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Positive Energy Affirmations

Words are the most powerful thing that humans can possess. When you communicate with others, you leave an effect on them. Sometimes your words influence a person positively. But at other times, it can also transform the listener into a profound and deep level.

However, Affirmations are positive and powerful statements that are aimed towards your conscious or subconscious mind. Positive affirmations is a practice that helps to get rid of your negative energy or unhealthy thinking pattern. These affirmations can alter your belief, emotions, and behavior.

Whenever these affirmations are spoken with conviction, they can create a great and positive change in any person. They can also help you with your desired achievements.

Benefits of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations has helped thousands of people to impart changes in their lifestyle. They have worked for most of us due to the capability of their powerful positive energy. When repeated concepts of statements are being chanted, it makes the person invariably believe the concepts. Despite all these factors, positive energy affirmations have certain benefits. These are being stated below:

  • Motivate: The positive energy affirmation act towards your goal. It further boosts the person positively towards their desired destination.
  • Concentrate: Positive energy affirmation makes you persistent by keeping your mind towards the goal zone.
  • Change: Affirmation changes the negative thought of a person into a positive one.
  • Influence: The positive energy affirmation, however, influences a person’s subconscious mind towards new beliefs.
  • Help: Positive energy affirmation helps a person to feel confident and positive about themselves.

Creating Positive Affirmations

There are different stages of creating positive energy affirmation. Stage 1 involves listing negative qualities or negative features of a person. When a person gets to know about their negative qualities, it is now the time to refresh them into a positive one. Repeating the affirmation regularly can hypnotize a person into positive energies. Anchoring the positive energies or affirmations into your mind can release all the negativities. Lastly, try to receive these positive affirmations from an external source. Perhaps a recording of your voice chanting can induce positive affirmations.

List of Positive Affirmations

Anyone can use positive affirmations to boost the self-confidence of a person. These permissions are used to achieve motivation in work, happiness, health, or even improving a person’s relationship.

Positive affirmations can improve relationships with your child and partner. Also, it motivates a person to adopt a new and healthy lifestyle. It can inspire a person towards their job and ambitions or desired goal. With the help of these affirmations, a person is bound to feel confident about achieving the desired success in their life.

Frequently Asked Questions on Positive Affirmations

Is affirmation the same as positive mantras?

Affirmations are the belief phrases that bring happiness and positivity to a person. In contrast, Mantra is a vehicle to help and heightened the state of awareness in a person.

Can positive energy affirmations help someone with depression, anxiety, or sleep disorder?

Positive energy affirmation helps to bring a feeling of hope and calmness to a person. It can be helpful when a person is suffering from anxiety or depression. Incorporating the relaxation technique in your lifestyle can also help you with your insomniac problems.

  • Repeating your affirmation regularly : ALL affirmations repetition works wonders and each re-listen and re-watch will help to further cement these affirmations into your sub-conscious allowing you to get the most from them. Practice this affirmations part of your daily routine
  • Anchoring the positive energy into your body While you are listening your positive affirmation, you need to breathe right. Just inhale and exhale mindfully.

45 + positive affirmations

“Repeat these positive affirmations twice and visualise it during the practice”


I focus on the positive rather than the negative.


The universe is supporting and guiding me.


I trust everything happens for a good reason.


I make peace with my past and move forward.


I listen to my mind & body.


I focus my attention on positive thoughts.


I believe everything happens for a reason.


I am worthy of a great & prosperous life.


I replace my negative thoughts with positive thoughts.


I say good things to myself everyday.


I practice good habits that head to happiness.


I appreciate even the little daily things I’ve done.

“ON average it takes 21 days for an affirmations practice to work, keep going”


I trust and believe in the universe.


I am grateful for everything I have at this moment.


I feel calm and at peace.


I focus my energy, creativity, and time on positive things.


I am grateful for my health.


I practice gratifude everyday.


I practice self love.


I find love, care, happiness and joy all around me.


I appreciate the good things I’ve accomplished.


I love myself.


I allow blessings to flow into my daily life.


I have no regrets or complaints.

“be mindful during the prACTICE, inhale deeply and exhale”


I surround myself with love & support.


I am happy for others’ success.


I take care of my loved ones.


I thank each & every thing around me.


I am worthy.


I am enough.


I believe in me.


I am capable of amazing things.


I have a never give-up attitude.


I enjoy & celebrate life.


I am getting better every single day.


I practice kindness.


I will face my fears.


I am completely in charge of my life.


Today I choose to be positive.


Mental health is my priority.


I breath in confidence and exhale doubt.


I am grateful for all that I have.


I see challenges as an opportunity to grow.


I trust my intuitions.


I am confident & courageous.


Today is going to be the best day of my life.


Thanks for watching. Have a positive day.

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