How to become a better person? (14 Simple ways)

How to become a better person? To make yourself better is a way of self-improvement. Self-improvement can encourage you to fit well in society. I know that trying to be better gets the least time in our time allocation of the day.

Our minds are always occupied with daily pressing activities like work, family, business, etc. This is why focusing to become a better version of yourself can be so challenging.

There is always room for everybody to be better. Self-improvement is very much effective if done persistently. Being a good version of yourself helps you to deal with challenges as they come by.

Having an act of self-kindness is the way to go, especially in this world of chaos. If you do not love yourself, then don’t expect anyone else to love you.

I know you want to better yourself, and that’s why you are here on the first point. I will not disappoint you. You will know how to be a better person by the time you finish reading this article.

I did intense research, and I came up with 14 simple ways that can help to better yourself.

Here we go…

Learn to forgive yourself and others

Forgiveness is so magical because it creates a very super internal peace. Everyone has past flaws which can steal our present joy. The best thing to do is forgiving yourself. At that time, you did what you thought was the best.

Regrets will never bear any good fruits no matter what. You will not grow if you keep on thinking about your past mistakes.

No growth has ever been associated with mistakes. Wise people make mistakes and learn from them. Once you succeed, all the mistakes will be forgotten.

Do you know Elon Musk? He had a lot of mistakes while launching his projects. We talk about his success in space, not his mistakes.

Forgive others to gain peace of mind. By forgiving them, you set yourself free from that bondage. Forgive them and move on.

Forgive your past mistakes, and you will be in the process of becoming the better side of yourself.

Improve your skills

We live in a world that changes every moment. You need to keep honing your skills and expertise. This way, you will be able to fit in the constantly evolving world.

Research the new deliverables in your line of skills and expertise. What is the newest technology in what you work daily on? This is important because we have seen technology render a lot of people jobless.

I’ll give you a good example of typewriters. I don’t think you can find a typewriter anywhere in this era of computers. Where do you think the people who used to operate typewriters went? Those who had no computer skills were fired.

That’s why you should always hone your skills frequently. It will also be a marvellous way to better yourself.

Think and talk positively

Are you aware that a positive mind can help you to avoid many problems? Research shows that what you think is what you talk about. If you have positive thoughts, you will talk positively.

Thinking positively helps you to reduce stress in a big way. Only negative thoughts bring about stress and depression. This way, you will always be happy in everything you do.

There is the power of the tongue. What you proclaim to yourself is what exactly happens.

Talking positively helps to build more permanent relationships. People will automatically draw themselves to you if you are always positive. They will feel renewed whenever they have a conversation with you.

What else can be better than having strong relationships with people around you? Focus on staying positive, and you will be getting better, day by day.

Leave your comfort zone.

You will never get anything good in this zone. Don’t get discouraged; keep on reading… The Comfort zone is that zone where you feel that you don’t need anything new. You are fully satisfied in every aspect of your life. In short, you do not want to do something so demanding.

Having that state of mind is very dangerous because you don’t learn. If anything interrupts your comfort zone, you will be grounded.

To better your self try and get out of your comfort zone. Everything good has to be worked for.

Overcome your fears

Fear can withhold a lot of opportunities in your entire life. This monster can make sure you don’t step out of your comfort zone. Overcoming your greatest fear will help you to see so many opportunities.

The fear of failure or what will people say is the greatest obstacle hindering growth. I want to tell you this again- fail big and learn from the failure. Without failure, you will never know to be perfect. A toddler doesn’t know how to walk nor speak on the first day.

Think of what you fear the most; try doing it again. This time around, I want you to be determined to succeed no matter what. Confront that fear until you win. Overcome the fear in your mind and overcome it physically.

Congrats because I know you are already a winner. Fear is a state of mind, to overcome it, you need to start from the mind. Better yourself by overcoming the fear that hinders your prosperity.

Have enough sleep

Sleeping adequately boosts your health. Having enough sleep helps you to have enough rest. This results in having a fresh body and mind. No human being can survive without sleeping.

Have a going to bed schedule and a waking schedule. This routine becomes automated if done daily. Enough sleep helps in:

  • Improves concentration
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Enough sleep increases productivity. This is because you have no temptations to sleep while you are working.
  • Reduces chances of getting depression

Getting enough sleep will help you better yourself from within your body. Make sure you sleep for at least 7 hours per day. Don’t overwork yourself.

Waking up early can help you to better yourself.

I understand that this can be more challenging at the start. I would like to challenge you to start waking up 30 minutes before your normal waking time. When you are used to that pattern, you can make it one hour prior. I know before the end of one month into practice, you will be able to wake up early.

When you wake up early, you will have plenty of time to accomplish your daily tasks without much pressure. You will also be able to have a daily morning routine that can help to better yourself.

You should also establish a sleeping pattern. It’s impossible to sleep very late at night and expect to wake up early. Sleeping early enough will make it possible for you to wake up early.

I highly recommend waking up early than sleeping late at night. In the evening, the body is usually worn out by the day’s activities. The concentration rate at this time is usually low compared to early mornings.

Again, at night there are a lot of distractions from your friends, neighbors, kids, moving vehicles, etc. The early mornings are usually filled with silence, whereby you can undertake the procedures of self-improvement.

Start waking up early today and awaken the better version of yourself. Give it a try and write down the improvements daily.

Have a good exercise routine

A good exercise routine helps to burn excess fats in the body. I know the majority of people don’t find enough time to do exercise. This is because of the fixed timetable of waking up, heading to work, and coming back late.

Our lives are occupied, and that’s why some routines may seem too hard to start. This is a huge mistake we do to our bodies. Starting an exercise routine is a better way of appreciating your body.

Exercising also helps the body to stay strong and fit always. Other benefits of exercise routine are:

  • Facilitates weight loss. No one likes a shapeless body. Exercising routine has got that one for you.
  • Has the ability to improve your mood positively
  • Regular exercising helps to combat anxiety disorder.
  • Once you start exercising, you normally have adequate sleep at night.

Wake up early and plan your day so that you can have enough time to do exercise. I know you don’t want to miss the benefits.

Set goals

Setting goals is another way to better yourself. I know you are asking how it works. I got the answers for you.

Setting goals is a very important technique for self-made millionaires. When you know what you want to achieve, you will have a direction to move on. Set achievable goals which will not burden your mind.

Always put yourself as a priority in all aspects of life. Set goals that will only help you to be a better person.

Promote good habits and shun the bad ones

Promoting good habits in your life helps you to better yourself in a big way. When you have good habits, even the community will be happy to be associated with you. I want you to ask yourself this, what will people say about your habits in your absence?

Being good is a choice as well as being bad. Cultivating good habits in your life eases your stay in the community. Can you imagine being referred to as a bad person in society? You normally don’t have peace because a lot of people are talking negatively about you.

People will always talk, so you better give them good topics about yourself rather than bad ones. I’m not saying that you should impress people. You should always be the better version of yourself.

Learn to meditate

Meditation has proven to be a healer of anxiety. To meditate is to train your mind to focus on one particular item at a specific time. You can also listen or say a phrase of words repetitively for a longer period.

When done frequently, meditation helps you to better yourself marvelously. Mindfulness meditation lowers stress levels and relaxes your mind.

Networking helps you to better yourself.

The exchange of information among a group of people with common interests is what we refer to as networking. When it comes to self-improvement, networking is an essential tool to better yourself.

It’s said you are who you associate yourself with. Learn to associate yourself with people who are more successful than you. You always have something to learn from those who are better than you.

Sit in a room where you will see opportunities in your line of interest. Proper networking enhances the art of self-improvement.

Don’t depend entirely on your paycheck.

If a paycheck is the only source of income for you, then you are in great danger. Yes, that is the truth. You will never better yourself when you comfortably depend on your paycheck.

Just imagine if you got fired today or if the company goes down. Where would you start? Give yourself the appropriate answer to that.

It’s time to start creating multiple streams of income if you have not yet done it. The world is full of ugly outcomes.

Take a break

Learn to treat yourself well. Go for outings once in a while to relax your mind and body. During this time, concentrate fully on getting the good rest that you deserve.

Take a short holiday to a place you have never been. Interact with new people and make friends. This will help you to calm your mind hence making yourself a better person.

If possible, shut down all social media accounts to avoid distraction while in your precious moments. It’s a good way to better yourself while having some good rest off work.

Final thoughts on how to become a better person?

If I were you, I would:

  • Implement at least 5 ways the start
  • Continue to add more ways day by day
  • Always come back to this post if I need more clarifications

I know you want to better yourself, and you will heed my call.

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