Heart Chakra Affirmations

Do you find it difficult to open up your whole heart and being to the things of love? For those who will answer this question positively, then it is in your best interest to know that you are most likely suffering from what is called a blocked heart chakra.

Do not panic because this is not going to be your permanent reality, plus a blocked heart chakra can practically change, however, not without some work.

If you are adamant to do the work, then it will surprise you to note that you will simply keep experiencing dissatisfaction in both the relationship you have managed to build with yourself and of course, your love life.

Nobody wants this and this is why you must be made aware that some energetic practices such as having to embody the heart chakra affirmations can assist you in wholly shifting your mindset and energy to a place filled with love.

As you start vibrating at this latest frequency, you can be capable of clearing all energetic blockages occurring within your heart space. In no time, you will be attracting both loving and positive experiences swiftly into your life.

If there is one thing you should know, it is that the heart chakra affirmations are a great way, even powerful way to monitor blocks and move further into a space of compassion and not to forget, love.

This means that if you are interested in knowing more about heart chakra affirmations and clearing up the heart chakra blockage, you will need to keep on reading this article.

Since the heart chakra is regarded as a great center of connection, compassion, and love, allowing energy to keep flowing through it freely will have you experiencing love, joy, and worthy relationships.

However, anything like a blockage will end up leading to fear, distrust and grudges.

What Exactly Are Chakras?

For those interested in heart chakra affirmations, it is best to have a clear understanding of what chakras entail first. One thing to note about chakras is that the idea of it began from the ancient texts of the Hindus.

Understand that in Sanskrit, the chakra simply means a disk or wheel. More so, they are wheels of energy centers or energy in our bodies. They are said to line up along the human spine beginning from the base to the top of our heads.

As it stands, Prana; which is healing energy, flows through these chakras as they are to be balanced. Note that, the chakra that gets to be out of balance, overactive, or blocked gets to begin manifesting in both psychological and physiological ways.

Interestingly, each of the seven major chakras is known to be associated with certain energy centers and they have particular colors and names among other things such as essential oils, crystals, and healing gemstones.

This means that each of the chakras is associated with specific experiences or emotions. Understand that, there are times when the chakras are unbalanced and you will notice it in your daily life.

An instance we can give is the root chakra which is the first chakra. It is associated with the instinct for survival and security. When the root chakra is not balanced, it tends to reveal itself as distrust in people and even anxiety.

And, its physical symptoms can be gut issues. If you are grieving, your heart chakra will need some boost. Note that, when you feel as if you cannot speak up, it means your throat chakra will need some kind of tune-up.

It is at this point that affirmations are needed. When you use affirmations that are particularly crafted to heal a specific chakra, it will bring the flow of energy in that area back into a healthy and harmonious state.

Heart Chakra – Explained

For those looking for the heart chakra, it is located in the center of your chest, just by the heart. It is the fourth chakra when you are counting upwards from the root chakra at the base of your spine.

Heart chakras are also referred to as Anahata, and this is the link between the lower chakras that signify the physical matter and the higher chakras of spirits. The color used to associate the heart chakra is the color green.

Heart Chakra Affirmations

Plus, the element it uses is the air. With the heart chakra, you are enabled to receive and give both love and compassion for others and importantly, yourself. The aligned and balanced heart chakra will enable you to feel joy and love.

More so, it will nestle you to be receptive to love, allow you to be accepting of yourself, and even interact with both people and your natural world. If you never knew, it is among the seven primary energy centers that are called chakras.

Bear in mind that the work of these energy centers is to serve a very different energetic purpose and assist in regulating the flow of Prana, or energy all over the body.

The heart chakra is specifically situated at the center of your chest, around the heart region and it is normally linked with relationships and love. It is this energy center that helps in regulating the feelings of love.

And when it is up and running efficiently, it balances this aspect of your life. Whenever it is all in balance, you are going to feel harmonious and love will in no time begin to freely flow in you.

But, as we mentioned earlier in this article, when the chakras get blocked as a result of the life experiences we pass through, the feelings of love will no longer be balanced.

The heart chakra particularly gets blocked as a result of negative love experiences, those unhealthy relationships, and much more. When this happens, the heart chakra blockage results in more love blocks and hardships in relationships.

It ends up building a vicious cycle that will have to be broken. Before we discuss breaking this blockage, you must have an idea of how the heart chakra gets blocked first.

All About A Blocked Heart Chakra And Its Symptoms

When it comes to our emotions, the blocked heart chakra dutifully means that you are closed off to things of love. It will prevent you from fully loving, you will neither be compassionate nor trusting of yourself and others.

With the blocked heart chakra, you are most likely to be emotionally closed up and discover that it is difficult to connect with other people. You will barely be able to establish meaningful or even trusting relationships.

You will begin holding lots of grudges, have feelings of jealousy, and be hypercritical of not only other people but yourself as well. Now that you know some things about a blocked heart chakra, you should have an idea of how to identify its symptoms.

With this, you are to know the emotions and feelings you will be working with to know the heart chakra affirmations and practices that will be most aligned with the situation.

Furthermore, whenever your heart chakra is completely out of balance, the symptoms you will experience range from:

•           Feelings of loneliness

•           Grudge holding

•           Being judgemental and self-critical of people

•           Shyness and being socially anxious

•           Lack of trust in other people

•           Being unable to receive or give both openly and freely

•           Having a fear of relationships

Have you noticed any of these symptoms in your life? If yes, then you have to begin considering whether you have the heart chakra blockage. This is because, if you do then you can start taking the necessary steps towards heart chakra healing.

Ways To Open Your Heart Chakra

When your heart chakra gets blocked, a way to open it up focuses on being receptive to the things of love and having love for the world around you.

On a physical note, you can open up your blocked heart chakra by partaking in yoga poses that will open up your chest. Some of these yoga poses include:

•           Cow face

•           Wheel

•           Camel pose, and even;

•           The humble warrior

These physical poses will assist and go a long way but the most important is having to open your spirit up to love. Interestingly, there are more steps to take in unblocking the chakras when you suffer from imbalances, this also includes the heart chakra.

As we have stated from the beginning, do not panic if you feel you are suffering from blockage of your heart chakra. It is not a life sentence and there are lots of steps you can take to open the heart chakra and have a love life that fulfills you.

One of the best ways to unblock your heart chakra is by making use of heart chakra affirmations. Note that, the affirmations are focused on embodying love feelings 9n a bid to heal that space.

If you are interested in healing your heart chakra then you are to repeat heart chakra affirmations and mantras loudly or within your headspace every day and during your meditations.

You can decide to write down these heart chakra affirmations in a bid to send powerful vibrations into the universe. This is done using the law of attraction.

A vital thing to note about practicing these heart chakra affirmations is that you will have to embody them truly. And, you will need to concentrate on tuning into the energy linked with the words.

Saying the words will not be enough, you will have to feel them for them to become true. In other words, you will have to try your best to connect to the energy all through the process.

Things That Will Happen When The Heart Chakra Opens

Some of the things that you are going to experience once your heart chakra opens up are:

•          You will be capable of feeling free and letting go

Now, you must understand that letting go of grudges is not only a strong power, it also leads to freedom. When your heart chakra is healed, it will become easy to let all of the feelings of grudges go and move on with a healthier mindset.

When the heart chakra is blocked or not healed yet, you will end up holding on to grudges even against those you love. Then, it becomes more difficult to forgive yourself and those people.

•          You will be able to embrace intimacy and not be scared of it

Have it in mind that when it comes down to intimacy, it does not only mean being close to a person physically, it also means being able to emotionally open up and be vulnerable with someone.

However, with a blocked heart chakra, you will find it difficult to trust and share true feelings with others. But when the heart chakra opens up, you will be able to be vulnerable and even open up to those around you.

•          You will be able to trust again

A heart chakra that is healed and opens up will assist you in gaining trust towards the people around you. It will assist you in affirming your faith in yourself as a person that has a blocked heart chakra will find it difficult to trust others.

They will end up with the belief that everybody out there will betray them sooner or later.

•          You will begin enjoying time with those around you

With a blocked heart chakra, you will want nothing else but isolation. When you have this great need to be isolated, it is a clear sign that the heart chakra is not healed.

Note that, an open heart chakra will be welcoming towards participating in fun activities with others and spending quality time with those you love.

Tips In Using Chakra Affirmations For Healing

Do you know about chakra cleansing? When it comes down to it, your most powerful tools are nothing else but affirmations.

The reason for this is that our thoughts are capable of creating our reality. And, affirmations have the power to help us launch into that positive state of mind.

When you find yourself in a positive space, it will assist in generating positive energy that is capable of flowing through the chakras. Thus, clearing up and blockages are on their way.

All of these have lots of explanations and one such explanation is that the positive affirmations get to align with the healing energy flow of our universe. Hence, it makes it simpler for everything to flow and even begin manifesting in your life.

Another Western explanation had it that the positive affirmations will focus your emotions and attention on positivity. Then, you will begin manifesting more positivity in your life.

This means that whenever you open your chakras, you will be opening up your mind as well.

When you are ready to practice the chakra affirmations, you will need to find a quiet place, be comfortable and concentrate on the location of the chakra you will be working on.

And while you meditate or say the affirmation, begin visualizing the color of the chakras and imagine the color flowing into your space while repeating the affirmation.

If you want to use the affirmations, understand that you need to truly put yourself in the feeling by trying to feel the words. More so, you are free to journal the affirmations, sing or chant them, and think them while meditating.

Heart Chakra Affirmations

Finally, we have gotten to the juiciest part that you have been waiting for – The heart chakra affirmations. It is vital to note that, the positive affirmations are similar to nutrients.

When you use them, it indicates watering your plants every day. In no time, you will start flourishing and even begin seeing the beautiful effects that come with taking your time to cater to your heart chakra.

As you clear out your chakra blockage, you will, first of all, begin releasing the old. While it may have some resistance, simply practice patience, dedication, and kindness.

The more you are practicing, the more you will be capable of feeling the gentle shifts forming within you. Some of the heart chakra affirmations that you can use in opening up that heart space of yours are:

1.         I am releasing and letting go of every resentment in my life

2.         I have an infinite supply of love within me

3.         I am completely open to receiving and giving love

4.         I can direct light and love toward myself

5.         I am fully worthy of the purest form of love

6.         My heart space is capable of radiating a powerful green light

7.         I completely forgive myself for my mistakes and I grow from them all

8.         My whole heart is open

9.         I exist in harmony with all beings

10.       I unconditionally love myself

11.        I choose love all the days of my life

12.       It is safe for me to be loved and love

13.       I am more than grateful for my blessings both big and small

14.       I create supportive and loving relationships

15.       My heart is wholly free from all past hurts

16.       I completely and deeply accept and love myself

17.       Just as I am, I appreciate myself

18.       I am fully open to love

19.       I fully choose comparison and love

20.      My heart is filled with joy

You can open up your blocked heart chakra using mediation with certain affirmations that we have highlighted above.


On a general note, when you repeat and concentrate on the ideal affirmations or mantras for you, you will be capable of tapping into the frequency of the heart chakra.

You can also manifest these affirmations just before you go to bed. And in no time you will end up being more receptive to love and open to trust.

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