How to Make Exercise Fun(15 Quick and easy ways)

Looking for simple ways How to Make Exercise Fun? We know plenty of people want to stay physically active or fit, but doing exercise looks like a serious headache for them or often a duty to perform like the other household chores. On the other hand, physical exercise offers numerous benefits, including a healthy heart, quality sleep, reduced stress, extra weight loss, enhanced mood, increased stamina, and many others. 

And most importantly, it helps to lower the chances of developing chronic diseases in your body. But, unfortunately, despite knowing all the positive results, people feel bored and repetitive while doing physical exercises. 


Physical exercise helps us to stay safe for longer and feel fantastic. However, as per the study, it is found that the percentage of adults who regularly engage with the 30 minutes of physical exercise each day is very less like 5% only. Therefore, we start with a resolution of making us physically fit throughout the year. As a result, we vigorously follow it by continuously joining a gym session and maintaining a healthy diet. 

But within a few weeks, the plans or resolutions started to break down, and we feel tedious and monotonous with daily exercises. Although, there is a way to make your daily exercise a little bit of fun. Now you can spend hours with your physical exercise, and it won’t make you feel repetitive and boring. 

As a matter of fact, fitness is more important nowadays to make people strong and healthy. It provides benefits regarding your physical strength, but your mind will feel relaxed and stress-free. That’s why exercise with fun is necessary to make it continue over time to make your body flexible and fit, improve your strength and build better mental health. Each kind of exercise is good for your health ranging from doing meditation, jogging, walking, or yoga every morning to dancing and cleaning your household, all will be counted in the staying-healthy-list. 

Here we are going to acknowledge a few simple ideas to make your exercise fun. So, let’s dive in!

how to make exercise fun?

Try to spend some time with the essence of nature.

If your house is near a forest, river, mountain, or waterbody, then find some time from your busy schedule and spend it through nerve-stirring activities like strolling, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, walking, and embracing the natural views, etc. As per the research of “Harvard Health Publishing, ” it makes you fit and healthy and helps you relieve your stress completely. 

According to the study, if you interact with nature regularly, it will provide you many therapeutic benefits to heal both states, including physical and mental. For example, doctors always suggest fresh air while your health and mental condition is not ok. In addition, natural sounds and the quiet atmosphere with scenic views helps to reduce several chronic health issues such as blood pressure, heavy stress, and many more. So, try to carve out your valuable time and devote it to enjoying the natural spaces. 

Do your exercise with your friends.

Make the exercise a little bit interesting and enjoyable! Add your close buddy to the same group during exercise. It will make you engaged and also you won’t feel boring while going to the gym. On the other side, if you feel struggle to get out of bed at the early morning for the workout session or you are ready to make an excuse to postpone your exercise while returning to the office, then your gym partner will be there to make you inspired every day to not to miss your gym class. Besides that, doing exercise with your friends will give you more enthusiasm and even make you laugh in the whole process.

Try something different rather than joining a workout session.

Trying to avoid gym sessions? The best solution is to participate in nearby aqua aerobics, yoga, dancing, Pilates, spinning, Zumba class, or kickboxing. It will inspire you to attend each class without any miss-out. However, don’t get afraid to try something new, after some time you will be accustomed to those activities. Not only will you get interested in the entire process rather than doing heavy exercises in the gym, but also, you could have fun with such activities with your new friends. 

Join a dance class or Make your own space into an effective dance floor

How to Make Exercise Fun

I think dancing is more interesting than doing lots of exercises in the workout session or running on a treadmill to lose weight. Join a reputed dance class nearby your home such as Zumba, salsa, hip hop, and count your heartbeat with those fast movements. Various styles of dance will get you there, so pick one with a well-trained instructor and start your effective exercise. 

Apart from that, you can make your home itself a dance theatre. Turn up your home music system, increase the volume as much as you want, and do the best dance steps like nobody is observing. While you move your body through dance steps, it will help you eliminate your stressful thoughts or feelings. Also, music can be the best way to express your feelings and a soothing mechanism for stress relief.  

Exercise with your daily activities

Did you know that you can burn up to 175 calories or 191 calories when you are going shopping for spending an hour on household activities? Although we are not recommending skipping your gym class in favor of a shopping trip to the mall, there are plenty of tasks that wouldn’t feel like a heavy workout. So go outside of your relaxed zone and try to accomplish some activities, including gardening, do some housework, clean your backyard, and experience a calorie-burning cleaning of your vehicle. Then, unknowingly, you are doing some exercise which will help you to burn your calories every day. 

●      Download more fitness applications

Nowadays, it’s very easy to maintain your fitness activities through several fitness applications. Therefore, you will get several fitness apps out in the market, enabling you to stay active and healthy along with your busy office schedules. Here, your fitness activities would be tracked properly, but you will also get a balanced diet that you need to maintain during the workout session. 

Besides that, you will be serving with important tips related to your health, guidance, and most significantly, reminders to make you keep remembering about your goal. MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, 30-day Fitness at Home, Calorie Counter are some of the popular fitness applications. So download those apps and get started today.  

Heading out for bike riding  

Bike riding kills two birds with one stone: It helps us lose our extra weight and relieves our stress after a longer period of any engagement. In addition, rather than riding on public transports or your car, you can ride a bike and get a positive result immediately in your hand. 

You may use a stationary bike to work out alone or through a spin subscription app, such as Studio Sweat On-Demand, which hosts live courses.

●      You can look for a workout partner.

If you are thinking of a partner workout, it would be one of the best ways to achieve your goal. You cannot always motivate yourself. So, your partner can help you out at that particular time and inspire you most to stay on track. Also, you will get personal relief while exercising with your partner. It will make you more confident in gym class. 

Appoint a professional trainer to get the better start

Are you curious to know about the weight room but don’t know where to get started? Don’t worry. A trainer is a fantastic and motivating option for you. Just appoint a professional trainer who will assist you with being on the right track and determining how to move your body to meet your specific demands. Expert support from the person who knows the whole process well and helps you reach your goal appropriately would be the best way to enhance your experience.

 Remembering about your Childhood

I hope you can remember your childhood days when you were an active player and champion in various outside games. Skipping a rope is also one of them. Well. You could think those are only games for your childhood. But it is not at all. You can try the same thing even now also. If you feel skipping a rope is not suitable for you, you can go for the trampoline. Just observing your hula hoop skills means how many times you can jump or skip without taking a break. 

Engage with the Outdoor Games

Who tells you that fitness activities are only relevant to weightlifting or treadmill running? Take into account Wii Fit and Wii Sports games which are entertaining as well as interesting. Consider these sports as an alternative option. This is a perfect way to have fun while still getting some exercise with your friends or you alone. You may play golf, snowboarding, or fishing for some time for the next option.

Enjoy exercise videos

If you feel shy or uncomfortable exercising with lots of other members in the gym, then go for the exercise videos at your home. There are numerous fun exercise videos available in the market. Just choose the one which you like the most. It will make you motivated to stay accountable as well as you can do exercise together with entertainment. 

Plan for a healthy break

Why not take a healthy break and plan for the next holiday trip? Search for the best resorts with luxury gyms, surfing spots, and areas where you can stroll for hours. It will inspire you to do these kinds of exercises unknowingly.

Clean your home

However, nobody enjoys cleaning their own houses or rooms, but it is one of the important activities equivalent to doing some exercises unknowingly. Also, it comes under the activity, which I wouldn’t say I like to do. So, instead of cleaning your room or apartment, you can play a game with this task. 

Just watch how much you can clean your room within a period of time while a single song is playing at a full volume. Add more activities, and you can also dance while cleaning your room or garden. At least you won’t feel that you aren’t able to do that. After playing one song, you will be getting motivated to do more exercise, which is good to keep going on.  

Park your car end of the parking lot

Nowadays, we are too busy that we won’t put so much effort into accomplishing any task. But, if we don’t struggle to do any task, then it can impact your health, and you can fall ill unknowingly. Keep remembering. Every step is important to make you fit and active. These steps will be counted as a little improvement to your health, making you different from the “old you.” Everything matters. If you are working out every day and burning your calories, eating the ideal food according to a balanced diet is also necessary to keep you strong. 

Go for the fun fitness challenges.

You don’t need to begin with a completely new routine of working out to have fun as well as losing your extra weight. If you are strong enough and like to take challenges, then simply challenge yourself to various feats of strength and wait for the result. You can also compete with your buddies, spouse or children, and others. Let’s find out who is better at the end of this challenge. 

For example, you may set a goal of jumping on the trampoline for 10 minutes continuously without taking any break or doing 50 pushups every day without taking any break. It will assist you to keep your body moving while exercising and bring the positive outcome of having a good time in the future. You can also make challenges for your friends and family members to keep them strong, healthy, and far away from any chronic disease. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you will like our article and the simple ways to make your exercise a little fun. Remember one thing that doing exercise is always better to keep you healthy and fit. That’s why it’s our little endeavor to make you inspired to keep going with the exercises and maintaining your health. 

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