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30 Twin Flame Quotes that works

For those who may be wondering if having a twin flame automatically means a romantic relationship, the simple answer is not always because, most of the time, a twin flame is someone that changes your life.

They may not be the one or be your romantic soul mate but one thing is for sure and that is, this person will bring changes to your life beginning from the moment your paths cross.

Is there anyone you have met that has completely transformed the course of your life? Well, if you have someone like that then they may most likely be your twin flame.

Though you may not be exactly sure why but one thing is that the meeting does feel destined. While they may not be the type of person you like normally, you will fall for them and you will fall hard.

If we were to sum up the relationship twin flames have with one another in one word, the best word will be intense. Your twin flame is someone you have an intense connection with.

In other news, it is practically a catalyst of spiritual growth when your paths meet. Before we delve into twin flame quotes, it is best to perfectly define what the twin flame entails.

Twin Flame Quotes

For those who have been lucky in their lifetime to find the ying to their yang, then we have some quotes for you. Not everyone will be fortunate enough to meet their mirror souls.

Even if you have not found yours, you can always read through the quotes. It goes thus:

1.Each soul has a twin that becomes the reflection of themselves – a kindred spirit. Irrespective of how far they are or their location or dimensions they always find themselves. This right here is love; it is destiny.

2.Have you gotten close to someone that you have no idea why both of you have two separate bodies and two skins?

3.Twin Flame and soulmate relationships are among the strongest vehicles of spiritual awakening in our existence. They are capable of challenging you on each level and demanding that you must grow and be all you have been destined to be – in a nurturing space filled with love.

4.I cannot say it was love at first sight but it was way deeper than that. It was a sense of belonging to a place I never thought I wanted, but in some way I always needed. It was a home that had a heartbeat.

5.My soul will forever find yours.

6.Have faith in the Universe that it will bring you back with your twin flame

7. He touched my soul a long time before I ever knew what his hands felt like.

8. Unconditional love, revealing the best in one another, heavily compatible – the special bond between twin soulmates.

9.Due to their sacred gift of being able to translate and embody energy, empaths are capable of spotting their twin flames a mile away

10.Since they have the same internal frequency of heightened energy vibrations, best believe that twin flames will always be on the same page.

11.While my soul remembers you always, my mind keeps trying to catch up.

12.What do you need to know about the alchemy of twins? They are two bodies that dance to the joys of one another. They are two minds that get drowned in the despair of each other. They are two spirits, joined at the heart and fly with one another’s love.

13.God made twin flames to bring divine harmony and love to Earth. To do this, we need to move beyond duality. This is why God made twin flames different from each other. This is because only the person that goes beyond duality can be capable of merging in unity with their other twin flame.

14.When with your twin flame, you will always feel at home no matter where you are. You will find harmony and peace on a simply profound level

15.There is nothing capable of breaking the bond between twin flames because they are your permanent spiritual wife or husband.

16.When you meet your twin flame or not, you will always feel it. It is different from all other connections you have with other people. And, it will not be hard to understand and feel. If the relationship is entangled or seems complicated, then you have stumbled on this karmic connection again. When you meet your twin flame, you will feel the backing of the universe no matter the hardships you both encounter.

17.Know, that we have met before and we will surely meet again. I will keep finding my way to you in the next life and every life after it.

18.Two flames do not get to complete you because you are innately complete on a soulful level. Rather, they deeply compliment you and assist you in growing.

19.Whenever you discover your twin flame, you discover freedom. For nothing is more exhilarating, free, and wild as that of absolute soul love.

20.People believe a soulmate is the ideal fit and think it is what everybody wants. However, a true soulmate is simply a mirror, he or she shows you everything that holds you back, and they bring you to your attention so that you can transform your life.

21.Our souls interact with a language that is greater than human understanding. It is a connection that is uncommon, that the universe will not let us part.

22. When twin flames are incarnated, they have big differences like age, race, language, and even living on different continents. However, the universe is wise enough that for us to meet our twin flames, we need to pass through obstacles until we move beyond duality and become reunited.

23.The universe grants a twin to every soul. This soul is a reflection of themselves – a kindred spirit. And irrespective of where they are or how far apart they may be, they always find each other.

24.We get to meet our soulmates only when we are on our soul path.

25.       The bond between souls is ancient, it is older than our planet.

26.There is a unique essence about a person that is about to transform your life, destined by the stars as if the universe had it planned all along. In a way, these connections are not crafted to stay with us. Similar to a shooting star, they are magical but fleeting.

27.Do not seek your twin flame desperately. Such luck of energy will never attract your twin. And, no one outside of yourself can make you feel loved until you get to the point of loving yourself.

28.You incarnated on Earth with your twin flame many times to prepare for a life where your twin flame and others that have been strategically located around the globe will begin anchoring immense diving energy on Earth and increase the vibrations of both humanity and Earth.

29.You will feel the response in your chakras when you meet your twin flame. It may be felt as a tingling, a vibration, or a pulsation in your energy centers.

30.There are lots of people in the world, but I am confident to say if you can connect with a person on a soul level then you should never take them for granted.

What Is A Twin Flame?

Unlike what you may have heard or read, your twin flame is not your soul mate. Interestingly, he or she does not need to be a person you fall in love with because such a soul-based connection at such a high level is not necessarily about romance.

However, it is practically about spiritual growth. When you meet, your life will transform completely. You will begin seeing the world in a different light. And, they push you to want to interact with the divine.

The twin flame shifts your consciousness for you to be a better soulful being. While the twin flame can sometimes be your romantic partner, other times they are your best friend or even mentor.

For a relationship like this, it goes both ways and is not a one-way spiritual street. When you meet this person, they will not only be changing your life because you will change theirs.

Some energy healers believe the twin flame relationship assists in uniting the divine feminine and masculine within us as we contain both feminine and masculine energies.

More so, the twin flame helps us to understand ourselves beginning from our largest strengths and down to our innermost insecurities. Though such relationships are normally with someone else, it also helps us carry out inner work and build a relationship with ourselves.

This means that when the energies unite with each other, the person becomes a higher version of their true self. And, they even discover a version of love that is totally different from all other types of relationships. This includes self-love.

How To Know Your Twin Flame

Is there anyone in your life that you met and you simply felt it was meant to be? Or you were set up on a blind date and when you meet up with this mysterious person, it felt like dèjà Vu?

What about randomly overhearing a conversation at a party that gives you literal goosebumps because the story the person is telling feels similar to a childhood story of yours.

And immediately, you feel as if this person will be a vital part of your life. Note that, all of these can be twin flame relationships. However you may have met this person, one thing is for sure and that is you can quickly tell that their energy is similar to yours.

Plus, you have the feeling that your meeting is destined to happen. When you meet your twin flame, you will feel a sense of homecoming. Some people feel a sense of energy merging and they cannot tell where it starts and ends.

There are times wherein your twin flame has experienced some sort of childhood trauma. Now, it does not mean that your stories are the same. This is because both of you may have experienced, neglect, violence, and abandonment but in diverse different ways.

In short, the differences you will find in the trauma are what will help the two of you grow, process, and understand your issues as you learn from each other. Have it in mind that a twin flame is not a soul divided into two.

Instead, we are whole just on our own while the twin flame simply act the role of a reflection. Some people think that twin flames are people that were forged from one soil and divided into two.

Since they act as a reflection, your unresolved trauma does not only reflect on you, your past life or even ancestral work are reflected as well. As we stated earlier, it can be intense.

So, a twin flame relationship is similar to staring into a mirror every single day. Some people refer to twin flames as mirror souls while others call them a sacred spiritual love connection.

Differing from life partners or soul mate relationships, the twin flame relationship is a tasking and intense relationship that forces one to deal with unprocessed traumas. And only through tribulations, trials and breakthroughs will you become a bigger person.

Due to this intensity, it is very rare to see twin flames get into a lifelong partnership. Instead, they come into your life for a specific period to assist you in growing and steering you on course.

Twin Flame relationships do not always end up in lifelong relationships because they are quite challenging to maintain.

What Does Breaking Up With A Twin Flame Do To A Person?

If we are being frank with you, you may break up with your twin flame irrespective of whether the split is platonic or romantic. And, it is going to hurt you deeply. Since the relationship is intense, the break-up will be hard-core.

You may find yourself going through a time of grieving and in this period, you must cry as much as you can to let the hurt come out. For some people, they visit a therapist to help navigate this new journey without their twin flame.

In every dark cloud, there is always a silver lining. And, the silver lining here is that, though it hurts badly, everything will always go as planned. This is because the majority of the twin flames that do not end up together all end up with a high-level soulmate.

This means the twin flame is meant to be the catalyst. So, when you think of them as a catalyst, you will understand that it is alright for the relationship to end. You are not to wait around for your twin flame because some people will never meet theirs in their lifetime.

However, if you happen to find them through coincidence or fate, do not have high expectations that they will end up being your life partner. More so, do not expect them to offer you, unconditional love, as this is another different type of relationship.

When your twin flame comes into your life, you could end up being lifelong friends. However, when it comes down to long-term commitments like marriage, your soulmate is a very different game.

As an intense relationship, both of you can find yourself in the cycle of breaking up and reconciling. This is not advisable. Whenever it is time, you should be open to letting them go because having to recycle the pain by having an on-and-off relationship will make separating harder.

You should see your twin flame as a crucial spark and as a person, you will never forget. Be assured that it is only normal for the relationship not to last forever.

When things end with your twin flame, the breakup is a good time for a new makeover both physically and even spiritually. Those who can survive the twin flame break-up are powerful enough to carry out this makeover.

Twin Flame Effects

As we stated above, some people will never get to meet their twin flame in this lifetime. However, if you do meet yours then you are among the fortunate ones.

The twin flame will connect you with the divinity as it will change your life’s perspectives completely. Since they will change your outlook, they will be changing your entire life.

When it comes down to the effects of a twin flame in your life, understand that they have a great effect on it. Both of you will share an intense and authentic relationship that does not have any fake emotions embedded within it.

For those who may be wondering if this relationship is one side, the answer is no. It is a relationship that involves the two parties equally. Both of you will affect each other’s lives.

How To Find Your Twin Flame

One thing to note about twin flames is that they possess similar things or attributes in their lives. Twin flames can share the same type of traumas and they meet to change it.

twin flame quotes

We must let you in on the fact that it is not easy to tackle a twin flame relationship. In most of the cases, they are not a lifelong relationship. It can be for a specific period even though the impact will last for a lifetime.


On a general note, we have successfully outlined some twin flame quotes for you to understand twin flames. When it comes down to twin flame connections they are the rarest you can find in all soulmate types.

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