s energy center that signifies stability, groundedness, and safety. So, the root chakra is the first one out of the 7 primary chakras. As the chakra is close to the earth, it stands for your foundation. It also develops your power, steadiness, and strength. The energy flows freely throughout your body.

root chakra affirmations

A balanced root chakra indicates that you will have no issue with your safety, security, warmth, food, and shelter. Moreover, it denotes a good relationship between your soul and body. It also represents that your body has the capabilities to take care of you. You will feel firmness in your life. But, it does not denote that you have no dreams and hopes for something more.

Signs that you have root chakra imbalance-


Lack of concentration and focus




Feeling abandoned

Too much cynicism and negativity

Do not overlook these symptoms to avoid the effects of imbalance in your life.

A guide to balancing your root chakra-

One of the best ways to ensure balanced chakras is to have proper nutrition. Some of us like to eat foods based on their colors. However, it is also important to eat foods rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Try to incorporate spices and red foods into your everyday diet. For instance, you can eat apples, beets, eggs, red meat, and vegetables grown under the ground. You have to consume potatoes, carrots, and red spices, including hot sauce and cayenne pepper.

Another important trick for you is to do yoga. With proper yoga poses, you can feel that your body is grounded and your lower spine is opened up. Thus, these are some ways to balance your root chakras.

Why should you heal your root chakras?

Your personal life will have several problems when your root chakra becomes imbalanced. You will not find spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing due to these issues. Moreover, you may become impatient and cannot control different things in your life.

Overactive chakra will also cause bladder problems, fatigue, and anemia.

There is a shift in behavior in different ways. For instance, you may feel greedy and scared of any issue. Thus, you must heal your root chakra and reroute your thoughts. While relying on your instinct, you will feel insecure and possessive.

Root chakra affirmations will remove your negative energy. These statements will heal your chakra and give pleasure to your life. So, they are tools to regain your power and release your chakra. You will find balanced and fulfilled life.

Have a clear concept about affirmations-

Affirmations refer to statements with multiple meanings to every individual. Based on the chosen affirmative phrase, it may denote something powerful. Most commonly, an affirmation is a positive statement intended for affirming your own self. When you utter these phrases several times, they will surely influence your subconscious mind residing deep within you.

Moreover, the subconscious mind is also efficient at processing several messages. But, the waking mind can read a little amount of information. Your conscious mind is something that we know, while the subconscious one is contrary to it.

For this reason, affirmations always reflect positivity. As your subconscious mind does not know the logic, it cannot identify the difference between the past and the future. It is familiar with your present situation. When you make repetitive statements, they will enter your waking mind and alter your innate behaviors.

Chakra affirmations-

Buddhists, Hindus, and other cultures are familiar with the chakras. These chakras are energy centers passing throughout your body and influencing your spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Thus, chakra affirmations provide you with the alchemical synergy of spoken words, mindfulness, and intention to leverage the power of the current moment.

But do these affirmations work? What does science say? According to a scientific report, self-affirmation transforms the way how your brain responds to your health messages. However, some scientists have claimed that affirmations are not the right choice for every individual. They have found that self-esteem is one of the factors affecting the result. You cannot find the truth until you have tried out chakra affirmations for your own self.

Incorporating root chakra affirmations into your everyday life-

How do you incorporate affirmation statements easily into your life? At times, you will feel uncomfortable to state the affirmative phrases. We have provided some tips for accepting the affirmative words that balance your root chakras.

Use the artwork- A piece of art with positive words can influence you deeply. Surely, you interpret art in different ways based on your personal feelings. But the most important thing is that you must place the artwork on a proper site. In an educational institute, the lobby is the best place to display the artwork. Students can see the positive words before entering classes. They will see the affirmative message unconsciously.

Create the perfect themes- The choice of a proper theme is essential for ensuring root chakra. It also triggers self-esteem and independence. The theme of your interior room setup remind you of your present situation.

I will get everything from the universe- It is another affirmation reminding you of the fact that everything will go smooth. The root chakra can make you uneasy while you do not know what the universe has to offer you. However, the affirmation will remove this uneasy feeling.

Try out silent repetition- You have to repeat some positive statements every day. It will encourage you to feel comfortable and keep away from silly thoughts. It is the best way to introduce root chakra affirmations to your life. You should also focus on the can also significance of the phrase.

So, you can use the affirmation to maintain a balance of your root chakra. Affirmations illustrate the power of words while interacting with others.

Other ways to balance your root chakra-

Surely, affirmations are the best way to restore your root chakra. However, there are several other alternatives.

Color therapy-

You can try out color therapy to get back the energy that has become imbalanced. In this therapy, you need to immerse yourself in the world of colors related to the chakra. Thus, in the case of the root chakra, it is red. So, you need to wear red garments, eat red food, and light red-colored candles. Color therapy is immersing yourself in the color associated with that chakra. These red items can create your environment. It is also better to paint images using the red color.


Keep yourself affirmed with the fact that you are secure and safe in your place. You can start journaling as your highest self-living. You must try to describe your secure feelings.

Walk barefoot every day-

The root chakra has a direct relation to the earth. Thus, you should also connect yourself with nature by keeping your bare foot in touch with the ground. You will get back to your roots.


Yoga poses have an association with chakra to restore imbalanced energy. To manage your imbalanced root chakra, you have to be in a safe and balanced yoga pose. Some common poses include the lunge pose, mountain pose, downward dog, and tree pose.


You do not need guidance for root chakra meditation. Stare at the red light, and you will find it getting brighter when you inhale. You can also do it with a red lotus flower.


To sum up, root chakra has a close relation to your feelings of safety, comfort, and acceptance. It also develops your sense of belonging. It is a highly important chakra, as it is our foundation. However, when this chakra has become imbalanced, you can leverage the power of affirmations.

Repeat the affirmative statements every day to get the lost energy. Your repetitive negative thoughts will become positive. You can say out these affirmations loudly, write them down, and meditate on them. The root chakra refers to men’s sexual energy. But, for women, it denotes the sacral charka.

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