Daily morning routine to kick off a new day

The first few hours of every morning have a great impact on what happens during the day. The daily morning routine refers to the activities done repeatedly every morning.

A good daily morning routine results in a productive day ahead. That’s why it’s very important to have good morning practices.

If you want to be successful, then you better have a successful morning routine. A good morning routine sets up a brilliant day.

To achieve the success that comes with the good morning routine, you have to do it daily. Do not skip any day, even the weekends. After 3 to 4 days, it becomes a habit. Eventually, you get used to the routine automatically. I am a joyful witness to this!

Before we head to the daily morning routine, get this first.

daily morning routine

The benefits of a good morning routine

  • Increases productivity- Starting a day with a good morning routine brings about positive thinking. Positive thinking helps in solving the day’s tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • Improves self-confidence- A good morning routine can help you to trust in your abilities. This is because what you do in the first hours after sleep builds your inner self. You start your day with strength.
  • Reduces morning anxiety- A good morning routine reduces the restlessness of the mind. If not well managed, morning anxiety can negatively affect a day’s productivity. On the other hand, a good morning routine won’t have room for anxiety.
  • Reduces procrastination- They say procrastination is a thief of time. Once you keep on postponing an event or activity, you may never do it. Handling your morning well gives you enough time and strength to accomplish your daily plans without hesitation.
  • Improves your health- Sticking to a good daily morning routine greatly improves your health. Exercise and hydration have provenlong-term health benefits.

I’m pretty sure that you are now yearning to have the benefits mentioned above. That’s why you are still here…

Now, I have prepared for you the best daily morning routine that can positively impact your life.

Wake up early

Don’t start panicking yet because that feeling is going to end in a few seconds. I know waking up early is a bit challenging, more so for a beginner.

I have been there before, and I know how it feels to wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning for the first time. If I tell you that your mind concentrates more during the early morning hours, will you believe?

Well, in the early morning hours, it’s just your mind plus whatever you are doing. No external distractions like noise from your family, colleagues, or even moving vehicles. This makes the mornings a bit special, thus the ability to build yourself.

Waking up early brings about the possibility of achieving a day’s plans since there is a lot of time at your disposal. Creating extra time is what differentiates success and failure.

Research shows thatmany successful people wake up before 6 a.m to comply with their daily morning routine.

Make your bed neatly.

This should be the very first morning activity you should do. This is a sign of making a good decision at the start of your day. This can be a small accomplishment, but it’s worth the trial. There is that good feeling of having a tidy room or a super clean environment. The eyes send information to the mind about the surroundings. A neat environment improves the thinking capacity of a mind.

For instance, can you pay for a guest room that is so untidy and disorganized bed? Probably no, that’s the same feeling you have if your room is untidy. Your mind becomes disorganized, too, unable to make proper decisions.

Look back to when you were young, your parents trained you how to make the bed. It was taboo to leave your bed with untidy sheets. It would land you to a proper punishment. They probably knew thesecret of making a bed after waking up.

Making your bed is the first good accomplishment of the day, and it keeps you positive for the remaining hours. Make this your daily morning routine, and be sure of great results.


Are you aware that dehydration causes headaches? Yes, if you don’t drink enough water, you will be attacked by a severe headache and other discomforts. No one needs this to happen to them, right?

The first glass of clean water in the morning keeps the mind alert, and that’s what we need to improve productivity.

The water you drunk on the previous day is normally used at night, so it’s advisable to fuel your body with water in the morning.

Here is a little homework for you; drink clean cold water now and monitor the feeling…How is it? That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

Build yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

  • Mental

Consider having a mindfulness meditation where you can concentrate more on something good. Train your mind to focus on positive thoughts only. Do not allow your mind to drift to other things.

It’s easy to notice the drifting, bring the mind back to focus as soon as possible.

This allows you to be in control of your mind hence positive growth.

  • Emotional

Building yourself emotionally can only be focused on the positive side of emotional feeling, which is happiness.

In the first hours of the morning, allow yourself to focus on the happiest moments of your life. Shun all anger emotions of the past and present.

What are the greatest achievements in your life? Write them down. This can make you have confidence in yourself again. There is nothing better than believing in your abilities.

Staying happy in the first morning hours sets a good mood for the entire day.

  • Spiritual

It’s normally good to start a day with spiritual guidance from God. There is that satisfying feeling that comes with having a quiet time with your maker.

Count your blessings and write them down. Then, say a prayer of thanksgiving for all the privileges that you have.

Building yourself spiritually brings eternal hope in all that you do. You hope and work towards success.

Read a blog article or a good book.

Research indicates that the mind concentrates more in the early morning hours. Therefore, you can have a daily morning routine to read at least one blog post about self-improvement, finances, and investment.

Wait a minute, do you know that the Internet has a lot of information? Yes, because if it wasn’t for the Internet, you could not be seeing this article.

Take advantage of the Internet and get good ebooks, read self-improvement blogposts.

Make it a continuous daily morning routine, and you will never regret it. They say knowledge is power, and yes, it is indeed.

Check your goals list.

If you have a pile of set goals, Congratulations to you. You are on the right path. It means you have the desire to become successful.

You can never achieve what you don’t know. Setting goals shows that you have a purpose in life.

Checking on your goals daily makes it possible to achieve them. You will know the accomplished goals and the ones that need improvement.

Making this a daily morning routine has a great impact on achieving the goals.

Plan your day

Planning your day comes from identifying which goal you want to accomplish faster. Devise means to work towards the achievement of your goals.

Having a good work plan makes things easier since you know what to do, how, and when. This one results to perfect time management at the end.

Planning helps in reducing the stress accompanied by unfinished projects.

A planned day is more productive compared to a non-planned day. Take planning your day as a daily morning routine, and you will see a significant difference in whatever you do.

Do a physical body exercise.

Doing a physical body exercise should be one of your daily morning routines. Morning exercises burn the excess calories than any other time of the day.

A daily morning exercise reduces the chances of having stress and depression. If you are busy doing exercise, you will not have time to stress yourself.

You can be sure to have a good sleep at night if you have morning exercise. By the end of the day, you will be very tired, which in turn will send you to bed early. This results in a peaceful sleep since the body wants to have a good rest.

Here are some morning exercises that can be practiced at home:

  • Jumping jacks- this is practically done by jumping when the legs are wide apart and the hands above the head. This helps in weight loss and body shaping.
  • Running/walking – this helps in burning calories and maintaining body weight. Just like any other exercise, it helps reduce stress.
  • Squatting-this is lowering of hips and taking them back while at a standing position.
  • Pushups – This is lifting your body at an arms-length repetitively. This kind of exercise helps in muscle and chest strengthening.

There are much more exercises that can be comfortably done at home.

Take a cold shower

I know taking a cold shower very early in the morning can be very challenging. But wait, research shows that a cold shower hasa lot of health benefits.

A cold shower keeps both your body and mind fresh with an ability to digest information faster.

Athletes love to have a cold shower because it can speed up muscle recovery. This is because exposure to cold water contracts the cells faster hence facilitating a short-termed recovery.

The toughest part of the cold shower is just the first few seconds, and you get used to it.

Please take action now, make a cold shower a daily morning routine and reap all the benefits associated with it.

There are some other benefits we cannot see or feel, but they do happen.

Take a healthy breakfast.

Don’t just take breakfast for the sake of duty. Take a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast consists of carbohydrates, fewer fats, fewer proteins, fruits, and vegetables.

Avoid all kinds of processed foods as much as possible.

The foods that can form a healthy breakfast include:

  • Coffee– this is a good beverage to jump-start your day with. Coffee is believed to contain high levels of caffeine which helps to keep you alert and awake. It’s also associated with speeding up metabolism.
  • Eggs– they have a lot of high-end proteins.
  • Chia seeds– have antioxidants that help in protecting the body cells. They do not contain calories hence making them suitable for breakfast.
  • Green tea– this is a beverage rich in caffeine, and it reduces body inflammation. It also has other nutritional benefits.
  • Fruits-this can be a good taster to the breakfast, and they are very beneficial to the body.

Brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth daily helps to keep gum disease and tooth decay far away from you. Both children and adults should embrace this daily morning routine.

Anyone can get toothaches, and it’s not a sweet thing to have. The best thing to do is to manage the diseases which are manageable by brushing your teeth.

The bottom line

A good daily morning routine dictates whatever happens during the day.

I want you to analyze the days that you practiced 3 or more routines mentioned above. How was the entire day? Did you feel different?

If you have never tried any of the daily morning routines, I challenge you to start today. Just start small and focus on growing day by day.

Again if we are still together here, it means that you want to have better days ahead. After all, everyone wants to be successful in life.

If you want to succeed, step out of your comfort zone of sleep and set up an achievable daily morning routine.

Do something you never did if you want to get something that you never had before.

Make a choice NOW!

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