How to Impress a Girl and Make Her Fall for You

How would you feel if you got the ultimate hack to a girl’s heart? and know how to impress a girl? Impressing a girl is not as tough as it has been portrayed. Ingratiating yourself to her will only take sheer intent and resolve. You don’t need unique skills or an encyclopedia of articles detailing a step-by-step procedure on how to do it. By mere behavioral adjustment and adaptation you will be flying in the world of embrasure and appreciation in the girls’ circle. You can adopt these 9 simple practices and you will hit the jackpot sooner rather than later.

Give her that sincere compliment.

Whenever you are around her, make sure you offer that genuine compliment about her looks and personality. You should however be careful not to go overboard in your expression. In the initial stages, strive to revolve your compliments around her smile, eyes and her intelligence. You should also pay attention to your choice of words and body language. Avoid phrases such as “I like your dress” instead go for catchy lines such as “You look wonderful in that dress”. Always try to keep it short and sweet. A well crafted one-liner will do the trick.

Make that sharp eye contact

As tempting as it can be to stare all over a beautiful girl’s body, please don’t fall into this trap. You need not to let your guard down when it comes to facial connections. Picture a situation whereby you have asked a beautiful girl out on date. As she explains to you how she felt when her dad was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer, you are busy staring at her chest. You will come out as a pervert or a creep when she catches you and trust me she will catch you!! Eye contact is very important to girls. It produces a unique subconscious level of connection between the two of you. You will get that prime opportunity of cultivating mutual trustworthiness.

Be humorous

how to impress a girl

Your ingenuity in the world of impression of girls will come to play by how well you will press the laughter button. You should therefore do your homework thoroughly to find out what makes her tick. You can also invite her to a joking contest to make your interaction more thrilling. You should be cognizant of the jokes that you give so that they don’t end up being so lame or insensitive. Craft hilarious moments that appeal to her greatest desires. You are assured that even if you are not with her, she will fantasize on those light moments.

Do something that she likes

At a personal level, your hobbies and preferences may lock horns. You probably like watching that soccer match with your boys or hitting the basketball court. On the other hand she likes to go shopping or biking. You should position yourself in such a way that that you can compromise and adapt to a new modus operandi. You should give her the freedom of choice on whichever activity both of you can indulge in. Be open-minded and you can discover something new and come to like it. By showing her that that you can roll freely in her world, you will earn invaluable points in her heart that will go a long way in solidifying your bond.

Dress appropriately to make a positive impression

You should always dress the way you want to be addressed. Do you think she is stunning in that dress? She should say the same about you. You will also be inadvertently sending another message that you are responsible to stick to a daily routine of impressionism. You can go further to check on the type of style she wears and wear the same or something that rhymes with her style. Adopt a hairstyle that best reflects what you are all about. You should be the cleanest version of yourself that you have ever been. It would serve you better if you may take keen interest on the following traits:

  • Shower twice or more times in a day – Depending on the nature of activities you undertake, you should make a habit of cleaning yourself up after every activity. Apply a nice smelling scrub but take caution not be so feminine in the scent. Go for a smell that is more neutral such as lemon.
  • After showering, apply a moderate combination of deodorant-antiperspirant – You should be scent sensitive in this one too to maintain that masculine feel.
  • Take good care of your mouth – Brush at least twice a day or any time you take a meal or snack. Floss your teeth and apply a mouthwash to wade away any form of halitosis that might emanate from your mouth.
  • Maintain your facial hair appropriately – If you prefer to grow the facial hair, make sure it is trimmed uniformly. If you prefer it shaved, make sure you make it your norm to have it shaved regularly.

Show her maximum respect

The global dynamics of equality have now changed more than ever. Regardless of who works longer hours or makes more money, respect should always come in handy. You should honor the role that she plays in the relationship. This respect should encompass all the attributes of her life including her feelings, decisions and preferences. You can apply the following tips to show respect to your girl and you will definitely rock her world:

  • Shun from flirting with other girls – You may perceive your flirtatious behavior as mere fun but trust me it never is to the girl you are eyeing. You should adopt that subconscious feeling of roles reversal. Put yourself in her shoes. How would you feel if she moves around flirting with other men? Not a good feeling, is it?
  • Never be rude to her – If a misunderstanding or quarrel arises, do not lose your cool at all costs. You should always strive not to use harsh words on her. You should also run away from the cuss words no matter how mad you are.
  • Don’t force her to do things she doesn’t want – You may be experiencing that long dry spell and you long to take her to bed like now!! Unfortunately, she is out of touch with the whole thing. Some guys will try to maneuver their way to her pants. Don’t be like these ordinary men, respect her decision. In the long run you will earn her respect and she can even feel compelled to give you what you want anytime. Isn’t this a win?
  • Throw your authoritarian rule out of the window – In the modern era of democratic governance, don’t take her back to the days of slavery. You should let her base her decisions on her intellect and gut but not align them with what you want. Show her that she is free to think and act out of her own free-will when she is around you.
  • Never embarrass her in public – You should always protect her dignity and emotions in front of the world. You may be exasperated of her nagging in public but never be tempted to respond in public. You should pull her by the side and have a cordial conversation about the issue. Fix your mess in private and maintain her self-worth in public.

Be unpredictable and surprise her

The phrase “Familiarity breeds contempt” is as relevant today as it ever was. You should craft ways of being unpredictable to your girl. Having that element adventure will bring more excitement to your girl. You should conduct your research and determine what interests your girl. What does she desire most? What does she need and when does she need it? Yes, you should have that anticipatory instinct. The caveat here should be not to push her right out of her comfort zone or yours. You should make it simple and as long as it is a surprise, be lest assured that she will recognize the intention and feel impressed. You can apply the following gift ideas to make your girl feel loved and appreciated:

  • Give her that chocolate bouquet – Chocolate is the perfect gift as it is perceived to be one tool that helps girls to deal with negative emotions. You can prepare the chocolate by yourself which will give you the autonomy of choosing all her favorite chocolates. This will demonstrate your ingenuity and thoughtfulness.
  • Buy her that special book – Delve into the genre that she likes and find the best of the best that she has never read. A book is ever new and even when she finishes reading it she is free to go through it again. Be assured that whenever she sees or reads that book it will always trigger a romantic memory and you will be the first human being to pop to her mind.
  • Bring her that trendy bag – If you want to create that sweet memory in your girls mind, hit the market and get her that bag that everybody is talking about. You should also keep a closer look at the colors that she prefers. If possible let the color match with that favorite dress that she adores.
  • Organize that romantic dinner date – A girl likes a man who takes the lead and goes out of his way to prepare something meant for her. Visit that beautiful restaurant, do the enquiry and make that booking without her knowledge. Make the right timing of the date so that you don’t surprise her when she is not in the mood.
  • Bring her a bouquet of flowers – There is a thing between flowers and women. A deep connection of romance and love. Exploit this phenomenon and be creative while doing it. Accompany the flowers with a well crafted handwritten card expressing your adoration for her. You can also stuff in a toy there to put a smile on her face.
  • Get her a personalized gift – It will fill your girl with a lot of joy if you bring her custom-made gift meant for her. You can go to that jewellery store and have them put her name on that necklace or key-chain. You can also get her a t-shirt with her name printed on it. These personalized gifts will take you out of the ordinary boyfriend list.

Show her that chivalry still exists

A woman will never outgrow to be a woman. The tender part of her soul will never seize to yearn for gentleman’s treatment. Even in the advent of the modern and strong woman, this fact is timeless. You should separate yourself from the men and be a gentleman for once and observe the results. Be the guy that will offer a girl your jacket on that chilly day. Open and hold the door for her all the time. Any opportunity you get, pull that chair and ensure she is comfortable in it. Another simple gesture is taking her coat or relieving her off that bag that may be tiring her. These simple acts of chivalry will go a long way in demonstrating your compassion and care. Strive to make this your way of life and you shall reap heavily in the world of impressionism.

Be a listener and solicit her advice

You should practice active listening when she is talking to you. If need be, go back and write the important pain points that she talked about. Don’t run the risk of forgetting what she talked about next time you meet. You will fail miserably if she realizes you are not taking your interactions seriously. You should also try and switch off your phone when talking to her. Give her undivided attention. Ask for advice from her on a myriad of issues you may have. This shows that you value her opinion and perspective.

You now have the armor to make that impression you have been yearning to make. Remember to have fun while doing it because after all it is happiness that we seek.

Final Words on how to impress a girl

Impressing a girl and making her fall in love with you is not a matter of force or intellect. Just be the best version of yourself and understand how that coheres with her life and expectations. Applying these tools effectively will earn that allure towards the girl you desire to have and keep. You now have the armor to make that impression you have been yearning to make. Remember to have fun while doing it because after all it is happiness that we seek. All the best!!

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