Comfort zone challenges: Step out of your comfort zone today 101

step out of your comfort zone: To step out of your comfort zone, you will need to see it as the only option you have. You are said to be in your comfort zone when you do not want to try anything new. You have the fear and you do not want to overcome it.

Being satisfied when you pay your bills using a salary check will not push you to get a side hustle. You probably don’t want to put your savings in a business and risk failure.

There are no stressful things when you are in your comfort zone. This is because you have positioned yourself in a status that you don’t have to strain your mind or body. You will need to step out of your comfort zone to achieve your future goals.

Who doesn’t love to be in their comfort zone anyway? Research shows that 90 per cent of the population live in their comfort zone. Does this sound right? No, it doesn’t because we are leaving all the benefits to the 10 per cent of the population to do things on our behalf. But I need to tell you that comfort zone does more damage than gains.

How to know you are in your comfort zone

I want you to take a keen look at the following things that indicate you are in your comfort zone.

  • When you are drowning in debt- Financial debts are becoming normalcy in the current generation. Mobile money lenders are making this possible by providing money to almost everybody. This is a quicker way to get the money without much strain. I’m not insinuating loans are bad but if well managed, debts facilitate growth in a big way.
  • You don’t strain to pay bills- This can be as a result of your good paycheck. You don’t even request your boss for a pay rise. Do you know should not depend on your paycheck alone?
  • Feeling comfortable about your body weight- You feel that there is no need to do exercise to manage your body weight.
  • You rarely mingle with strangers- You feel good about yourself and you don’t want to learn anything from strangers. You are doing a big mistake to yourself. Stick around and I’ll show you how you can step out of your comfort zone.
  • You are afraid to fail- If you are scared to fail in anything you are doing then know you are at the centre of your comfort zone.
  • Worried about public opinions-Straining to please others shows that you fear what people might speak about your new developments.

Wait a minute, I want you to see this

Benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone

comfort zone challenges

Once you step out of your comfort zone there will be more advantages, don’t give up yet.

  • You grow daily- chances of positive growth increase when you focus to step out of your comfort zone.
  • The desire for success fills your mind- Stepping out of your comfort zone helps you to focus more on getting a better tomorrow.
  • Improves self-confidence -You are welcomed to the real world when you step out of your small imaginary world (comfort zone). The act of stepping out alone brings about that feeling of self-confidence in you.
  • Boosts creativity- Stepping out of your fear zone expands your mind to think more of new ideas and inventions.
  • Makes you flexible enough to deal with change. Change is said to be inevitable and it’s good to learn to live with it. For instance, Covid- 19 brought about a lot of changes in the economy and employment patterns.
  • Allows you to realise your potential in the long run. Trying out new things will make you realise what you are capable of achieving.
  • Helps you to know your self-worth. This ensures you do not settle for less than you deserve.

I hope by now those benefits are pushing you towards the next level of yourself. I am 100% ready to help you get into your real self in the real world.

That’s why I want you to start challenging yourself in the following ways… You will eventually like the process because it comes with a full package of the benefits I told you about.

 1. Stop being a spendthrift

Yes, avoid all unnecessary spending because this lands you on unmanageable debts (which is terrible). No matter how small or big your paycheck is, overspending doesn’t bear any sweet fruits.

You slowly drift to credit cards and mobile loans when you feel you need something faster. Just know that is extremely dangerous.

Ways to reduce overspending

  • Derive a formula to spend your earnings and you will never spend more on unnecessary items.
  • Set short term achievable financial goals. Don’t strain to have a huge goal that is hard to achieve in the long run.
  • Save at least 20 % of your income. Set up automatic savings to reduce the chances of procrastination. Put all your savings in a different bank account to avoid the temptations of withdrawing.
  • Leave all your debit and credit cards at home. Sounds a bit hard? This ensures that when you are out of cash you do not spend more. It also helps you to stick to your budget.
  • Avoid expensive entertainment. Going to places of entertainment once in a while is good. But you should ensure that you do not overdo it. This will spare you from overspending much on leisure.
  • Start investing. Once you start investing, you will automatically cut off unnecessary spending. This is because your income will have a new responsibility of building up the investment.

Start writing down your to-do list of monthly expenses now and start thinking of a suitable budget. Let’s move together!

2. Start Reading

Reading not only helps you to step out of your comfort zone but also adds infinite knowledge to you. The spirit of reading is unstoppable once it’s welcomed.

Don’t just depend on watching television to get news updates. Sometimes surprise yourself with a Newspaper. Try reading different types of books, blog posts, holy scriptures to expand your mind.

Make it a habit to read something daily even if it’s one page.

3. Confront your greatest fears

Take a notebook and write down what you fear most. You can also include the reasons why you have the fear. Breath in and out because I’m gonna show you how to overcome your greatest fears.

Before I proceed, do you know that fear is a destiny killer? Do you know that fear is the greatest obstacle between you and your incredible achievement? Because you want to know more, I know your answer should be a big YES.

To overcome fear:

  • Be a conqueror of your mind. Fear originates from your mind and it can stop from it.
  • Accept that you have fear. Realising that you fear certain things is easier to derive means to overcome the fear. Do not try to lie to yourself because it’s impossible.
  • Take what you fear as the only way to survive. Activate the button of ‘do or die’ in your mind. This is exactly what I did when I was opening my first business.
  • Talk it out to a professional. These guys are talented to help people drowning in fear and anxiety. Get the help.
  • Take a nature walk to calm your mind. After this, you will be psychologically prepared to overcome the fear.
  • Analyze whether what you are fearing has ever happened to someone before. Did they succeed or fail? Focus on those who succeeded and you will be good to go.

Overcoming your greatest fears helps you to step out of your comfort zone.

4. Be a problem solver

Solving problems is a great strategy to help you step out of your comfort zone. You can start by solving your problems before you proceed to help others.

Problem-solving involves creativity which in turn magically gets you off your comfort zone.

Steps of problem-solving

  • You start by identifying the problem
  • Analyse different ideas to confront the issue
  • Try out each idea and observe which works best
  • Implement the idea which works best
  • Assess how successful is your solution

Problem-solving challenges your mind to step out of the comfort zone. Why don’t you try to solve one problem today?

5. Try doing a business

Business is a risky idea that is worth the trial. There is always that fear associated with business startups. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are starting, there is always a risk.

Business is associated with making critical decisions on the way forward. This keeps you on your toes because you do not want to fail.

By starting up a business you will be stepping out of your comfort zone to the business world.

6. Try out a good morning routine

The thought of waking up early in the morning brings chills to most of us. That could be the reason why you are not growing. This is because a morning routine plays a big role in determining the success or failure of daily activities.

People who have an excellent morning routine tend to have successful days. I know that it’s a bit challenging to start something you haven’t tried before.

The best way is to start small and gradually increase the tone. This will help you to step out of your comfort zone in a better way. Just bite what you can chew.

7. Learn to do exercise

If you have been through school I know you got trained by your games master. How was the feeling on that first night? The limps, the back and every other part of the body must have been aching.

I know you probably don’t want to go down that path again. You better rub that thought in your head right away. Doing body exercise can help you to step out of your comfort zone.

Make your body active all the time and you will never regret it. Don’t just sit down and relax there is nothing there.

8. Ensure you learn something new

Learning exists where you are new to a certain incident. There have to be setbacks when trying to learn something new.

Get a personal mentor from who you can start learning. They can be a public figure, a blogger, an artist, or any other person you might feel interested in.

You can still challenge yourself to start learning how to drive, cooking a meal you’ve never cooked before etc.

Take the time to figure out what area you need to learn something new. Keep on pressing on and you will find learning a very enjoyable experience.

9. Start a conversation with a stranger

How many times have you met total strangers? I’m sure the answer is several times. Do you talk to them, maybe asking them for directions or just greeting them?

Think of it this way… You start talking with someone you never met before. This is trying to familiarise yourself with new people which is a great way to step out of your comfort zone.

Mingling with new people opens up many opportunities for growth since there are a lot of talented people around us. You can not know that without starting a conversation with them.

10. Try speaking in public

You might be at classmates or a colleagues birthday party, take the chance and say an opening prayer or a vote of thanks.

Taking the initiative to speak in public drives away fear from time to time. Public speaking allows you to show your face to many people at once. It also triggers more interaction with your audience.

This is a good way to step out of your comfort zone. You can start this on party and advance as time goes by.

Take the action

I believe in you and I know you will not let me down. The ball is now in your court.

Believe in yourself because you can take up the challenge and work towards the growth and prosperity zone.

Let’s do this today!

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