25 Simple ways to let go of someone today

Let’s all agree that it’s not always easy to let go of someone we had loved. We get into relationships to keep them forever, but this is not what happens. A lot of people go through challenging breakups and divorce.

No one ever wishes anything bad to happen in their relationships but it happens anyway. When this happens, it becomes a bit challenging to let go of those partners. A lot of memories, both good and bad flood our minds which makes it difficult to forget them.

I have been in this before so I know pretty well what it means to let go of someone we had loved. Sometimes it’s not always our fault to end a relationship.

We live in a community that people are exposed and there is freedom of movement across the globe. This means that there are a lot of relationships all over the globe. This translates to a higher risk of breakups, that’s why I came out and write how you should let go of someone.

One thing I want you to know is that it’s okay to leave a relationship. It’s okay to iron out issues that are not working. Don’t feel bad again when you find yourself in a situation of breakup or divorce.

There are always good people out there that can be a good match with you.

With that in mind, you will be able to concentrate more on what I am going to unravel.

Why you should let go of someone

  1. It’s the best choice to make. This is because you don’t know what they are currently feeling about you. You cannot read their minds. If they dared to go it means they had already weighed out the consequences.
  2. Saves you time. Letting go of someone you loved helps you to do more things that can build you personally.
  3. You leave stress and depression behind. Stress tends to knock us down when we are experiencing a break-up. But once we choose to let go, imagine stress has no room in us.
  4. Letting go of someone makes you lighter. Can you imagine carrying a whole broken relationship in your small mind? Let us be real here, headaches will always your guest. When you choose to do what a few people do, to let go, you will feel lighter.
  5. You seem to notice new friends. Letting go of a broken relationship helps you to make new friends who may be better than the old ones.
  6. You grow. There is no one out there who doesn’t like positive growth. When you let go of broken relationships, you can focus more on important tasks.
  7. Letting go of someone makes you a conqueror. We don’t encourage too much dwelling on past mistakes because this steals your joy. If you can let go of past relationships, you are considered a winner.

I know you are wondering how you should let go of someone you were in a relationship with. I got you; continue reading because I have for you the 25 simple ways that can help you out.

Don’t give up on your ability yet, I believe in you and I know you can do it. Just make sure to practice these simple ways and you will be happier to have found this post.

Eliminate all means of contact

This is the number one way that can greatly help you to let go of someone you had loved. It starts from deleting his or her phone number, email address, and all other connections on social media.

I know you may have created their phone numbers and you are wondering how to race it in your memory. Mark my words here, it’s possible.

After deleting all contact information, you will need to focus more on a healing process. With time you will find that you have forgotten some numbers, you won’t be able to write down the contact again.

This worked for me sometimes back after I parted ways with a friend. The anger I had on that same day pushed me to do all that. I deleted the phone number, emails, and followed all his social media platforms.

I did not want by any chance to meet his posts online because that would add more salt to my injury. That gave me the power to heal silently on my own. I was sure that I don’t want to revisit the relationship.

After some time, I found myself unable to remember the middle numbers in his contact. I was sure of progress. I believe you can try this one too.

If it worked for me then I’m pretty sure that it can work for you too. Why don’t you try that out? Cut any form of communication to that ex-friend. Do it now! Believe in yourself too.

Focus more on yourself

We often come through motivational quotes and memes showing that we should focus on ourselves more. There are a variety of ways that you can adapt to focus on yourself. Self-focus is a way of showing you more love.

You will never get overwhelmed by a broken relationship if you love yourself. Focusing on the things that build you will greatly help you to let go of someone in a previous relationship.

 Imagine having a very busy schedule doing things that add value to you. You can consider starting your day with a good morning routine before heading for work.

When it’s time to work, make sure that you focus on the current activity. This helps to shun all negative thoughts about the broken relationship.

Do not have room for regret, like telling your inner self about what you could have said or done. This will help you more on getting focused on yourself. This in turn helps you to let go of someone you were in a relationship with.

Focusing on yourself helps you to know that you deserve more than that broken relationship. You will realize your self-worth as you focus on yourself.

It will be possible for you to correct all the flaws in your life and you will be able to live happier than before. Give yourself another chance because you surely deserve it. Do not focus too much on past broken relationships.

Do what makes you feel good and you will see positive results. Let’s do this my good friends.

Forgive and forget

 let go of someone
Young people who are heartbroken and tense, stand back to each other.

This is one of the hardest tasks that you will ever come across. Forgiving and forgetting is not an action for the faint-hearted.

Let me paint a worst-case scenario here. Imagine ending a relationship due to infidelity, which we all know brings about terrible diseases. Let’s say by any chance you contracted some diseases because of a cheating partner.

Will you be able to forgive them while you are still battling the disease? I know this may sound weird but forgiving them will bring more peace to you. I still know that forgetting will also be too impossible but that’s the only path to heal.

Once you forgive and forget:

  • You will have a new meaning in life. You will be able to live a more positive life ahead.
  • Forgiveness helps you to move forward since you have no past ties attached to you.
  • Forgiveness brings about more joy to us. This is because clinging to bitterness due to someone else will keep haunting us.
  • Reduces stress. Forgiveness is a good way to avoid stressing over things that you cannot change.
  • Forgiveness helps to bring good health both mentally and physically.

Now you have every reason to forgive what happened in that previous relationship. Just choose to forgive that person who pierced your heart in the past relationship. You will eventually notice a lot of change in your life.

Learn to accept the outcome

Accepting that a relationship is over will help you to let go of someone who wronged you in the past. Sometimes we find it easy to accept the negative things that happen to us from time to time. Accepting that it’s over helps you to gain more courage to move on.

You will never be able to move an inch if you cannot accept what happened. All the time you will be thinking about the break-up and it won’t be doing any good thing to you.

If you are not able to accept that the relationship is over, try these awesome techniques, they will sort you out.

  • Analyze all the time you had been in any relationship, are there any loopholes? When I say loopholes I mean, the red flags that your partner raised but you were so blinded by love to see. There is one thing I know about relationships, that they don’t end abruptly. There must have been signs beforehand.
  • Was the relationship worth the time? Indeed, a lot of relationships head nowhere. There are no specific goals like for instance, growing a family or investing together. This kind of relationship is just a time-waster and we don’t need that, right?
  • Think of a friend or a family member who was in the same situation as you before. How did they go about it? I’m sure you know those who succeeded in accepting that it was over. Say this loudly; if my friend overcame a breakup before me, then I can as well conquer.
  • See yourself in a better relationship. This will get you motivated such that you will have the grace to move on and make new friends.

You need to internalize the above ways to accept that it’s over for you to be able to grow. You also need to know that everything needs dedication and persistence for it to work. Accepting the current situation helps you to let go of someone you were together with before.

If need be, cry a lot

sad woman hug her knee and cry feeling so bad,loneliness,sadness,nobody here.

It’s okay to cry and be angry after a break-up. Crying means that you have been hurt, don’t consider it as a weakness. A study by Benedict Carey of the New York Times wrote about the feelings that we get after crying. He termed it as the Catharsis feeling.

Several studies which have been conducted also show that women cry a lot than men. It’s okay to feel emotionally down after breakups.

When you want to cry after a break-up, just do it because crying has got some proven benefits to our health.

Don’t over fantasize

Fantasizing can be considered as daydreaming about something that you wish could happen. If you keep on fantasizing with your ex-partner in mind, you will find it difficult to let go.

You could be thinking about the best moments that you shared some time back. It’s also possible to be fantasizing about the disagreements that you had before. Telling your inner self what you could have done better to avoid the breakup.

Fantasizing will never bring them back. They may even be enjoying themselves with new friends and yet you are there stressing yourself.

Fantasizing about your previous relationship will ensure that you will never let go of someone you loved. Shun all thoughts that can lead you to fantasize about your previous relationship. This will greatly help you to let go.

This is what fantasizing can do to your brain.

Learn to respect yourself

It’s always important to respect yourself because this determines the kind of decisions you will make. We all need this aspect of self-respect when it comes to letting go of someone we were once interested in.

Think of ways that can help you have more respect for yourself. The relationship could have ended due to unimaginable reasons that’s why you should ensure to stand firm.

Think of what you would expect in any given relationship. Did the previous relationship possess all the qualities? If your answer is No, then consider respecting yourself and let go of that ex-special someone.

Know the why’s

What led the relationship to come to an end? This alone should be enough reason to let go of the relationship. No relationship can end without any valid reason not unless you were both joking with each other.

Having that anger feeling about what led to the breakup will help you to let go of the relationship. Imagine yourself in the same situation again. You will notice that even your mind doesn’t want to go down the same path again.

Use that as a way to let go of someone you were friends with before. Focus on getting better people in the future. Always set the records straight to avoid any misunderstandings with your future lover or friend.

Consider sharing the story of what happened with those who wish to be with you. They will know what to do or not do.

Analyze why you need to let go of that particular person and move on with your life. This will have an impact on letting go.

Recollect yourself

Recollecting yourself is a good way to let go of someone you loved. This helps you to regain consciousness of who you are. Consider evaluating yourself to know your self-worthiness.

Do a comparison of who you were before you entered into that relationship and how you left. Was it worth the effort or it was just a waste of time?

Try to believe in yourself and visualize been a winner. Do not let a broken relationship break you too. You are more than that!

Think of it his way; you were still surviving before you got into that previous relationship. You could have even been better than when you left the relationship.

Believe in your own precious company and you will be able to let go.

Go out with good friends

Going out with your friends helps you to leave all the memories behind. That exposure is always good for anyone who is grieving.

Choose the company that makes you happy in your lowest moments. Try your best to leave behind who will tend to sympathize with you. This is because they will be bringing more memories and you will feel defeated.

There is always that one friend who will make sure that you don’t have room to think of a breakup. These are the kind of friends you should consider having, not the ones who are happy as you are depressing.

Going out with friends will help in a good way. You will be more focused on thinking ahead rather than thinking about the lost relationship.

Have a plan

Having a plan after a breakup is one of the best things that you will ever do to yourself. Now the relationship is over, what next? I always advise everybody to not dwell in their past.

We can do nothing about what has already happened but we can do great about today and the future. This can only happen through planning.

Think of the things that you are going to do to change the situation. It can be a financial crisis, or health and fitness challenges. Just do something that brings a positive change in all aspects of our lives.

Plan on doing something new and refreshing to your life. You can make it happen because you are the only person who holds the keys to your success.

Stay calm

Studio shot of of calm young Asian woman shows zen or okay sign meditates in good mood stands with eyes closed wears casual sweater and spectacles isolated over yellow background feels relieved

I know this may sound difficult but it can be a good way to let go of someone you loved. Some situations cannot be altered, we just have to accept them the way they come.

The thought of being alone after a breakup is freezing. There several ways that can help you to stay calm in any bad situation.

  • You can listen to your favorite music over and over again. And please not songs made for sad moments.
  • Purpose to spend more time with your friends and family. This helps to keep you too busy to think of the breakup.
  • Take a nature walk. The nature walk is considered to boost self-esteem. You will also learn about the beauty and uniqueness of nature which will make you automatically relax.
  • Avoid all the drama that may be caused by the other party. It saves both of you from frustrations.

Staying calm will help you to let go of that broken relationship. Do it today and see the change.

Embrace change

We come across the phrase change is inevitable in the streets. The words are self-explanatory. If it’s time to change it means that there is no going backward.

Any resistance to change results in stagnation meaning there is no growth. Learn to accept that what has happened cannot be changed.

To be able to change, you need to learn from what happened in the previous relationship. What you do during this time is what determines how you will live the next days.

Accepting all the changes in your life creates a good growth environment.

Practice meditation

woman, yoga, beach

Meditation is another good way to help you to let go of someone you loved. The breakup times are always bad and no one would ever wish to have them in their life. But they happen to everyone anyway.

Meditation is the process of training your mind to focus on one specific action or thought for a specified period.

You can choose to sit down silently and meditate mindfully on a positive thought of how you are going to overcome. Mindfulness meditation ensures that you don’t distract your mind with broken relationship thoughts.

You can also choose to meditate while you take a nature walk. Other forms of meditation can also be useful to you as you try to let go of someone.

Don’t expect a reunion

Too many expectations can lead to numerous disappointments. When you are expecting someone to come back, you will never be able to let go of them.

You may be expecting a reunion but the other party has already moved on. That’s why you should not have too many expectations towards a broken relationship.

You never know what is in their mind and you may end up embarrassing yourself. Always learn to do things your way without expecting anything from anyone.

Love yourself more and you will know all the things which are not good for your health after a breakup. Do not expect much from the relationship and you will be able to let them go.

Talk it out

Talking with a friend or a professional can highly help you to let go of someone. You get encouraged to love yourself more.

You will also get to know that you are not the only person who is going through hard times. Talking out about your broken relationship makes you lighter.

There is that feeling of gaining a fresh strength that you get after talking about the burden in your heart. Don’t ever feel shy ta talk to someone because they may be having the solution to your problems.

Try to do an act of compassion

We live in a community that is filled with a lot of less privileged. Helping them will make you forget your problems and this will eventually make you let go of someone.

Helping the less privileged is something I like doing when I’m feeling emotionally down. I can choose to visit an orphanage and share a meal with those children.

Seeing those happy faces and listening to their stories is a good way to heal from a broken relationship. This is a good act because it results in mutual benefits. Both you and the children benefit fully from that visit.

You will be able to walk home with new energy. You can also visit a neighbor, friend, or family member who is suffering.

Read a new book or watch a movie

Reading and watching bring about a good feeling to us. This is because you are taken to a new imaginary world.

Do not read or watch movies about relationships because this will add more pain to you. Try to read books that are of much value to your well-being. You can try to read books and blog posts about self-improvement.

Entertaining movies will be a good choice that will make you let go of someone in a previous relationship.

Is the relationship worth it?

Sometimes you have to frequently ask yourself this question to make sure you are on the right track. You may have been struggling to make things work out in that relationship which eventually didn’t work.

Think of all the disagreements that you have ever had in that relationship. Do the flaws outshine the best moments? If yes then you better find something better to do rather than clinging to what will hurt you in the end.

We have all heard and seen partners killing each other due to piled mistakes. You should never allow yourself to get into this situation. No relationship is worth dying for. Just let them go before it becomes sour.

Take your time

Take all the time you need to heal because no one is pressuring you. It’s okay to take the longest or the shortest time to heal. But you have to be careful not to waste a lot of time on broken things.

Again don’t rush to get into a new relationship no matter how strong the urge is. There is that feeling of the need to get another partner as soon as possible. The majority of people who do this end up making the wrong choice again.

I would advise you to take a longer time before you start another relationship. This is the time you should be working on yourself. Time heals and in the end, you find that you have already let them go.

Always stay positive

Take everything that has happened to you to be a good lesson and make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake. Instead of pointing fingers, try your best to adjust on your side.

We all know that negativity does not support growth in any way. Staying positive allows you to overcome the urge of reuniting with someone after a breakup.

You can consider doing something that will add value to you instead of struggling to let go.

Delete all the memories

The current generation is always posting photos of their partners on social media for fun and to show off. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s a way of expressing our feeling for each other.

This habit can turn to be a bad one after a breakup. The action you should take is to delete all the photos on social media of you and that ex-partner.

I usually say that the internet never forgets. For instance, Facebook has all your records, so they will keep on reminding you of all your posts.

Deleting all the photos of the relationship will be a step toward letting someone go.


Working very hard is a way of keeping yourself busy all day. This also helps to keep you distracted from any thoughts of the past relationship.

Don’t skip work in the name of being sick so that you can grieve alone. Working will help you to quickly let go of someone you loved.

You can even do your most favorite hobby that will keep you busy all through. Working also helps you to be more creative and have new ideas.

Believe for a better tomorrow

No matter how hard the situation can seem, believe in a better tomorrow and you will have a desire to live.

Continue pressing on your issues and all will be well in the days to come. Believing for a better tomorrow is what has made successful people that we have today.

You can change tomorrow by what you do today. Once you believe that you will have a better relationship tomorrow, you will be able to let go of the previous one. Just work on improving yourself today.

Meet new people

Meeting new people helps you to realize that there are still good people out there. With this in mind, you will be abel to let go of someone you had loved.

You also get new ideas on how you should handle relationships in the future. You can learn how to make new friends here and you will be good to go.

The bottom line

Just like the love didn’t last forever, the pain won’t last either. That is what should always be in your mind.

Make sure to implement all the 25 ways to let go of someone and I’m sure you will never regret it. We hold the success or failure of our future through what we do today.

Take the action NOW and get going.

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