15 Clear Signs You Are an Omega Male

Why is James so organized and outgoing while Ken seems so out of touch and likes keeping to himself? Furthermore, why is Brian so adventurous and likable while George just seems to repel people? You have most certainly come across either or all of these males and as normal human beings, we like comparing people and things and expecting them to behave in a certain ‘acceptable’ way.

Society expects men to be smart, bold, attractive, go-getters, and great company to hang around. But we forget one very crucial thing: that men have extremely different personalities, just like everybody else.

When it comes to males, they have certain personality traits that differentiate them. Leave alone the blanket traits that we expect them to exhibit like strong, outgoing, and exuding this aura that attracts women.

Here are the key personality traits that define males:

You might have come across an alpha male in one way or the other as they are usually the most outspoken and seem to have no trouble making new connections. Well, I will be focusing on the omega male today; the laid-back male who just seems not to be bothered by what’s going on around them.

This is the type of male who’s mostly known for the wrong reasons leave for a few desirable traits.

Key traits that define an omega male

Imagine that guy who stays in his parents’ basement with unkempt hair and is always playing Dungeons and Dragons. Well, it’s not bad to engage in gaming once in a while, but when that is what takes most of your time including the productive hours and makes you appear anti-social and creepy to other people, then you’re an omega male.

 There are so many ‘negative and undesirable’ words that have been used to describe an omega male. The negative adverbs instantly make it feel so bad for males who possess this trait.

So many people define omega males as being unattractive, less ambitious, and mostly disliked by women. In fact, an omega male is ranked at the bottom of the socio sexual hierarchy. Nerds seem to be the common group associated with this personality trait. Are these just stereotypes or is there any truth to these sentiments?

While thinking about the omega male, one very key film comes to mind, Greenberg. It vividly brings out the different traits of the omega male through the lead character, how he struggles to identify with the ‘normal’ male through his career and relationships. Key traits that stand out from this include the inability to keep serious relationships, poor career navigation and the general lack of ambition in life.

Are you that man that finds it challenging creating new connections or working in a group? Are you that man who when they enter a place, suddenly everyone and especially the girls become uneasy and even look for ways to avoid your company? Sad, right? Well, you can’t blame the ladies if your personality is shouting weird and unattractive.

15 clear signs of an omega male

omega male

As a man, do you know where you stand when it comes to your personality traits? If you are not sure about where you belong in the hierarchy of personality traits, check out these fifteen traits of an omega male and see if you can identify with any or all of them:

1.     He does not care for attention.

This male just does not care about attracting attention unlike the alpha male. He gives himself motivation and the only thing that drives him is completing the task at hand, not caring about any rewards associated with it.

When he is in a group, he will be the most laid-back individual, letting the alpha male take the limelight. He doesn’t care for leadership roles and is confident in whatever else role he is in. Though he might draw attention to himself, especially because of his careless appearance, it’s not something that he does consciously.

If this guy ever found himself the center of attention, he would rush to hide under a rock, never to come out.

2.     He is unattractive.

This comes in many forms from the way he dresses to the way he keeps his hair. In fact, if you walked into a room full of people, the only way to pick out an omega male would be through his rugged appearance.

This is the kind of guy who doesn’t care for fashion or what people will think about his appearance. He is comfortable in his unkempt hair or funny clothes combination, a trait that is so unattractive especially to women. That’s why he is easily comfortable in technical careers where less to no attention is usually given to appearance.

3.     He is introverted.

He likes to keep to himself and has a big challenge working in groups. Unlike the alpha male who thrives in crowds, he finds joy in solitude. Well, they say that loners are great thinkers and the likes of Bill Gates have been deemed as introverts.

He finds strength in being alone and he is able to accomplish a lot. This is a common trait with programmers and other creatives who find it easier keeping to themselves rather than interacting with people. He would rather stay in and catch up with a movie or play a video game rather than go out for a class team building activity.

4.     He is confident.

This can be exhibited from how he handles his stuff. He believes in his abilities and actions and does not really care about criticism.

He leads life in his own way and is not easily swayed by people’s opinions or criticisms. He’s also one person who is very confident in his own skin.

5.     Rarely settled in his career

He is the kind of guy who would easily walk out of one job because it doesn’t give him satisfaction, or he finds it boring after a while. The lucky thing about him is that he can easily get another job because of his intelligence and skills.

He can also be easily fired for being construed as lazy and lacking ambition because of his tendencies to get consumed by video games or other non-conventional hobbies.

6.     He is soft and chilled.

He is not the aggressive type as compared to the alpha male. He is the type of guy who was easily picked on while in school sometimes especially due to his immature habits. He rarely stands up for himself, so he would rather walk away from a confrontation rather than face it. He prefers to deal with matters in a civil way. He takes things slow and does not care about involving himself in other people’s business.

7.     He prefers being single.

Since his hobbies take most of his time, it is difficult for him to maintain any relationships, hence prefers being single.

Another trait that makes him stay single is that it’s not easy to please him. One may find him to be very ungrateful or uninterested since nothing seems to please him.

He is controlling and likes things done a certain way. This proves hard to be with other people who fancy varied ideas and like trying out new things.

8.     He is unpopular.

He is the kind of guy who is unlikely to be picked to lead a team or compete in a popularity contest. That is a preserve for the alpha male.

He is not as known or popular as the alpha male because unless you want his help, you might not cross any path with him. And he works hard to keep it that way.

Back in school, he was that kid you recognized being called as top in class or in a certain subject. But that would be it. He was not interested in other activities other than sitting by himself and reading books.

He is his own personal cheerleader and doesn’t care about popularity contests.

9.     He has weird hobbies.

Because of his introverted nature, an omega male may indulge in hobbies that others may find to be unconventional. But the thing is that, he thoroughly enjoys these hobbies. The only problem is that at times he concentrates on these hobbies and forgets to do other productive activities.

One hobby that I have witnessed from omega males is playing of video games. They could do this even the whole night and during the productive hours of the day. He is also the kind of guy you’ll find buried himself in comic books or engaging in online games rather than going out with friends because that is how he enjoys spending his time.

10.  He is less attractive to women.

Women find him less attractive because of his repelling traits like lacking ambition, a future and lack of attention to how he appears physically. This is not to say that all of them fail terribly at attracting women. Some of them manage to attract especially an omega female who will likely be able to put up with him.

An omega male appears broken to a woman, so the woman he ends up with will probably be working to fix him so that he can conform to the societal norms. This as we all know, could go either way. He is also deemed to make a lazy spouse because of his overindulgence in hobbies hence women try to shun him.

11.  He does not care about competition.

When it comes to competition, the absence of an omega male would be conspicuous. He does not like the limelight and so avoids any instances that would draw attention to him at all costs.

In fact, if there was a competition where it was mandatory for one to compete in order to win a wife, he would stay single all his life.

He is comfortable the way he is, working towards his gals, without having to fight for anything in his life or bring down someone else.

12.  He is helpful.

He possesses a lot of empathy and is always willing to help. Being the underdog in the group, he understands what it means to need help and offers it without any reservations. He is definitely the go-to guy if you’re stuck with that math problem.

13.  He is Socially Aware.

As much as he understands what the society expects of him as a man, he lives his life on his terms and believes in certain skewed beliefs that no one can make him change. In fact, he has such a negative perspective and cynical view on how other people lead their lives and always works hard to be different.

All these could stem either from his difficult childhood, being bullied in school or his difficulty to socialize as an adult.

14.  He is Intelligent.

This is why you find so many nerds in this group. Remember that classmate back in campus who looked so unkempt, introverted but helped everyone with their coding assignments? Yeah, I am talking about that guy and his likes.

He is the kind of person who finds those complex mathematics formulas or computer algorithms too easy to understand while everyone else around him is struggling. And he could solve this all while eating a slice of pizza or having his favorite drink.

He is also very creative and imaginative. During his lone times, apart from playing games, he could come up with a very ground-breaking idea or a great art piece.

15.  He lacks ambition.

Well, don’t we all want to work hard and be able to afford the few luxuries in life? Some of us want to get a better job or improve our businesses so that we can afford that holiday at the end of the year or be able to build our own house.

The omega male is the kind of person who wonders why we are all so obsessed with cars, houses, or holidays. His lack of ambition to create wealth and improve his life is one of the undesirable characteristics that women find unattractive in him.

Final words

When it comes to an omega male, we only remember the undesirable traits. But the truth is that they also have some good traits like their analytical mind and confidence. While every male personality trait should be respected, there are so many downsides to being an omega male as he’s ranked the lowest on the social hierarchy.

Do you think from the traits above that you are an omega male? Well, it is time to shun some of those negative traits and become a better man.

You could at least start paying attention to your hygiene habits and also start appreciating meaningful outdoor activities and physical connections that contribute to your physical and mental health.

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